PF Southern Province Structures Want Hamukale Fired

The knives are out for Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale and his Permanent Secretary Liomba whom the Patriotic Front lower organs want removed from their positions.

According to resolutions of a meeting held at Southern Water and Sewerage premises, the provincial executive committee want the duo out for allegedly working against the party and flirting with the opposition UPND.


Saturday 3rd November, 2018.


(STATEMENT #48/2018)





The ruling PF Southern Province Executive Committee has resolved that Provincial Minister, Dr. Edify Hamukale and his Permanent Secretary Liomba be relieved of thier duties for bringing the name of the Party and Republican President His Excellency President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu in to ridicule and disrepute.

The committee further appealed to the President to appoint people within the structures to lead government in Southern Province for they would understand the suffering of the grassroots.

The Executive Committee made the resolution during a meeting held today Saturday 3rd November, 2018 at SWASCO offices in Choma.

The Committee says the duo should be fired by the appointing authority for working against the party in Southern Province and for destroying the gains achieved and for washing dirty linen in public.

The Committee adds that the continued stay of the duo in office is a minus to the party’s growth as they have been of disservice to its progression as they are only interested in reaping where they did not sow.

The top two Provincial government officials have never supported the party which ushered them in their offices.

Their secret mission has been to ground the party structures and migrate to the opposition UPND were they came from to help their failed leader Hakainde form government in 2041.

The Provincial Executive Committee meeting was chaired by the Provincial Secretary, Brendah Munashabantu who sat in for the Provincial Chairperson who could not do so as he had a family commitment.

Others in attendance were:

1: Brenda Munashabantu

Acting Chairperson/

Provincial Secretary.

2: Musenge Moses

Provincial Tresurer

3: Douglars Nengwa

Provincial V. Treasurer

4: Musokotwane Mutinta

Provincial V. IPS

5: Mbewe Mrs

Provincial Chairlady

6: Bester Haboongo Sila

Provincial W. V. Chairlady

7: Mary Kabwe Mutolwa

Provincial W. Secretary

8: Mrs Miyoba Venny

Provincial W. Treasurer

9: Schorlastic Mbao

Provincial W. V. Treasurer

10: Paddy AONGOLA

Provincial W. IPS

11: Obby Mweemba

Provincial Vice Youth Chairman

12: Mwamba Kenneth

Youth Secretary

13: Elina Daka

Youth Vice Secretary

14: Silungwe Paul

Youth IPS

15: Ethel Moono

Youth Vice Treasurer

16: Joe Pasi

Provincial Security

Issued by:

Trymore Mwenda

Pf Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary.

Mobile:+260 966/977 785490




  1. Truth man

    Is it not the opposite!.Just because someone is straight forward and follows government procedures then he is seen to be working against the rulling party.Zambians must know that permanent Secretaries are civil servants and in most cases they are very experienced people and replacing them carelessly is what has caused problems in certain ministries.

  2. t-raw

    The two are just okey, let them enjoy the money also .why are are being tribalistic ? Just because he is Tonga and you want a ngoni to be minister. Koma nganimwebo mulipo ? Never!
    governments is for all!

  3. wwe

    sack them

  4. FGM

    I don’t know when Zambians are going to understand and embrace multi party politics? Government officials are to work with all citizens. That witch hunting is alien in this political era.

  5. Eastern

    Don’t fire them sit down with them and resolve the issue please.Why always like that do you have money for by elections? Think of this please we all need money to pay for our needs.Zambians always believe in lies and not fact.FACT is the opposite thing in Zambia but called Christian nation which nation? Why throwing stones to one another so called Christians mmmm dziko ili cabe kaya.

  6. Eastern

    Freedom of expression is the Zambian constitution. So if I was the president I would have Call them and sit them down then settle all issues because they are from the same pf and not UPND and again why hating opposition parties without them of would not hhve been a victory so of has to be proud of opposition parties because they made them to be where they are and enjoy the people money everyone one in pf is enjoying money because he or she chairing.So you eat where you work from.

  7. Uncle Dizzy

    The Permanent Secretary is not a politician ;He is a Civil Servants. If you want to fire; Ba PF fire Hamukale the minister who is a political appoint. But you should think twice before you hear your cadres and that is indiscipline.

  8. Phiri Mekani

    When people have an element of doubt on some leaders especially in southern province, you should know there is something fishy cooking. The higher authority should act immediatly.No time to waste


    Comenteni first bt nga mwapwisha munjebe baiche mwaufwa coz mumpanga echongo sana kwati tamuli bakulu

  10. Patmoll

    They is a provincial leaders, therefore they have the liberty to interact with anyone. The good news is that, PS cannot be fired.

  11. Barotseland

    Learn to control your mouth why involving H H as if his the only one in the opposition. Viva UPND its forward cabe

  12. Moses

    There is time for every thing. There time to rise and to fall, time to be happy and time to be sad.It just a matter of time.

  13. Nzovu

    pf members dont speak as if u know 2morow y mentioning 2041 wait u Think God is not watching u

  14. Jethro

    Don’t fire the dual on flimsy allegations. PF arrogance will cost you in 2021 and not 2041.Work on the poor economy and stop brutalising citizens. I regret voting for you since Edgar Chagwa Lungu came into power

  15. Dila

    Witch hunting is the order of the day in PF.Remember what PF should have been without MMD backup.PF only existed up to 2016.Now the so called PF die hard should tame their roaches


    This is interesting now, two days ago, it was the Minister saying the provincial structure is very weak needs replacement and its the other way round…. kkkkkk

  17. Mr. K

    Pipo on the ground have spoken this is the time to act the provincial minister nominated by his. Excellency and appoint one with pipos interest let them go and join failures in. Upnd upnd will never win a presidential seat in Zambia.

  18. nash

    Comment give them chance edify is a hardworking man

  19. Hakainde


  20. Hakainde

    Fire him so that he work freely with me unlike the way he is pretending to be of but he is my man

  21. Shaka

    Losing patience, those senior officers have no room for corruption hence their being detested by the corrupt ones.

  22. Razor

    It’s going to be the committee members that will be fired. Just now Davies mwila is moving into all provinces dissolving all structures in order to hold fresh elections. Most of you committee members are not going to bounce back .

  23. Truth

    Pf Provincial chairman is in-charge a party and provincial ministry is also in-charge of gov’t. Division of jobs

  24. Mr dundumwenze

    If you want to fire hamukali just fire him because in pf there are so many people who hates tongas especially Bembas.

  25. bayoka

    Bonse niba mukuta.

  26. hanene

    The major problem exhibited by some of these officials is tribalism. These are some of the people causing confusion I’m our districts

  27. hanene

    The major problem exhibited by some of these officials is tribalism . These are some of the people causing confusion in our districts. Some are fighting to be appointed as District commissioners and as a result they can do anything to appear as of they are working hard for the party when its just a personal ego. The President should be helped to see things clearly or else kaya.

  28. Misheck

    I Wonder why is pf still having children monnors you think that the presidential seat is for you forever, wait come 2021one will cry and hung him self over the this that you do to your friends and even the Bible says do unto others as you want them to do for you be careful guys God is watching over you

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