Foul Mouthed ADEDO President Arrested for Insulting Pres. Lungu

Police have arrested the foul mouthed ADEDO Party President whose video insulting President Edgar Lungu has gone viral on various social media platforms.

Seemingly high on some alcoholic beverage, Justin Chikonde was filmed pouring out expletives directed at President Lungu.

The Kabwata resident has been arrested and detained by police for his daredevil stunt.

Chikonde also alleged that government owes him K15 million as retirement package from the civil service.



  1. Jack

    Tenze naye pa kasasu.Twalisashita bom na paint,kambwili is my witnes…BATTERY LOW….!…SHUT DOWN!

  2. Jack

    Moba ukola ka!Na chagwa aziba bwino bwino!

  3. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Free him araa

    • Daniel Banda

      The man is a demon possessed being who needs deliverance. I have seen him before behaving mentally strange.

  4. Benson mwale

    He is a very bad example to society and old enough to respect the president let the law take it case and I don’t know if has grandchildren

  5. Born free

    Who this chikonde thing?

  6. chimuka Hatontola

    That’s how this man insults his family as well?

  7. Petronella

    That was going too far, ma years yakana!! I would disown such a father as if he went to the school of insults and graduated with a merit. Let him insult now, insulting is not the solution.

  8. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Too bad this happened to him. But he should term his language & know the right procedure even if he’s a retiree. Respect de highest though frustrated.


    his head looks like a scrotum and lips like nyini

  10. scare crow

    i once found him fucking a chicken which died instantly as he released his dirty stinking sperms

  11. fix

    An old retiree hu insults th presidnt is like a dog wth rabbies biting its boss

  12. Bushiri

    Let the government pay his retirement package first

  13. Justin Chikonde

    imwe bantu bafikala baku op they have sprayed a chemical on my anus its so painful and they have forced me to do a blow-job on a prison warder

  14. scare crow

    im the captain in jail i will be fucking your anus everyday you know its a long time i saw a nyini i want your ass bring it to my 20 billion inch dick kakakakakakakakaka

  15. Waniga ninja

    Give him what is enough for him y are you arresting him.

  16. Kelvin D Mulanga

    Alcohol has continued to ravage our great nation with impunity. This man is a complete cabbage who cannot control himself because alcohol has destroyed capacity to think. We hope that by now he is cursing the day he was born. He will dance the real pelete in those cells.

  17. Julius Siuluta

    Comment: the person who posted that video should be arrested aswel. his the one insiting and he new how that man acts, he even new the answers to questions .

  18. Chibwe cletus

    His full of anger for his package
    His going through a lot of issues I can see.
    Am just asking the government to investigate about his package than torture him.
    Insulting is bad more that he he insulted the president but he needs help. Let’s not forsake him but help him.

  19. Maxximum

    He needs counseling

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