Kasenengwa Man Hangs Himself after Marital Dispute

A 31 year old man of Kasenengwa District has committed suicide following a marital dispute with his wife.

Chilundika Tonga of Kambwata farms in Mboza ward hanged himself on Monday.

Tonga’s neighbour, John Nthele confirmed the death.

Nthele said Tonga went to the hill and hanged himself after his wife accused him of having extra marital affairs.

He said at first Tonga accused his wife of having extra marital affairs but later his wife also accused him of having extra marital affairs.

Nthele said Tonga’s wife fled the matrimonial house upon hearing that her husband had committed suicide.

Tonga has left behind three children and a wife.


  1. TOP G

    I can’t commit suicide just because am having bad time with ma wife. Better on something else like failing an exam 75 times. Not on petty things like this one…

  2. Simpito Mukandwa

    Mmm why as a man too bad May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace

  3. Sj

    Why youths with increased suicide cases? We’ve marriage counsellors and the Zam. Nat. Service can assist with ENDURANCE in once life. These security wings rarely take their lives. Wimona amakumbi, kaka balika nobe!Comment

  4. Timmy

    In Life we meet a lot of storms but that doesn’t mean it is our end we can still stand and challenge them … I can’t die for a woman regardless of the situation not even in my dreams

  5. kantu

    that’s why it’s very imporntant 2 understand each other as a husband & wife now u let’s children suffer, thats y and you also finamayo u are a bing problem look at you nosence!

  6. Akumawa

    Too bad otherwise bazakukwatilila BA guy gelo wanu kuno

  7. Y2K

    Killing yourself is not solving the problem ,instead is incressing the problems the bible says u shall not kill why committing sucide ,some people are suffering in hospitols want life ,but sameone is praying with his life.

  8. Majoni Tyson

    That’s being very coward. How can one sacrifice life over petty issues. Every man has got an extra comforter, if the wife makes noise just find a manly way of cooling her down than taking your life. Too bad Mr coward.

  9. Kanyinji

    Too bad.The devil is using suicide as a weapon to this generation,so lets be alert.

  10. patron Prince

    Mmmm!!!, Another Judas Iscariot.
    it has been too bad now,suicide suicide eveywhere suicide aweee mwee..🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

  11. Tonga’s wife

    let him be atase nizayamba kuchindisa manje let him be buried fast

  12. DJ KUNDA

    You have not sought out any problems but you have increased your problems

  13. chale cool

    guilt allways afraid why hung yourself over a simple issue. postors please help these lost generation to be near to the thrown of GOD than besy talk about politics

  14. Chilundika Tonga

    viba tonga kushishita that’s why bavinyengela bakazi bemba’s are the only superior and sharp tribe I swear

  15. Jms


  16. Maambo Himasaansa

    The reporter much interested in writing the Term ‘Tonga’ instead of using man’s name.
    Yes it is !!! Useless politics.

  17. Chikowa Richard

    Too bad for him coz he has just left a lot of problems to the family.

  18. Alfred s Mukelabai

    you have taken your life before God s well, my self I can’t do such a thing becoz of a wife .rip big man

  19. Donald SAKALA

    Uyooo!!! Wazijajing’a,no resurrection for himself.

  20. Amon Ng'ombe

    Can’t committe suicide because of that situation no!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Amon Ng'ombe

    Can’t committe suicide like that situation no

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