85-Year-Old Biya Wins 7th Term

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has won a seventh term in office in polls marred by low turnout and voter intimidation.

Mr Biya, at 85 sub-Saharan Africa’s oldest leader, took 71.3% of the vote, according to official results.

Opposition calls for a re-run of the presidential election were rejected by the Constitutional Council last week.

Riot police were deployed on Sunday to the major cities of Yaoundé and Douala in case of opposition protests.

Cameroon’s two English-speaking provinces have been hit by more than a year of violent protests and attacks by separatist rebels which have left hundreds dead.

Two days before results were announced, Africa’s longest-serving President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of neighbouring Equatorial Guinea congratulated Mr Biya on his win.


(Source: BBC)


  1. Augprina

    Hypocrisy, greedy and selfish useless African leaders who do not want others to rule! Shame on you Biya or whatever you are called idiot! Why can’t you leave room for others to rule? As if you own the country together with your family sure!

  2. Trevor Pambwe

    Maybe his good kaya

  3. Kkayoo the king

    Thou shall not worry U.S.A will intervene….

  4. Shupest

    Why insulting him as if he has voted himself, tell the pipo to vote him out

  5. Mr dundumwenze

    Ba pf osatuletela vintu vaku Cameroon,zambia is not Cameroon panyo panu.

  6. Barotse Land the Great Nation

    Well spoken Mr dundumweze this pfools kaya

  7. mmmmmm

    mr dundumweze u hv shown us whom u ar and yo friend

  8. Sbm

    Ndelolesha fyee…

    • bayoka

      Ukulolesha tekusova African Leaders are to selfish, umuntu mukulu ati ni president kwisa kulekelako abanankwe nabo batungululako, ebuntu.

  9. mr life

    Please lungu step down before 2021 dont follow this old fashion president mr biya do things like mandela and we have seen your true colours visionless leader and too much corruption ubomba mwibala alya mwibala slogan is very bad because you are eating with seeds so that next season no ibaala.

  10. Lc

    He is not worse to be a father

  11. Majoni Tyson

    Mother Africa!! Y is this continent full of selfish and injustice leaders. An old man of 85 still clinging on power sure Africans. Is anything good that Biya or bear is thinking for Cameroon. That age is far beyond the retiring age. God save the pipo of Cameroon from that evil king ruling them. Life will terminate him.

  12. Kukeng'a

    7th term not even ashamed of himself

  13. Sponge Bob

    And one asks why the Dark Continent is not developed

  14. Tefyo

    Africa is full of foolish things

  15. Awe

    Ichimuntu chalipwa ati 7th term kolwe

  16. Upnd

    African you are idiots fucking monkeys

  17. Daniel

    That’s what they can do best, 85 years of age but still contested instead of stepping down..

  18. Banda

    African leaders no brain only Mandela zoona, but in Zambia it can not happen 7terms,apa manje chichakolwa ichi tuchosa pa 2021tufuna new blood full of skills upnd.

  19. Razor

    Because of such individuals this continent will never progress. Instead of limiting his terms and bring in fresh people with fresh ideas he wants to rule until death.


    America where are you?
    We want trump to come in both in yaunde and Kinshasa maybe vintu vingalondoloke.

  21. Patmoll

    It is better to be colonised than these kind of leaders

  22. My husband

    This old grey man will die while he is ruling
    You are so heartless for the young people. Are you telling me that no people who can do better than you?

  23. Joezman

    No democracy in Africa No bwino bwino

  24. sunday chisha

    no term of office for the president in cameroon?

  25. Biya Lungu

    Can someone tell me why black presidents when comes into power wants to turn the country into kingdom shame on you Biya naiwe lungu no thrd term watch out.


    good democracy kikkikikikikiki

  27. artnecious

    dark continent to much problems


    this chi biya he doesn’t pay for services rendered

  29. FGM

    It’s really bad to hear that Biya wants to continue leading at 85 years. Shame indeed. Such leaders stagnate developed. Failures and thieves in fact never allow winners to take over from them.


    some pipo r selfish

    7th term no stepping out

  31. Zambian

    Ifibantu fimo kuti waluka, ati chi President nechinso cimbi cimbi fye kwati ni ndoshi. Ati Paul Biya kikikikikiki nechili shina chine.

  32. idi ahmini

    We used to share the same meat with this chap i wonder why he is alive and am ɗead

  33. Gift kabuswe

    Guyz leave PF alone for God’s sake this has got nothing to do with PF please!!!!!!

  34. Sakala

    Iwe kMe I don’t want to talk with you,but what I want is the things that I left in your hands,please bring them today I want to burn them, and I don’t want to see you just give your friend to bring them, because you are a useless one to me,if not so I will send chanda to get those things today.
    –sent fro

    Gift Kabuswe what are you talking shut up,yenda kuli telala akutunge mulomo.

  35. GM

    Politics in Africa are not well

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