Kitwe Residents Riot Over ZAFFICO Alleged Sale to Chinese Firm

A fragile peace has embroiled parts of Kitwe following riots over the uncertainty surrounding ZAFFICO.

The ZAFFICO employees have been agitated by reports that the company has been sold to Chinese firm AVIC.

However, Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya has dismissed the reports through her twitter account.

The riot follows another staged last week by ZAFFICO workers in Lufwanyama District.

Police have since calmed matters but questions still linger on the status of ZAFFICO.


“The rumours circulating especially in Kalulushi that ZAFFICO has been sold are false. Plans are underway for the public listing of the company with emphasis to reserve majority shares for citizens. Minister of Lands, Hon Jean Kapata will give more details on the matter,” tweeted Siliya.



  1. mauto nkhowani

    Pliz pliz tiza sala nachani manje come on lets be serious

  2. martin minina

    Respect others rughts

  3. Truth

    Riot on a false news wil hate our economic and chinese are true developer are partners in zambia we dream 2 hav of modern roads and airport. Chinese as help africa 2 met or do expensive projects we can’t do and hav done it accpectable standard. We can riot and destroy innocent pipo’s property and zambia we remain undevelop if wait we 4 white man or american 2 do 4 us. Let us fight 4 economic freedom and we get our economic has the best in africa. Chinese a truth friend and a human heart friend who feel 4 zambia

    • patrioticman

      I hope you people know what state capture is

    • Man

      Mr truth ,go to hell with your hallucinations .You are blind, Zambian properties are being sold to the Chinese and you call that as development.Open your eyes

    • zimba

      I think Mr.Truth u are a PF vuvuzela.Hw can u support the Chinese to take over our Country.

  4. Mr. K

    There is malicious propaganda agitated by malcontented who by any means must go to state house they don’t see any value in developing the country Zambians be very careful before reacting to these situations upnd has propaganda to disturb peace they want gvt to boldly react so that there is war there is no way that zaffico can sold to who? Why mention Chinese? Bcz hate Chinese is now a campaign material and nothing else they will not stop until 2021 what a shame go go go go go pf develop the country to shame Tonga’s who have never participated in the development of our mother Zambia

    • Mukonka M

      Shame on u tribalist, failures always blame others Mr cadre

  5. supu saladi

    All i want to see is selling of all government vehicles so tht they start using bicycles, thts wen their heads wll start functioning after akasuba ngasanika pama pala.

  6. fix

    All thoz hu participated in th protst MUST b jailed 4 life coz their intention ws to loot,zambians lets b civilizd nd restrain frm ths tendancy of resolving 2 violence.stp being uzd by pipo hu ar desparate 4 pawa



    • Cansele

      Chikala waba pamunyi ukununka waumfya

    • bayoka

      Apa tapalipo HH Bushe is he a president? Answer is NO who bring those stupid people is lungu and his MP. In kk time we were not heard that ati nabashitisha company no. stating from chiluba till now emobashitisha ama company now were are we going Zambian this is our country but We are now slaves in our country e more money in your pocket nangu sonta apo wabomba, inama yabaice tainona, Zambia lolekesha nokumona efyo iya paZed stupid people never change, change for the better leadership twalaba abasha kuma Chinese why not?.

  8. HH

    ahh iwe waulula panyo pako kuchepa

  9. Emmanuel

    Others will be like its HH….

  10. BWALYA'$

    Why can’t you shift ai?

  11. Edgar

    Government are very stupid a wonder why we wnt to change ( tatulefwaya) we dnt ent Chinese people in our country

  12. Josphat

    Kwasala kutingulisa

  13. Chamajohn

    This is the end Bible talks about.

  14. HH

    Zambia must be sold to the chinese,

  15. blues

    I think there something’ very wrong in our country. Ubupiña bubi sana, even if we want Investment, let’s not put our eggs in one basket.
    I feel sorry for future generation if things do not go as expected.

  16. crying freeman

    boma sure you even went an extra mile into property selling. you even sold out the Eagle that used to come when the znbc news starts.mmm we want our bird back to znbc

  17. Zambia

    is having shops in Zambia by our friends Chinese part of the development scheme or …….something else ?

  18. One Zambia one Nation

    Sometimes l wonder,even pipo who know they are in front posting things that they don’t have any idea

  19. Cmk

    Icushi ukufuuka nipamulilo.
    Ubufi nabo tabukuumbwa musunga. Nalimo kwali amapange yamusango yo, leelo cilya batiila asendelepo ubwafuufu, umo aima nokuya aleananya ifyo ashumfwikishe.

  20. Dr Fonicks

    in english we say there’s no smoke without fire. a person can’t just wake up and start claiming something. unless he or she is insane. The biggest problem with the govt is that you can’t trust what they are saying. mr Amos Chanda is always in the fore front defending. Zambians are not fools. the same web you are making you will entangle yourselves. the rumuors may be deemed as false but there are usually elements of truth. don’t forget that govts come and go. you are not Krists kingdom which is forever. when some of us who grew up in kaunda regime, we never thought kk will one day leave office. The wind of change blew over africa and Zambia in particular. what ever dirty is swept under the carpet one day it will be exposed. some of us we have witnessed govts come and go. The bible in ecclesiastics 3:7-10 clearly states that “there’s time for everything. nothing stays for ever except the Kingdom of God. so mulelya no kwibukisha pantu kwaliba no kufumapo. so watch out, don’t take Zambia for granted. when the D day will be upon you, do not blame anyone. wr reap what we sow. bye for now.

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Zambians u are problems.Why cant u just change the govmnt? What are u waiting for?

  22. mwansa kapinga

    i think will not have anything to depend on

  23. Trevor Pambwe

    Dvlpmnt z nt 2 sale yo property bt upgrading it to modern.we Zambians don’t hate Chinese pipo bt we r against wt boma z giving out to Chinese.we hv trade skools opened by zed gvmnt wer we got our certificates Frm,bt wen go to ZNS to look a job they say der no jobs bt a China man z driving a ZNS vehicle which I cn drive Nd repair.my Q z,wer r we going to work if don’t work in Zambia?

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