Siliya Tightens Screws on Hichilema over ZAFFICO Riots

The noose is tightening around UPND President over his role in the ZAFFICO riots with Information Minister Dora Siliya said the opposition leader’s actions on Sun FM radio were against the law.

During a joint media briefing with Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Siliya said Hichilema’s abrogated articles 57 and 60 of the penal code which barred media from publishing information that would incite people to rise against a duly elected government.

Siliya said the UPND leader spread falsehoods that prompted the riots by the ZAFFICO employees.

She said that government was greatly concerned with the agenda by the opposition leader to incite the citizens of the country against the duly elected government.

The Chief Government Spokesperson sounded a warning that following riots over the alleged sale of ZAFFICO on the Copperbelt, government relevant wings will conduct thorough investigations on the people that incited the riots including those that had the opportunity to rebroadcast the inciting sentiments.

Siliya noted that government is not against the opposition but that people should be responsible in the manner they bring about issues to the public.

And Siliya said the agenda by the opposition to talk ill of government’s partners in development such as the Chinese government and its people is uncalled for.

The UPND leader told his Sun FM audience that ZAFFICO had been sold to the Chinese.



    Tooo bad for hh….but the question still stand …show us evidence that shows that what Mr hh said z not true…???…and for Mr hh to have such information it means one of government member toid him….so try to protect secret information to avoid disinformation….

    • bayoka

      Mwebantu bamano to say that is it a crime? to bad mwe, the only problem you have is that, umuntu ukulanda palifimo ati he is a criminal work up Zambia, our country is not a democratic party but a dictatorship, kanshi twilalandapo pafilecitika ninshi lwanya ba siliya ule, kabwalala wemu MMD 2021is coming.

    • Daniel Banda

      Don’t tell me that our education has produced many like you, the rioters and your leader who fail to see how lies can result into violence. Leadership requires a sober and analytical minds. Don’t start thinking that others whose effort to make this country
      better but you are always rubbishing have no feelings. Don’t be carried away by your ignorance of Zambia’s past. Those of us who were born before 1991 know what’s povert at individual and national level. If a leader and his followers are going to be misleading the nation as powerless as he is, then worse when he gets power. This is clearly a sign of weakness under pressure. He is already feeling he can cause chaos while he accuses his followers for rioting without facts. It could be a coincidence. But! Why did it happen on the Copper Belt. Where Sun Radio broadcasts and after his being interviewed? Wouldn’t it be better to produce evidence in order to shame this government and brighten his chances of getting into power; pay back to Anglo American Corporation what his party owes and make Zambia very poor again to an extent where commodities would disappear from shop shelves? Travelling will once again become a nightmare as it was at the end of the 80’s decade? Think about Rwanda, DRC and everywhere where there has been power struggle. Do you remember the days of bombings by Ian Smith, how peace was lost in our country. Those of you supporting this behaviour think. The comfort you enjoying while you insult and lie is better while there is peace. Use your brains.

    • BaLazo

      Don’t be surprised to hear that they are eyeing diamonds or gold under those ZAFFICO forests. Somebody must have tiped them.
      Is it true last month a Chinese mining company NFCA of chambeshi bought 612 ZAFFICO houses for sitting tenants from govt at $270,000 .The houses were handed over to ZAFFICO employees by Felix Mutati and hon kampamba MULENGA. Could this have triggered the firing of Mutati.

    • Jk

      Not that bro, the more they save secret the more they kill Zambian pipo so we can’t blame hh.

  2. nyoks


  3. Ackim

    Let HH do his job as an opposition and the meadia expose atrocities of the so called dully elected government.
    What a government? The future of this nation depends on education and here you’re Failing to give loans to hundreds of qualified students but busy building mansions outside the country. Enough is enough please don’t temper with education because you are killing Zambia and everything we stand for as zambians by denying us ,leaders of tomorrow, education.

  4. ok

    There is no smoke without fire. HH is a big person & not mad to just wake-up and tell people that this company is sold ??? Pf watch out

  5. Edward Tembo

    HH should be caged.

  6. Siliya

    Hh, How Do You Things So Fast B4 We Publish Kanshi?

  7. Vincent Centiago magobbo

    it can be true,that zaffico yaliya mpamakwebo.

  8. Oko2

    What do you expect from leaders who go and parade themselves with hand bags full of … Remember this caption; Dora Siliya and Special Assistant to the President Amos Chanda outside the Chinese Great Hall.

