Chinese National Shot at in Solwezi

A Chinese national has been left battling for his life in Solwezi after he was shot in the thigh by criminals that got away with undisclosed amounts of money.

The criminals also beat up a female restaurant manager whom they left almost blind from injuries.

Police have yet to catch the criminals with a manhunt launched.

The Chinese national was attacked at his home in Solwezi around 02:00 hours on Sunday morning.

He was shot at after trying to stop the criminals from getting away with his safe box.

Both victims are admitted at Solwezi General Hospital where their conditions have been described as stable.



  1. zagga

    thngs are not ok 4 both of us,zambian killed by a chinese,chinese killing zambian,ni draw draw

    • KERICO


  2. Edmund

    Thees Chinese people they don’t have respect for the people of Zambia or us black people
    The Chinese are dogs and why did you left dog breathing

  3. umuntu

    cambia people
    Kapuli bapuma

  4. chanoko

    Balimuchenjesha swine,coz these people have been killing us aswell eg like in the kitwe case of that 17year old.

  5. Abena kafue

    Sembe munasiliza chabe

  6. Hamner

    Can we please uphold Christian values and love one another despite the difference in our skin color. ! How do you rejoice that someone has been shot or harmed when this can happen to anyone ? I also I advice business people to go the electronic way of money handling . It would reduce cases of home armed robbery.

  7. Chimuka siamatika

    Kkkkkk wow Chinese people u don’t want to be killed but u only want to kill Kkkkkkkk banakuchefya us Zambian at now we hate u coz u like getting laws of Zambia in thy hands even the way u treat bakayele as if u know everything monga nikumba bakasai wake up Zambian

  8. jazzy

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  9. linda mutukwa

    Iye Imwe sure we r living in the last days wen yo friend is injured or killed yu celebrate love yo neighbour as yu love yo self even those who hate u

  10. Not Zambian But African

    This is so sad. The comments that some of you guys post shows that racism runs deep down in you. Have we become so shallow that we judge an entire race or nation depending on the misconducts of a few individuals? Really? There is no crime that justifies crimes commited by others in the same race.

    And the dude who says a 17 year old girl was killed in Kitwe by a Chinese. Why are we so ignorant! The guy was playing with his loaded gun(i agree that was a grave mistake), and the poor lady was just infront of the counter standing, and he accidentally pressed the trigger.. the gunshot also shocked him as the CCTV footage shows. Lets not spread lies my fellow Africans..

    • KERICO

      well said, My real African….

    • jonas

      African, you are absolutely right. Most of these people clearly show how racist and retarded they are. As in, that’s a human being we are talking about here, race or religion doesn’t matter in instances like this.

  11. KUPUSA

    real african bazakuchinda ma chinese

  12. HOMMIE 24

    we are still zambians not cambians let thise chin chin fuckers be tought a lesson

  13. Kang'ombe

    After seeing what these Chinese people did to a poor man here in Chitimukulu, I hate them heartedly and I wish I could have chance to deal with them.
    Zambia is our country and no foreigner should oppress us.
    Just feel sad for the poor restaurant manager if he is Zambian.

  14. TITI

    This is not good, God is watching whatever we do!

  15. Moses

    Last days. Watch out and take care. Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

  16. Mwansa

    You criminal s why can’t u kill this bullshit person and grab all the money

  17. Mr dundumwenze

    Problem of the Chinese they don’t want to keep their money into the bank,learn a lesson.

  18. henry

    This was a Very sad development, God created man in His image including a Chinese.

  19. Tefyo

    What Christian values… Ask this Chinese chap if he knows those useless Christian values well done guys I wish I was there


    you know my natural hatred for fucking Chinese tell me where I can find him so that I finish him off with my panga , pliers, screw-driver, scissors, needles, hacksaw, slasher and sledge-hammer

  21. johns

    TOO bad…….

  22. kish

    love your friend as yourself what was the need of assaultin him

  23. kennedy

    in the last days people wil be lovers evil than gud,lovers of money,without self control,on that day,all shall stand before the throne of GOD and be judged according to the works.

  24. Nzovu

    The thief shot the chinese not bcoz they wanted money but it was a punishment bcoz they treated well more than zambians

  25. BWALYA'$

    Ninhow…. Why don’t they just go this choncholiz ai?

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