State House says ZAFFICO Riots Have Xenophobic Connotations

State house says there are criminal elements inciting xenophobic attacks on the Chinese over the alleged sell of ZAFFICO will be prosecuted.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda says the lies on the sale of ZAFFICO borders of criminality.

Addressing journalists to give an update on the two day stay of President Lungu on the Copperbelt, Chanda said the riots over the alleged sale of ZAFFICO are unfortunate.

He says government has no intentions of selling any parastatal and that the attacks on Chinese nationals should stop.


  1. Mwale

    This government is misleading as zambian ,chines people are very free in your country like they helped as to fight for independence lungu should step down

  2. Tito

    When you have been given the instruments of power by the people’s choice you must not use it for infringing people’s rights one thing that the government should put into consideration is that governance is for a period now if you forget and think you will stay forever then a bad bacteria has invested in your syndrome at first people talked on the sale of ZNBC government refused but today they are saying no ZNBC HAS 40 CHINA HAS 60 secondly Zesco and KKI AIRPORT all these are a true reflection of a type of people leading us now it’s zaffico at last all Zambians so am alerting you all Zambians cerebrate the road construction taking place and tomorrow become slaves in your own country God bless you as you all think about so deeply

    • Man of principle

      Good articulation.thanks dear 2 produce gud information.this government leadership are useless doing things without informing the public.

  3. Tuli Bantu

    Edger has no vision for this country so let him step down,

  4. TOP G

    This ka Jonathan mutawale must be deported to his country, Malawi. His fake leadership is very dirty…

    • Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

      Chinese should go kumwabo

  5. Daniel Banda

    Why are people panicking instead of waiting to see if it is true. I’m sure the reaction would be the same with same results. I’m sure those who have found themselves in the hands of the police some don’t have a reason to riot but to blindly follow and regretting missing the comfort of their peaceful home even in aporvert, your home is your home. Assuming this is truly political, then such a haste leader will be dangerous if he entered State House.

  6. ck

    Zambians we have the right to vote out a leader why talk much

  7. saikwando

    Yaba Twaingililwa kubutekp bwaba poorly found, icibomfula ecitulika mwebantu mweee, mayo kufipuba fyaBantu. yes no vision no plan for is country Zambia lets change for the better. How Can you sell people,s property how umuntu alacinji balitushitisha kuma Chinese, bangilamula mulamba talatulwila.

  8. Mr dundumwenze

    The wise people they are quite they will talk in 2021.

  9. Wawa

    Yaba it’s worse now

  10. Man G

    Wait 2021 ba lungu you going see remember mmd

  11. mengmoreler

    Uko ba koswe yimwe! da problem wth this boma u don’t admit da mistake u make and u think u cn hide any information when u hv a porous gorvment unsecured has it z wth many spise inside,check yo house b4 u aquese any one,bcoz jst now now u tod us dat da coz of UNZA riot which yo police cadres killd a girl was promoted by som political leader which u hv faild to prove it n our eyes or may b its u hu sacrificed to yo devil?plz on this now if u fail to prove yo foolish suspection then it mean people hv rioted for smthng wich z very true coz ovr NRDC land u were refusing jst lik da way u do today,bt later it was smthng else.

  12. Oze

    God come and c

  13. mengmoreler

    I heard on BBC news mwebantu!Zambia z n da list of those countries n dangers of dept crisis maweee!it was true kansi wen he said don’t cry for m ,bt cry for yo yoself and yo children.any way I cnt blame chagwa coz may he z on dat post to fulfil da bible prophecy.

  14. Dylan Chanda

    See, wat is happin in Zambia we will suffer

  15. kedrick siame

    I agreed with those who are attacking chanise people in this reason also there are killing our people. The silence of the bush doesn’t mean that there’s no animals.

  16. Cmk

    If this is true, please reverse it and repossess the institution. If not true, fabricators of this story must feel ashamed of themselves and stop misleading peaceful Zambians. God sees everything. Be carefuloo!

