Police Arrest Male Disguised as Female Prostitute in Kitwe Nightclub

Police in Kitwe are holding an 18 year old boy who was arrested on Friday for allegedly pretending to be a female at one of the night clubs.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said police were alerted by a man who had picked the suspect with a view of sleeping with her as he dressed like a female with makeup and a wig.

It is alleged that the suspect whose names has been withheld was patronizing one of the night clubs in Kitwe with a view of attracting a financially sound man while dressed like a woman.

However, the suspect had achieved the target after one man approached him for quick business which later turned otherwise.

Katanga said in shame, the man could however not disclose his identity but helped police to nab the 18 year boy.

“Yes we have apprehended a boy aged 18 who was pretending as if he is a lady and wearing a dress, a wig, bra, artificial hips and lipstick to mislead patrons,” Katanga said.

She added that the said man had picked the boy but later realised it was not a woman before he raised alarm.

The suspect is currently in police custody


  1. Majoni Tyson

    Deal with him, he is a criminal.

  2. Maclea

    Paipa paanooo


    Comment: Even Dorica Ndaifulila aka Bob Mukosha must be arrested if you dont want to release that boy. Why only arrest a boy and leave Dorica free Mandela?

  4. Eustace

    Sell him to Chinese.

  5. PM


  6. Martin

    Mmmmm ba kitwe mwashupa sana mu 2018

  7. The Oracle of God

    Now this the extent were our country need Prayer and Fasting because what is happening now, is so pathetic
    From January until now we have been witnessing different news. Anyway i think the 18th October Prayer and Fasting has to be extended to 18th December. It is too much.

  8. Marker

    It’s a good lesson to those who are promiscuous.if you went for beer why going for women?its not all that glitters is gold.what case has the boy committed which the other complainant want to be addressed? They are all sinners.

  9. Chadiza manje chagumba farm mathews

    Bemba’s ………aweh sure……my question is that, ‘ is prostitution allowed in Zambia?’if no….then arrest both

    • George

      That’s true, arrest them both, ask the boy why he did such an act

  10. Uncle Dizzy

    Poverty? Big lessons to (skirts Chasseur )Both must be arrested.

  11. Mr southern

    Now it’s very clear that the Bemba people are destroying this country, I was following Mr dundumwenze’s comments against the Bemba people, now it’s very clear anyone knows that any stupid story comes from bemba side.

  12. Musonda

    Chachilamo zoona

  13. angela

    Even the complainant must be arrested, coz he wanted to commit chigololo.sembe enzeli mukazi sembe chinachitika chigololo.that’s a sin.

  14. intonsh

    Kikikikiiki elo lwanya!!!!,


    iye so this ka boy tricked me i was so drunk with tujilijili and he gave me his anus and i thought it was a nyini and in the morning i paid k300 iye imwe bantu ahhh

  16. hantobolo

    Chi southern ulishilu are the names mentioned there for u to say that about bembas then the man who wanted to fuck z small boy is Tonga kaili u are used to fuck cows chi swine give respect to bembas wha will Zambia be without bembas

  17. jazzy

    Mr Souther if you have sperms in your brain stop talking you stupid tonga

  18. Barotseland

    I really conquer with statement Mr. Southern it seems they are troublems in a society

  19. Barotseland

    I really conquer with your statement Mr. Southern it seems they are troublems in a society

  20. Big pipe Aisha

    Iwe stupid, don’t talk about the might tribe bemba, copper belt is lamba land, wapelele mu grade shani?

  21. Trevor Pambwe

    Kukonda kugona opepuka

  22. S.K

    no jobs for youths

  23. Chimbwi

    But is the man particular single or married that should also be looked into…nokonda vaupuba waona manje


    but at least I fucked his ass its so sweet wow

  25. Chinese

    Leave the boy alone or if don’t want to release the boy sell him to Chinese that’s the last option

  26. Waku South

    18th October fasting should be transferred to the 25th of December.

  27. Ched Dha Roman-knight

    Those talking about Bembas u very schopeti bakembo.. Iwe chi Southern waba period blood ya ngo’mbe kulukobo


    Chis southern chisushi chalitomba ishilu pama dustbin you are behaving like your cattle

  29. Bamuna

    Zed copying mechanisms are stretching the limits of imagination.

  30. Drugsquard

    Unlucky man lands a young boy in soup. Reveal the identity of the man so that the wife can know the material of the husband she has.

  31. HH



    guys pliz spare me im not in the mood of laughing I’ve just lost my gratuity and my balls have shrunk

  33. Big brain

    Ba Bemba don’t defend your self you are very stupid and worse tribe in Zambia, you are busy insulting your friends for what ? Imwe ba fikala what long with you?

  34. Chidyamakanda

    Ba Bemba sibantu, if you want to believe just wait tomorrow another rubbish and dirty story on media.

  35. Mr southern

    Hantobolo fuck chikala chobe wembushi, just wait tomorrow another rubbish story from your side will be on media, too much cassava in your head no brain.

  36. Mr dundumwenze

    There is a battle between tonga and Bembas, but please you bemba try to change be like your friends,from Lusaka up to kasama too much fake stories and I heard someone saying that copper belt is a lamba land I think that person is dull one,because in Zambia there are about 73 tribes but we are in groups like ise batonga kuli ba lenje, ila,tonga,toka leya,bawe and others.ba Ku chipata nabo just same ngoni, tumbuka, senga,chewa and others, naimwe bamambala same kuli bemba,lamba,ba mambwe and others.so mu group yanu babemba there is no peace is what we are complaining please be like Lozi or other quiet tribes always ndimwe no nsoni sure.

  37. Mecky Shanzi

    Even on this tribalism sure??? Awee!! Zambians we must be feeling shy some things. It’s good that the guy was arrested now let the law take its play.

  38. Mr dundumwenze

    sorry guys to say the truth I hate tongs and lozis I like bembas because they are intelligent tongas behave like their cattle while lozis clean toilets

  39. Mr dundumwenze

    ba tonga bachinda ng’ombe zawo especially HH

  40. Mr southern

    Don’t use the name of Mr dundumwenze you stupid Bembas,mr dundumwenze he went to south Africa he will be back on Friday he is the business man.ba Bemba what long with you? You don’t know that qombe is a part of wealth? Tunswe kuceya babwaba batakwe manu.

  41. Banda

    Ng’ombe bafikala muzifuna nikusauka chabe kwanu imwe vibemba,munajaila kubba vikawalala.

  42. Innocent Kalenga

    Kkk the guy should be arrested yes maybe his a criminal

  43. Donald SAKALA

    We are in the last days!!!!!

  44. Alexander

    Leave the boy alone imwe, there are serious matters to attend to not ifyo ifya bupe baby ifya muma bar

  45. Alexander

    What happens in bars, lodges and guest houses should remain just there tuleunfwa ifya bupuba when than investigating who bought the 5 planes, from where and how much atase

  46. BWALYA'$

    Mayo…..this world is coming to an end for sure

  47. Tinnk

    Why u arrest him he was finding the money

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