Dismissed Mutati Shifts Focus to MMD Court Battle

Dismissed MMD faction President Felix Mutati is expected to make a fast track return in the limelight with a court appearance in his intra party fight with Nevers Mumba who heads the other group.

The MMD colours are already littered around the High Court grounds with Mutati being awaited.

Mutati is this morning expected to make a first public statement at the High Court premises where he is attending a court session regarding the true ownership between him and other MMD factionist Dr. Nevers Mumba, of the former ruling party.


The Mutati camp has bussed cadres mostly women and youths to the court premises.

Mutati was on Tuesday fired as Works and Supply Minister and replaced by Katotwe Kafwaya.






    Let him concentrate on the affairs of the party.

  2. EDGAR

    Yah in our party pf we don’t want worst material n I kno dat someone wil take it wch is opposition failure who failed 5times

    • Omega Lungu

      Whether someone failed 5 times to go to plot 1, but the fact is imwe na ine tibvutikila pamozi mu paya farmer kingdom

  3. The Analyst

    Ba Mutati bansensela elyo akasuba kawa.Lol

  4. The Legal MMD Sympathizer

    Spineless Mutati was expelled and he appealed against that.The Court upheld his expulsion.So really what is s non-MMD Member fighting for?.

  5. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Viva ba Mumba on mmd we love u


    iye I love the MMD vimazimai vinzuna kuchinda

  7. chale cool

    were is your father the RB’s to help these guys coz someone will remain toothless please, ba mutati lekeni munenu alelyako ama tiboni kale afuma munchito, go and join upnd

  8. Albright


  9. Albright


  10. King cool

    Yabaaaa!! Ilyashi lyacilimba lyakosa,, MMD iyafwa Kale… fighting for a frog in the pond.. Even if you you get it.who will want it. Of course No one…

  11. King cool

    Yabaaaa!! Ilyashi lyacilimba lyakosa,, MMD iyafwa Kale… fighting for a frog in the pond.. Even if you you get it.who will want it. Of course No one… Then why going for useless things…

  12. RB

    iwe ka Lungu State House siyabanyoko I also learnt a lesson after Sata defeated me so siyabanyoko nyopolani lelo mailo chilipaimwe

  13. Sanks

    Wat goes up always kam down

  14. mutati

    u see boss RB lungu has fired me.Come 2021 l wil fire him too just help me to beat nevers mumba plz

  15. james

    Comment bamu tati anyway kusekafye,


    Zambian please let’s learn to behave like elders and that issues of creating an accounts using fake names be ware that one day u will perished

  17. HH

    Don’t you ever dream of coming to my party…. come 2021 our government will wipe all the used materials to mukobeko prison including Mr lungu be were.

  18. kambwili

    money for the national is
    very sweet

  19. Razor

    His coffers are now going to dry up as he no longer has access to state funds. His people will start leaving him one by one as they realise he can’t afford to keep throwing them crumbs anymore.

  20. Dr Fonicks

    Imwe babili, Mutati na Mumba, sit down and sort out this mess. squabbling won’t take you anywhere. Is there no where in the MMD manifesto which can clarify this deadlock ? I for one, hate to see people who are supposed to in unison, trying to get at each other’s throat. won’t there be a convention before the next general election. You can’t win an election as an opposition party with in fighting. resolve the issue and start your preparations for 2021. ukumfwana kwaliwama bane.

  21. Agm

    Mutati MMD bring back on track! MMD people more money in our pocket not PF less money in our pocket! MMD MPAKA FYE 2021 PLOT 1.

  22. prince uzi vert

    It really hurts me hearing these arrogant youths, who still support this current corrupt government.I wonder how poor u are?don’t u see that everything is going bad n worse in our country.u motherfuckers should workup.

  23. Lila

    imbwa ilebosa in’gombe iyo teti ikate kabiyeni mukulima!

  24. chrispine hantebe

    Don’t forget that tomorrow will be the one

  25. chrispine hantebe

    Don’t forget

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