Sven Starts Mozambique Preps

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroeck has commenced preparations for the November 17 Africa Cup of Nations crunch match against Mozambique, with 25 local players assembling in Lusaka.

Vandenbroeck led the 23 infield players through the paces this morning at the Futsal Arena with an interesting blend of call ups.

The technical bench led the lads through an intense physical session while the goalkeepers trained elsewhere under the watch of goalkeeper coach Stephen Mwansa.

Vandenbroeck will run the local players through the mill before naming his final squad at the end of the week when camp shifts to South Africa.

The foreign based players will join directly in South Africa where the team will be holed up before heading to Maputo for the Group K Africa Cup of Nations tie.

Some members of 2017 Under-20 Africa Cup winning side players have been included in the local camp among them Boyd Musonda, Shemmy Mayembe while current U20 campaigners in Francisco Mwepu and Benson Kolala have also been included signalling that the coach has his eye across all national teams.





Charles       Muntanga   (Nkwazi), Toaster Nsabata      (Zanaco)


Shemmy     Mayembe, Simon Silwimba, Solomon Sakala (all Zesco)       Alan Kamwanga, Benson Sakala (both Power Dynamos), Lawrence Chungu, Isaac Shamujompa (both Buildcon), Adrian       Chama (GBFC), Luka    Banda         (Napsa Stars), Lyson Thole       (Kabwe Warriors),



Boyd Musonda (Zanaco), Henry Besa, George Chaloba (both National Assembly), Jackson Chirwa (GBFC), Clement    Mundia (Kabwe Warriors), Bruce     Musakanya          (Red Arrows), Webster  Muzazu (Forest Rangers),  Lameck Silwaba          (Buildcon), Spencer       Sautu (Green Eagles), Benson Kolala (Nchanga Rangers)


Phiri  Joseph (Red Arrows), Lazarous        Kambole     (Zesco United)

Francisco    Mwepu (Kafue Celtic)


(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. JJB

    This is a must win game, please included chisamba Lungu and fackson kapumbu.pls Sven substitute shouldn’t be in 80 th minutes pls pls


    don’t include fwayo tembo i always dring kachasu with him kakakakakakaka

  3. martin minina

    We are behind take us to upper level. Don’t listen to any one we are behind you seven

  4. HH

    atase there are no tongas on line up this is being stupid atase fuck Sven

  5. Naosa Paul Chungu

    Go!! guyz go!!!!… we are behind take us upper level.We are behind you coach Sven

  6. Yxng Riley

    Bring Victory to Zambia not to Mozambique

  7. Mercutio

    Super subs shud be brought in the game at any time i.e even in the first half of 90mins not just at the end of the 80mins when you ‘re trailing behind no please plz twapapata ba vandem show us yo round kicks this time. Zam 3 : 1 Moz.

  8. strphen

    Comment hope ba mupa master kalaba will start coach


    All the best guy bt plz coach don’t substitute in 80th mins no bt atleast in 60th mins

  10. Akumawa

    Mmmmm bt I doubt with ur line up n were z shonga,PATSON,sunzu,fashion, n some other professional players?

  11. wafwa walemana

    panado team

  12. Jacob mukuka

    It’s a must win game…players must take the game seriously .

  13. Lungu

    All the best

  14. Mwale

    Very good coach to leave nkana players they cost as too much I don’t want to see many changes from the team which played against Geaun bis

  15. Kaputa

    Apo mwabwela pofye ba coach

  16. Joseph chiboboka

    go Zambia go we are behind you mr Sven don’t forget to include two giants Augustine and shonga

  17. Chamajohn

    Its good that u have started earlier. U are the best coach but please take note of mistakes within the first half and tell players to score not just to play well while not scoring. Substitute should be within in 60 mins please and don’t take much time to change mulenga for patson if he will be on bench is a good player. And why can’t we see Brian Mwila and Emmanuel mbola u can forgive him.

  18. Humble Son

    God help those who helps them selves


    ok just because we fucked your girlfriends from shepolopolo and you leave us on the line up ok we will see you will lose the game you are now cursed

  20. Amos

    When the final squard is annouced,only a few will be chosen from that list… anyway we are behind you guys and wishing you all the best

  21. B'gie Chaya

    Some people are Naturally Dull. Looking at your comments and the News Faz totally wrong. Coach said he has summoned local players to prepare the game before traveling to Joberg then international players will connect DIRECT to Joberg… Simple here comes a person what about Fashion. S. Mwepu. Lubambo. M-)sure sure do you read before you comment?

  22. Mozelizer

    go zambia go,,guyz please don’t comment silly comments to the coach let us only give support to them,,if us zambians we are against them who will support them?

  23. Shadreck Mazunzo Daka

    Surely,u shud read the whole article before u start commenting. Besides,don’t bring triblisim in the beautiful game of football.

    • Coach

      Bali mulishamo COACH gawalusa don’t back again in Zambia u will just go forward mules banya icalo mwembushimwe

  24. Tenji

    Go Zambia go, if you don’t support Zambia yet you are a Zambian better you shift to the country you fill you can be supporting.

  25. Richards sichalwe

    We are waiting for positive results

  26. Demian mukete

    My coach on defence and midfield we are safe ,but on strikeing the guys should work hard ,if possible u can also include Brain mwila.

  27. Stan

    Ahead waiting for the final squad

  28. lungu

    go Zambia

  29. Edward Tembo

    Let’s hope this is a winning team because Mozambique embraced us at home. They have a strong Team.

  30. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    The loosing side zambia poor coaching

  31. Simpito Mukandwa

    Goooo Zambia

  32. Edward Sakazhi

    That is not a Zambian team, its Lusaka and copperbelt team

  33. Edward Sakazhi

    That is not a Zambian team, its Lusaka and copperbelt team, Zambia is big.

  34. Big pipe Aisha

    APA kushitila limo panadol na caffemol, pantu nshakamone amaka yakuya pa kanthemba

  35. SVEN

    I won’t let Zambia to qualify to the afcon…. I will make the useless team against Mozambique so that I can be sucked for me to go back to Europe I miss my country am tired with this mujuju player’s

  36. SVEN

    I won’t let Zambia to qualify to the afcon…. I will make the useless team against Mozambique so that I can be sucked for me to go back to Europe I miss my country am tired with this mujuju player’s

  37. Gift Banda Katete

    Go ZAMBIA Go, we are going to win, 3-1.

  38. Akoni koni

    Plz sven include master in first half play n substitute shud b in 60min so that they organiz proper

  39. Enks

    All the best bachipolopo that game is a must win

  40. Benito Mussolini

    We want that 3 point. Coach. Go Zambia Go

  41. Joyce kaluba

    Please include chisamba lungu and patson kapumbu. And do not substitute in dead time. You should substitute in normal time after-after time starting from 55 up to 70 this is the best time to substitute. Ukesaendela pa ntambo ngoleangala na ma Zambia’s ifyo ya temwa umupila wakumakasa. Anyway GOOOOOO ZAMBIA 3-0 ALL THE BEST.

  42. duncan davie bombar

    Patson shd start , then master shd cm after 55 mins . Solomon shd nt start .

  43. mwanya shamyebe

    Football is about scores so guys you have to score as many goals as you can…. Don’t embrace me

  44. KALUMA GABRIEL Mcguyver

    Let’s wait and see

  45. lazarous jr phiri

    wishing you all the best guys

  46. Aaron gadama

    Go zambia go

  47. ngolo

    Ninyengo uli bapapi bola iyi? Ma battries yomala pauo wak chwiiiiiii nokanthu

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