Chitotela Warns Residents Building Structures Along the Roads

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela is concerned with the tendency by some residents of Kitwe building structures along the roads that are earmarked for rehabilitation.

And Chitotela has warned that government or the contractor engaged will not compensate any squatters that are building structures on road reserves when need to demolish when arise.

Chitotela, who has toured selected roads in Kitwe, said the current situation is a challenge to the contractors engaged to do road works stating that road reserves are meant for road expansions.

He has since directed the Kitwe City Council to ensure that all makeshift constructed along the roads especially in townships were road works are going on are demolished.

“You can see the challenges of encroachment on the road reserve, the Zesco pole line and of course the makeshift building that have been erected along the road reserve, I want to request the local authority in Kitwe, the office of the district Commissioner to be more active and the Mayor to engage the community to prepare them so that they start preparing to move and of course to engage Zesco to move pole lines, we need to do road expansion. This road is coming with drainage system and street lighting,” Chitotela stated.

Chitotela is happy that AVIC international has shown a good workmanship on the ongoing road rehabilitations further expressing concerns over encroachments on the road reserves by the community who have put up make shift stores.

AVIC Contractor is currently working on 53km of roads under the Copperbelt 400 road project.



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