4 Nyimba Men Sentenced to Death for Murder

Four fishermen of Nyimba district have been sentenced to hang by the neck until pronounced dead for murder.

The four that include Pethias Zulu Ng’uni, Oliver Mwape, Jackson Zulu and Cassius Mwansa murdered Gilbert Tembo on 17 September 2017.

Brief facts of the matter where that Ng’uni suspected Tembo’s father of having bewitched his daughter and the deceased was strangled to death after he started defending his father.

Ng’uni organized the three other accused and strangled Tembo when they went fishing.

Lusaka Judge Conceptor Zulu who was conducting sessions in Chipata jailed the four on Monday.

Judge Zulu also sentenced Penias Lungu of Nyimba to hang for murder and 30 years for aggravated robbery.

Lungu was charged with murder and aggravated robbery after he robbed

John Banda of his motorbike worthy K11, 500 before killing him on September 26, 2017.



  1. Osie

    Shame heartless men

    • m.mwambilwa

      Change the sentence to Life imprisonment with hard labour,when the state kills as punishment and it remains on amnesty international record,we are a Christian Nation.

  2. Osie

    You see what you have landed yourselves into and it’s gravity

  3. Akumawa

    Mmm too bad n so dey min hanging to death is still happen in Zambia?

  4. Zepheniah M

    Death sentences shud cam 2 an end.Bettr find othr means rathr than 2 kil.
    A murdr is heartless person,he kills but if the govt kills a murder what difference daz it mek?

    • Zepheniah M

      Bettr give life imprisonment than a soul 4 a soul.That law was mosaic law,nw that Jesus died 4 us sinners,atleast gv them life imprisonment so they cn find tym 2 surrendr their sins to God.

      • Smiller

        Didn’t they think of themselves being in a christian nation?they deserve it also so that they feel the impact of being forced 2die so early.

      • Mkwezabanu


    • bayoka


  5. Gēøff Çrūz

    They deserved it…And this will help as a lesson to those who were on the way of doing the same thing👍👹👺😜…

    • Chinyanta

      No one has been hanged in Zambia for over 30 years. Clearly a waste of everyone’s time. We should go for life.

  6. Shupest

    Too bad but the govt Shud find other means of punishing the culprits. Even in kaputa too many killing of witches

  7. Shaka

    You reap what you sow, but cage them for the rest of their lives with no chance for parole.

  8. Ribombaríamos

    Still loading……………….


    What judgment wil b the first 4 penias lungu- to serve 30 yrz first and b hanged or b hangd and then serve the a/ robbery sentence?

    • Andrew

      he will save for agravated robbery 30 years and then hunged for murder. what a wasted Life

  10. KERICO

    Very good Biblical judgement,Eye for Eye n Tooth for tooth, it will make great difference.

  11. Queen

    Those four men are really cold…how can they kill someone based on suspicion?

  12. Mizonda jr

    Mmmm jx punish them, than to kill

  13. Samuel

    Hanging pliz just find other means punishment

  14. Jerry

    the government is doing right as it was said as iron sharpens iron give ceaser what belongs to ceaser

  15. Tuli Bantu

    And those judges they will be judged not by one but only the true judge Jesus Christ as the Bible said, those who will judge others will also be judged, GOD gave Barnabas a long time not for him to be punished but for to repent and take Jesus Christ as his personal saviour, those people will not repent because you will cut their lives short and you will be answerable to GOD because of their blood, they will have the answer and that is you judge.

    • Kabwe Brian

      How is this declaration of Zambia a christian nation hamonizing with the scriptures in the bible basing on judgements that Jesus condermed,4 example an eye 4 an eye.

  16. Mutale chisanga

    They deserve death it’s true

  17. Albert

    lok so when are you going to hung them


    reverse the judgement pliz who will fuck us they have nice big dicks , they are the only men in zambia

  19. peter mambwe

    vikabenga ivo, hang them.

  20. MAPOLO

    imwe ma prostitutes I have bigger dick

  21. Jotham

    Don’t kill if you cannot create.

  22. Shagi

    Hang ’em high. In

  23. Kapijimpanga

    They have to be hanged

  24. Y2K

    Comment Panish them so that they repent

  25. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    Life imprisonment could have made sense than taking their lives.What a Christian nation,this country is???

