Two Fuel Tankers Burn in Mpika

Two fuel tanker drivers escaped unhurt after their tankers blew up in flames along Great North Road in Mpika District, Muchinga Province.

The two Tanzanian fuel tankers belonging to Mount Meru Petroleum Company are believed to have been carrying 35 thousand litres of petrol each.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Chola Katanga said the incident happened around Chitulika area after one of the drivers allegedly sold fuel to a vendor.

“According to the information we have it is alleged that one of the drivers sold some fuel to vendors who were near a stove and in the process the fuel splashed on the ground and caught fire which spread to the truck. But because the trucks were parked close to each other they both caught fire,” he added.

Katanga said the both drivers are on the run and efforts to apprehend them have been instituted.


  1. Chimuka siamatika

    Everything got it’s end to much dealing petrol see how many litres of fuel u wasted muza muziba yesu

  2. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad

  3. Bunka jacket (Obama)

    So bad kuchitulika but chatulika shani?? White chikatuluke mu 2021naba HH….
    Don’t be shocked on that.. The big miracles are still coming.

  4. Musalu

    Good morning Zambia plz ba mp Baku copper belt tamuleafwa kateka emwe nimwebo mwaikala nabantu nomobekalila pantu bakateka bekala Ku Lusaka zaffico eilesuga abekashi bamu copper belt so ba mp nimwebo twatuma uko twafweni.

  5. Hotness

    Too bad.

  6. PWII

    Is this area the famous chitulika constituency that polled………?

  7. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    On run, yaba look at the millions of kwacha they have destroyed cage them though they will not manage to pay back those wasted money.I’m in a deep sorry.

  8. Judo

    I we Chibanka jacket why do u politicise an accident go away with yo hh

  9. simple man

    very bad sure

  10. Judo

    Those guys brought a big loss to the company they deserve life inmprisonment.

  11. Mukonka M

    That’s why mwanawasa banned these cadres from doing illegal things

  12. martin minina

    Too bad mwandi

  13. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Too bad dis happen.These street petrol vendors should be burned. That is just a warning cose nobody died. Do u remember in Nigeria about almost 200 people were left dead?


    good indeed very good

  15. Comment Moono

    Too bad.
    Millions have been waisted.
    I think the drivers sold all de oil and they decided to burn the trucks that’s why they are on de run.

  16. shabanimakoja@gmail.com

    Is loose truck and the fuel very very bad

  17. Regina

    It is sad to that incident of burnt tankers. It is good to be honest in everything you do,because it only take a twinkling of an eye to be exposed of your deeds.

  18. KUPUSA

    Regina cuuuuume so that i screw you

  19. Peter chewe

    Shuuuuuuuuuuwa too bad chatulika

  20. Y2k

    That is too bad gvment should continue stopping the selling of fuel in the streets.

  21. George katoloshi

    too bad

  22. Derick

    Wat a loss

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