Mushimba Commissions $6 Million Chambishi Siding Railway

Minister of Transport and Communications Brian Mushimba has commissioned the Six million dollar siding railway line connecting to the main Zambia Railways Limited Railway Line from Chambishi Copper Smelter in Chambishi, Kalulushi District.

The siding railway line is meant to transport bulk cargo from Chambishi Copper Smelter through railway in line with governments recently signed SI No. 7 of 2018 meant to transport bulk cargo from road to railway.

Mushimba said government has been investing in the railway sector to help Zambia Railways build capacity to handle 30% of bulk cargo on railway aimed at reducing congestion on the roads.

He said the US$ 120 million investment in Zambia Railways has started yielding results as seen from the dividends posted recently.

Mushimba is hopeful that other industries will buy into government’s vision to have atleast 30% of bulk cargo is moved to railway to as well help reduce accidents on the roads.

And Mushimba said Zambia Railways will need over US$ 1million to modernise its equipment and trucks.

Meanwhile, Chambeshi Copper Smelter Deputy Chief Executive Officer Dennis Deng said the new railway line will reduce transportation costs for the mining firm and lessen the pressure that bulk cargo puts on roads.

He said the mining company will support government on the SI instrument under implementation stating that it is a good initiative.


  1. mr life

    Imwe why first to sort out the promblem of down economy than ukulapanga ifintu fyamu old fashion pf gorvement is very dull thats a reason all people are complaining because this is the waste of money for nothing some provinces are not well developed like ku balozi people are still complaining but why always same sides.

  2. shaka

    Ba minister any vision for TAZARA? People have suffered for so long.

  3. mec

    Minister what about in yo constution u av done nothing there people ar safering drinking dirty water ,contaminated air by mopan,bad roads & poor sanitation but busy wasting to cruel selfish chinese why ?

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