Copperbelt International Airport to be Completed in 2020

AVIC International the contractor engaged on the construction of the Copperbelt International Airport says the grand project will be handed over to government in 2020.

Speaking when President Edgar Lungu toured construction works, Senior Consultant Lei Yingqi has asked the head of state to intervene and help in the release of funds to speed up works.

He further disclosed that three local contractors have been awarded contracts under sub-contracting while another two more are in the process of being engaged.

Lei revealed that works amounting to US $4.5 million will done by the local contractors by end of this year.

He further assured that the airport project will be completed by the end of 2020 and it will be handed over to government.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has assured AVIC International that he will engage EXIM Bank of China to ensure release of more funds to speed up works at the Copperbelt International Airport in Ndola.

President Lungu said he will engage the bank so that more money is released for the US $397 airport.

The Head of State directed that the 20% sub contracting policy be adhered to for the benefit of local contractors.


  1. Zambia yachula

    We shall see each other in 2021! Ask Rupiah Banda what happened in 2011,u will never rule for 20 yrs but 10yrs only u are the waste government in the history of Zambia

  2. mengmoreler

    Haa! look few blacks, bt mbwelekete choncholiz.any way nakumbuka naba sata dat man got zamtel frm da hands of foreigners, bt yimwe ba lungu u get ZNBC wth many more and put it back n da same hands ba sata refused to do so!plz if its realy true dat u don’t hv vision jst step down than for u to face death lik ba Chiluba.

  3. Captain Banks

    What has happened to the name “Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport”?

    • ROKA.

      Yes,what has happened to Kapwepwe name?What will the new airport called if it is not clarified now!The new Lusaka International Airport is called the same name. A clarification is needed here!!

  4. scare crow

    i know the reason why Katele Kalumba’s airplanes will only be landing in the middle of the night kakakakakakakaka

  5. Savage

    Welcome to Chambia

  6. Savage

    Kkk Welcome to Chambia

  7. Bry k

    Chambia yacula MANJE guyz

  8. Sibweni

    Chinese our honest partner who dream 2 see equal develop in the world. Pf in 2011 with lov 4 zambia and it’s pipo not what we seeing hate 4 it. In 1992-96 state companies where 2 sold private invests and zambia ever rioted bcoz of promised made by MMD that zambian wil hav job but we got heavy lose jobs and poverty doubtd and many die with shock of losin empolyment. Since UNIP rule chinese has bin help in roads and other important projects lik tazama pipeline and national stadium. We pipo blieve in dividual hate 4 pf is not a general feelin of zambia and come 2021 are win election bcoz pipo seen roads and other developmts. In zambia, rural areas blieve human contact not facebook and whatsapp u can’t win bcoz is loved buy non voted. My modern weapone 2 remov a govt hate is through a vote not 2 hate innocent chinese but yo poor political planne 2 win support frm zambia.

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