  17. Sinophobia

    Connotations? It’s xenophobia or chinophobia. Why is state house the only one connotating mwebantu?

  18. fix

    Thank God we ve a tolerant president,felow zambians lungu wll 1 day go bt bliv me u ,no head of state on earth wud allow nosense brains 2 set his country on fire.bt as it is in zambia where th fredom of expresion is being violated by citizens wel nd good coz lesons wll b learnt at th end I jst giv credit to ecl 4 being so linient even 2 mansons hu once tried 2 put his life at stake.sponserz of violence wll one day b expozd to th masses

  19. Mukonka M

    Cadre’s language always to praise whether good or bad

  20. Edward Tembo

    Fellow Zambians let us behavior , remember we have Zambians living in China.

  21. central power

    A dream come true that they will fail.zaffico,zesco.znbc,poor free market economy,chinise soldiers,farmers,miners,docs,wat is remaining is chinese husbands and wives
    china why…………..pf why………..zaffico why………

  22. Unknown

    Awe we’re so tired of being bus passengers we don’t even know what Edgar is up to…… Besides this is a united state of Christian Nation but the gvt of today we don’t know what’s going on …Zambia our motherland the economy had step down and for how long are we going to wait for better and beautiful economy …were still not independent we’re are dependents

  23. Amokachas

    Can’t talk now, waiting for 2021

  24. Bolingo

    U may wonder why one can’t wait to prove if it’s true


    All we needed was their technology bwana but not numbers in thousands coming to occupy our entire land and resources ,which we have been reserving for the future generation . Bwana when you want to solve problems look at both sides of a coin and find out the rootcourse of the problem ,not the way you are doing things just one sided ..and you think people who assured you in office will be queit just like that ?You are our servants not our bosses but you are doing the opposite .

  26. Majoni Tyson

    The country has been sold but they deny even what people can see. Mr thinks he is the only educated Zambian who can tell lies and have people’s mouths shut. Zambians are very wise pipo it’s just poverty haunting them. Just went and c they will show u what it means to be citizens in 2021.

  27. nefertiti

    White colonialists at play. They remind me of John Milton’s poem paradise lost. If they can’t have our resources then no-one should. And the poor Chinese who have dramatically chagned the face of the entire continent are bearing the brunt. To the Chinese please you know what you’re fighting. Don’t give up. To my fellow Zambians, reflect.
    By the way just Google on which country owes China the most…..

  28. Gregory

    Efyo mwale dununa Kali ni reverse bane forward mwalikene tamula amba nokunya ameshi just wait you will see for your selves

  29. blues

    Empower the citizens (indigenous) so that they can feel to part of the economic governance system

  30. Ibin Majid

    Do We Hav Gud Future For Zambia.Anyway Silent Speak Louder Than Noisy.Wait 4 Ur Ballot To Speak 4u In 2021.

  31. Ibby

    All support to Zambians from Canada. Smash the Chinese imperialism and racism now!

  32. concerned zambian

    As far as to I kno we have a thousand zambians In China either students,working or business men and women why should we be busy on the Chinese neck we have a lot of foreigners in our community selling sweets in small grocery shops why don’t you complain about them. China is a major partner to Africa just because Europe and the USA have been over shadowed and there are some political parties being funded by these two doesn’t give you rights to mislead the pipo face it be realistic stop insighting violence.

  33. Sibweni

    Fixing economic may take 20yrs and company sold by pf wil reposses without legal battles and if loses than govt pay heavy price. Kikikikiki….fix,fix….our economic other campigne tactic by UNPD. I wish zambia wuld riotd and protestd when mines and other companies where sold at a song price by pipo who want 2 fix it now if they bcom our president and this danger was 4 a purpose we see today.

  34. Jackson

    Chinese should go back to their native homes pantu nga twakalipa bakaya no buneneke bwabo.

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