Prof. Luo Backs ZIBSIP Management

Minister of Higher Education Prof. Nkandu Luo has said she will not succumb to pressure from unionised lecturers at the Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP) to have the current management removed for alleged failure to manage the institution.

Unionised lecturers at ZIBSIP are demanding that the Kedrick Lungwe led management be dismissed for failure to pay lecturers whenever government delays to release grants on time.

They are also demanding an explanation as to why management is failing to pay gratuity and the removal of the medical scheme without their consent.

During her visit at the institution, Prof. Luo made her presence known by clearly stating that she will not fire the current management based on a few concerns raised.

Prof. Luo said she will not allow unionised lecturers to push for the removal of the current management at the institution for alleged mismanagement of the institution.

“Students or lecturers have no right to hire or fire staff; the only people that have the right are those that supervise them. As Minister I will not encourage those kind of things were anybody can get up and say can this person leave, I think we need to follow procedures, procedures are very important, I will only act based on procedures,” Prof. Luo said.

However, Prof. Luo said she has been seeking audience with the institution board which does not exist according to the Institution Principal.

“Infact I have been wanting to meet the board for this institution because i don’t know what they do, I think that running these institutions under boards is a worst of money, i would rather have a very minimal one board overseeing all the institutions,” she said.


  1. Chishala Kennedy

    Mama Luo give us a signal what’s going on Ku HLSB we have waited for the list of successful applicants of student loans for so long.i know many will be awarded as the government of the day is working hard to ensure that valnarable student are being sponsored.concerned CBU student loan applicant.

  2. My husband

    She is also the first failure.

  3. Tefyo

    Is it Mr or Ms

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