Mpundu Decries Poor Conditions at Chinese Mining Firm

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu is concerned with the poor safety standards at ZamChin, a Chinese owned firm specialised in the manufacturing of mill balls in Kitwe.

Mpundu, who paid an impromptu visit to the scrap metal collectors amid complaints from workers of poor pay and poor working conditions, expressed disappointment that workers had no proper safety kits during work.

He said it was annoying to see workers that are exposed to so much heat working under very poor conditions with no proper safety kits.

Mpundu who was in the company of labour officers, workers compensation, Napsa and Kitwe City Council directed that all concerns be addressed without fail.

“We decided to start a series of unannounced inspections to companies to check on their adherence to the rules governing labour as well as statutory obligations,” he stated.

He said the inspections are aimed to check on companies’ compliance to conditions of service for workers.

Mpundu added that after inspections his office will make necessary recommendations for remedial measures to what will be uncovered.

“ZAM CHIN is a company that collects scrap metal and manufactures mill balls but the lack of proper Personal Protective Equipment and proper safety measures for the workers who are exposed to so much heat is very annoying,” Mpundu added.


  1. supu saladi

    This is what he wanted he is safe and free while pipo are toiling from morning to evening and given peanuts, its true that man isn’t a zambian.

  2. Presidential aid

    This is a welcome moved,Mr mpundu,ministey of labour officials,workers compensation,Napsa and local government you have done tremendous job by making sure that you been in your respective office’s are for the interest of general public.We recommend you and other relevant authorities to take regular inspection in this foreign investers more especially chinese owerd companies have are put down the name of our president and government down.We indigenous zambia we are looking to see a better zambia that revises it’s policy by implementing measures that are benefical both to us(zambians),and these investers.Ministery of labour you are the key ministry to make sure that we living in a better zambia,Honourable madam simukoko,carry-out your task for the merit of most ordinary citizens.This constraint is not only for copperbelt alone but also for all ten provinces,lusaka has alot of investers that are making money without making that citizens benefit from it’s own country.

  3. Chisha D

    The government is you and me, if have problems bring it open. Congratulations Mr man of kt

  4. Tuli Bantu

    Even here in Nyimba and Chipata, our district commissioner’s are not doing any thing after being told what is happening to the company, we are mistreated in these Chinese companies, ma contrac form bachita kuti sainila, we don’t even know that they have signed the contract form and we don’t even know what are the conditions of the company on a contract form, but to tell the district commissioner is just saying go I will come but months have past he is no where to be seen, is that OK?

  5. Laurence H

    I just visited Zambia recently and, as a safety professional, I commend efforts to improve working conditions for Zambians. Human life is a precious resource.

  6. Hev Rena

    This neocolonialism should be checked. The labor ministry is fast asleep or they ar being bribed!!

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