83 Arrested in Kitwe Riots

Eighty three people have been arrested following riots that broke out in Kitwe’s Chimwemwe Township after rumours circulated that government has sold ZAFFICO to the Chinese.

And 28 year old man identified as Victor Chanda is nursing a wound near the eye after he was shot at by a security officer during the riots.

Saw millers rioted blocking government road and burnt tires in protest to the rumour that has been circulating.

However, irate residents joined with a different mission of looting shops owned by Chinese nationals in Chimwemwe, Racecourse, Buchi and Kamitondo Townships.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga said the riots broke out around 08:00 in which residents rioted and looted shops walking away with different valuables.

Katanga said Police who were deployed to retain calm in the areas arrested 83 people among them a 14 year old boy for riotous behaviour.

She said police have managed to recover some of the items looted among them washing dishes and mattresses.

Katanga has further indicated that Chanda who was shot is currently admitted to Kitwe Teaching Hospital where he is nursing wounds after being shot by a security officer from the Chinese Copper Smelter.

Meanwhile, the Industrial Development Corporation IDC has dispelled assertions that ZAFFICO has been sold to a Chinese investor.

IDC Public Relations Namakau Mukelebelai said ZAFFICO is only being listed on Lusaka Sureties Exchange.



    If people are not told the truth and just see other races dominating there teritories ,those are the consequences ..Day in day out same stories ,why not coming out and tell the people the truth.Power to the people is what democracy is !

  2. mengmoreler

    mmhmmm!Zambia same same Congo ni no voice over gorvment mistake and no opposition part now only autocratic rule!so plz if u’r a goat jst keep quiet othrwiz u’ll find yoself n police dog mouths.

  3. Treason

    The Chinese People Wants To take Everything From Us. The Rumours Are Real. There Is No Smoke Without Fire.

  4. Ibin Majid

    We Are Just Closely Watchng How We Zambians Are Suffering.

  5. Sj

    Workers @ ZAFFICO ‘ve vested interest in THE company they work for. Why could they(Workers) not be told/addressed that the company is being put on the Stock Exchange (lf its true), then explained its implication?
    Its not a wonder Zambia suffers a brain drain, where those that can prefer to live and die in the diaspora.
    Over 50yrs of lndependence, basics of how to run normal affairs seem to be a puzzle.
    Or someone somewhere thinks What They Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them? SHAME. Comment

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