  26. Judo

    Killing doesn’t mean any thing just lock them forever with perpetul pain to teach them a lesson.

  27. idi ahmini

    Cut thier heads and dicks and bring them to me for my next week party free meet

  28. Muke

    Let them save life imprisonment with electric torture every day

  29. smooth

    This is what I call fearness

  30. Chiez

    Let them suffer

  31. Busy signal

    Yes I support DAT 50, 50 z beta so DAT we reduce some ……

  32. patron Prince

    Useless things 😬😬😬😬😬

  33. weedkiller

    Am very supprised about it

  34. Mutima wamwala

    You complain when people attack you in your villages and call on the government to solve the program.but when the law takes it’s cause you say awe we are christians.hiw about those who were killed by these muderers where they animals or sinners???? Iwe we chipuba njeba ! Ritual killers leaves no life and muderers leaves no life then u say nio nio nio fuuuuuseki kill them I salute you you majest Judge let them learn.

  35. Grim Reaper

    Prisons are full and conjested already, there is no more room to keep murderers in for life! Just wipe ’em off the face of earth already! They will be better accommodated in hell.

    • Mysterial

      Those bunkerms deserve it.They don’t respect life.Well done judge!

  36. fuseki

    then we are not a Christian nation, fake prayers,fake fasting and fake everything. let’s be realistic guys .

  37. One Zambia one Nation


  38. Benito Mussolini

    You as the judges have been given the power to make the right decision, right or wrong so use the Bible verse. Thank you.


    Is death sentence not murder?Better life sentence

  40. Masauso

    Lfe sentence is useless! president can pardon criminal’s wch bring us bck

  41. Lulu lulu

    If you are aware that Zambia is a Christian nation y do you kill ,if you murder someone just know that you will be murdered as well , even in the Bible it states that thou shall not kill , so what judgement you face don’t complain coz you deserve it. Do not under late Zambia because it is a Christian nation. We live under rules and lows .

  42. Lulu lulu

    If you are aware that Zambia is a Christian nation y do you kill ,if you murder someone just know that you will be murdered as well , even in the Bible it states that thou shall not kill , so whatever judgement you face don’t complain coz you deserve it. Do not under late Zambia because it is a Christian nation. We live under rules and lows .

  43. the richard

    An eye for an eye made the whole village blind

  44. think twice

    Put it in your shoes and judge them faire coz we learn through mistake

  45. Mmj

    hang them high and burry them deep an eye for an eye

  46. yajubu

    mhh what a step that took y choosed that plot to grave

  47. Bashi David

    The wedges of sin is death

  48. concerned citizen

    Do what the law states and demand in this current issue for we have the constitution to regulate the citizens behaviour. simple and accessible to every zambian citizen

  49. Noah

    Hang them

  50. Wise D

    The Bible says in the book of Romans that “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is internal life in Christ Jesus our Lord ”
    In Luke it says “You reap what you sow ”
    So the victims have harvest what they sowed.
    Congratulations to the court and the Government.

  51. Cize

    Never you kill them but give them another punishment please we are Christians

  52. Ashers

    God is going to punish sinners at the end of the world that’s were the bible say the result of sin is death,Not us to kill but punish them in another way

  53. Dorcus

    Wat a shame

  54. hang

    Hang them tipezeko nchito ya pa madzi

  55. Sean Roxy online genius

    Forgive them
    That they may know this is truly a Christian nation were one can walk away with murder i rest my case

  56. Charlie

    Heartless Men

  57. Don jazzy

    Bravo govt,remove all the bad elements so that they do not kill more people,those that are advocating against death sentence,let them be victim of murder that’s when they will come to terms with reality.

  58. samfya 1

    Justice has prevailed, this will warning signal to all who would be offenders…. What goes around comes around be careful what u do rule of law at work,,, let them suffer the consequences of their wrong doing.

  59. 😠 should I

    😭 stop it 😠 stops it

  60. andrewj

    why do people always want to blame the grz, I thought citizens of Zambia are also part of government. those people are reaping what they sow

  61. felistus

    Just punish them don’t kill

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