China Searches for Opportunities in Eastern Province

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie has taken a tour of Eastern Province hunting for development opportunities.

Ambassador Jie said China has a good relationship with the Zambian government and provincial administrations like the Eastern Province.

The Ambassador who was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo said he was in Chipata to discuss with the provincial administration on areas where they can strengthen the cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador Jie said he was impressed with the agricultural activities that take place in the province.

And Kasolo told ambassador Jie that the majority of the farmers in the province were small scale farmers.

He said companies such as China Africa Cotton Company have out grower schemes where they sponsor farmer and show them the methods of trying to improve yield per hectare.

Kasolo urged the Ambassador to help look for Chinese companies that could come up with factories in the province.

He said there were other companies like the Japan Tobacco International which does a good job in the province.

“JTI does a very good job here but they are not enough, so if you are able to persuade Chinese company to come here, it will really help us a lot because they will supplement what JTI are doing. Again JTI have got out grower farmers, they get the tobacco and buy it and export it.

The cigarettes are made outside Zambia,” he said.

Kasolo said government was talking to Zambia China Commercial Zone to set up a facility in the province.

“They were here yesterday and will try to find land for them so that they can set up a similar facility here and we are excited about that because we know that the one thing that we always get from Chinese companies is quality,” he said.


  1. Augprina

    It is Chinese everywhere, awe mwandi fili uko tuleya!!

  2. ECZ

    Finally China has taken over zambia know

  3. Moses

    China now in chipata hehehehehe paipa pano…..

  4. TOP G

    In two years to come it will be Chinese everywhere. Putting up wire fence and it will be trespassing in your own land…

  5. Shaka

    There is gold in Eastern Zambia, let us hope they want to go there genuinely for farming not otherwise. Clever move!

  6. Charles micklay

    It’s too much with these called Chinese people even in shanti cities sure?????+


      no you Zambians you need to understand according to our study Nsenga women know how to dance in bed that’s why we are there kikikikiki


        imwe bantu tombolo twama Chinese nkasako mwati kuno vakulisa monga crank shaft nyini zinapwanyika ahh its too much

  7. nshilimubemba

    Factories I like that dont export raw materials let factories be the investment .
    Please no raw materials , after that then stop second-hand clothes imports as it kills jobs in cloth manufacturing .

  8. Tuli Bantu

    Shaka you are right, I told that these Chinese are steeling ivory here in chipata, there is one of these Chinese he like moving at night and correct ivory, so this move they have made is not a mere move they are after something, you will testify, these people are very crooked, they look like they are building but meanwhile they are destroying, they will say, we are digging stones for building the factory but meanwhile they will be steeling gold, you are right Mr shaka

  9. Zwangendaba Jere

    So you Zambians what are you doing rather than discourage progression all talk no substance.

  10. Y2K

    If they do like JTI CPY it wil be good alot of people wil find job.

  11. A lozi person

    Nsengase are very sweet and nice.nsengas,u r gone to chain and u will producing chaise mmmmm

  12. Vag

    Its a cool move they are our allies as long as we benefit as well as them, you can keep crying or catch up

  13. Majoni Tyson

    Don’t surprise when u c the Chinese doing everything. Zambia can’t do anything out for ourselves, we have no capacity our poor government can’t impart skills in youths to drive our own economy in steady we depend on outside powers who think normally. If the government can fail to run education from g 1 to 12 what more about universities.

  14. Katwishi


  15. bayoka

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  16. Kkayoo

    This is a welcome move by the Chinese government to strengthen cooperation with Eastern Province. This will make the province to be advertised globally and a lot will be happening in the province. I also thank the Zambian government for partnering with the Chinese government, I recommend you your Excellency for that impressive job, you think globally but implementing locally, keep it up H.E.

  17. Razor

    They have finished buying Lusaka so now venturing to other provinces.

  18. Tuli Bantu

    they are going to buy a big land, especially uku kuli mfumu yosaphunzila iyi mpezeni, full of ignorant as long as there is money he don’t care about future generation, huh

  19. Jay Muller

    Chain has now taken kumaba sorry bakumaba u be now starting talking chainese

  20. japhan

    They have gone for mukula,zambian lets woke up.

  21. Wonderson k

    Zambia pliz,,,,, keep going the way you are

  22. K m

    Let us wait and see

  23. Barotseland

    Its too much of these Chinese last time we saw Chinese in Zambia Police Uniform and it will be Chinese Law next time whereby recruits at Lilayi will start to learn Chinese in Zambia Police topic

  24. Ridley

    The wise understand that Zambia has failed to develop on it’s own. Rich Zambians leave this country and will invest in South Africa. the Chinese you are demonizing just because of the command from your Cultic political leaders are enabling some of the your places have for the first time best amenities in your areas for over fifty years Zambia has been independent. don’t just say things without reasoning. under current status where your currency is trading in double digits against major currencies such as British Pounds, Euro and US dollars, you can not manage to set up a competitive manufacturing industry. We need the Chinese companies because our youths need those Jobs whichever leader will come will need these Chinese the sooner you accept that the better

    • mr life

      I think you dont know what you are talking about chinese people is not creating jobs but slaveri to zambian people.

  25. Skynet p51

    Point ba Ridley

  26. felistus

    Let’s see where it’s going

  27. chris

    Let’s observe

  28. Petersen jubilee chitemene system

    Oooh serious?

  29. chidyamakanda

    Chinese are gud in developmental issues, but if given chances of powers of settlement, woe to Zambians.

  30. Kalembe Bahadoh

    Awe ama Chinese taba bomba bwino chawama opportunity bakaitwale kumyabo nabafula Saana mu Zambia twakulaibombela fwebene we av abundance of natural resources we can survive without Chinese

  31. mr life

    I we ka stupid li jie dont go kuchipata with your stupid chinese people to buy land babuuya isukeni imitwe mwaingililwa.kwaipa uko tukawalala twabwela muku ononga,lungu amingulisa kale.

  32. Chimuka siamatika

    Chine we r tired of u Mhu so u think that Zambia is a shelter for Chinese awe Wat do u want in Zambia maybe u think dat we r weak no the problem is to our leaders were r we going to work all the contract were given to Chinese were r we going to work at last education in Zambia has become useless there r many people in Zambia who qualify to do all the works which r given to Chinese but y China China y y can’t u go to Botswana, Malawi, many other countries Mhu Zambian ist because we r Christian one day Will cry baba Zambia

  33. Chimuka siamatika

    😭😭😭China wativutisa pachito tisebeze mutivutisa ichi chilo

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