Chipata Flock Pray for Economy

EVANGELICAL Fellowship of Zambia Eastern Province secretary Bishop Andrew Biemba says Zambians should look up to God for the economic problems that the country is going through.

Bishop Biemba said people should not point fingers at the President or the government for the problems that they face.

“This is not time to point fingers at the President and his government and his people that they are not with you; this is not the time to point fingers at our church leaders. This is the time to come together as Zambians, forget the political affiliation, forget about the religious affiliation. You are here because you are the child of God, pray to God and God shall answer you,” he said.

Bishop Biemba said Zambia was not the only country which was facing economic problems.

Eastern Province Secretary Chanda Kasolo who graced the occasion said

President Edgar Lungu was inspired by God to declare the Day of Prayer and fasting.

Kasolo called for unity among the Zambians.

“Some people thought that when President Lungu declared this day a day of national prayer and fasting, they didn’t understand that this was directed by God,” he said.

Kasolo said President Lungu did not come up with the day of prayer and fasting out of dreaming.

He said President Lungu was a very spiritual man.


  1. mengmoreler

    It’s true lungu ddnt nt com up wth this idear on his own bt his sangoma z da one hu organised it so dat they cn win more foolish ignorant people!y shud he ko for prayers wen he still opres sivilsevarnts wth salary delayment while him and his hyenas hv never ever misd any weekly or monthly payment!chopeti vabupuba useles pastors sunworshpers.

  2. mengmoreler

    A spirituality yes he z and its 100’/, evil Satanist!!!

  3. mengmoreler

    Y can u persons to pray and fast for enconomy when there real issues lik prostitution,drukerd

  4. mengmoreler

    Y teling people to pray for economy instead of real issues lik drunkardnes,prostitution,opresng of da poor etc.

  5. Jonny splash sakala

    Ar u one of the drunkerds sir coz u sound like one..coz prayer z prayer. Let those who ar to pray pray….kwamana

  6. Chipata boy

    It’s only in Zambia where u can find people saying prayers after prayers when they know their mistakes and hide them under the bed saying God should help us.what a shame.God does things at once why do you want God to come to Zambia all the time to help you people with brains don’t you think of developing this country using the brain you were given by God?

  7. Tefyo

    How can you fast we’re there is no food? Can someone explain this to me

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