  9. Mayowaluse


  10. Solomon Shampungani

    I think the government is not comfortable with HH but remember that us same people who voted president Lungu we are the same people to remove him. PF you’re there to work just do the work forget about fighting oppositions because if we’re to check on you no one is perfect remember when Sata was an opposition he use to talk more than HH. Remember we’re all Zambians and we love our sovereignity if its true time will review and God will fight for us.

  11. HH

    I fucked this chisiliya and she thought that I will gave her half of my fortune but I sayed hell no! I can’t pay half a fortune to a nasty hole a wide pussy like heroes stadium so now you back fire me eyee kunicitaso nilila nitambika

  12. mutule

    l ule liule slit

    • Bushiri

      _________fucked her and now ___________is busy fucking her,what kind of———-is this——–.

  13. Kapijimpanga

    Do we have a gvt sure? When hakainde is breaking the law with impunity gvt response we are investigating open your eyes protect us this criminal has come we recently lost a young lady at unza where hakainde was mentioned how far have gone with investigations ? Yes he has seen weakness in gvt protect property how many times pipo are going to complain to you hakainde is a criminal

  14. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Leave hh alone stupit get out with your idiocy

  15. Joseph

    it’s that a crime, to say that ZAFFICO, its sold to chinese pipo, you maggots, motherfuckers.

  16. Mk

    This hh thing was just hand picked because of the upnd constitution that only a Tonga shall lead the party. Otherwise I don’t see leadership in this man All he does now trial and error. Boma imuwone be Sells the County toAnglo American Like he did with ZCCM and today he is pretending to be the Messiah with stolen proceeds.

  17. mengmoreler

    U jailed him ovr unknown issue untill whites came to show u dat u’r rong!kkkkk ati niba loya bapa UNZA nama licage ga?ok even now can u jaile him then wen it come to b true u’ll b ashamed alone lik a dog which z n da passengers bus.

  18. Joseph

    Free our children they were just miss led

  19. Joseph


  20. uko

    Of is selling everything in the country kkkkk…can’t u see that even our chimwemwe dance 💃 is sold to the Chinese..Zambians u AR to dall and brind

  21. Faith

    Moral decay has taken over HH.

  22. Majoni Tyson

    Government should not intimidate the opposition and the pipo of Zambia they must clearly tell the nation on deals they have with China instead.

  23. Monk

    People fear for their jobs. That’s the only source of income for them. These rumours yaletinya bane. Nokulunda fuel balikene ati bufi. Let’s watch this movie and see how it ends

  24. Isampo

    People fear for their jobs. That’s the only source of income for them. These rumours yaletinya bane. Nokulunda fuel balikene ati bufi. Let’s watch this movie and see how it ends

  25. Kalu

    PF you have just failed. Stop blaming others.

  26. Lulu lulu

    These chainiese people they are taking Zambia like their own country now , so if it’s true that they sold fm radio what is their aim to this radio.
    Infact if I may ask y always partnering with with Chinese how special are they than American pipo . We are fade up with chocolins .

  27. fix

    Ths manson in th name of hh shud jst b jailed if he fails 2 or prvide propa info.coz zambians ar now fed up wth hs silly tricks of wanting 2 get popularity in areas where th dont like hm,let hh go 2 westn prov wea th count him as a god.hakaivotelaheka in 2021 again.

  28. Sibweni

    Zambian companies most of the undrperforming and need 2 b sold or lusake stock exchange 4 citizens, chinese and other foreigns 2 buy 4 them 2 pay dividend 2 govt. After parliment policy direction govt 2 continue informing zambian sam new develops poor preforming firms bcoz upnd and it’s president HH advantage of govt not imformin pipo quick that a firm has bin listed at LUSE and uninform and educated who doesn’t ready newspaper,radio and tv news act bcoz are told liars 2 win populate 2 trust upnd has a saver of economic. Chinese is second biggest….economic americans hav chinese debts 1.1 trillion supposed 2 pay chinese govt but what is with our poor country zambia 2 get loans frm them. Trade war betwen usa and china is bcoz of chinese good manufacturin policies and products where comin frm china and american president trump complained the american are losing jobs. Wake up zambia lack of research and wide knowlege upnd is takin advantage of u and push u 2 fight 4 them.

  29. Musonda

    Dora siliya mind your language against opposition parties, hh he is a politician he can lie remember Michael sata the way he was performing, hh better politician don’t try to do what you are planning because it will bring riot in our country.

  30. jm

    You are wright sibweni chines are good and pefect pipo,let the Manson man explain well,and brought to book.

  31. Anti Politics

    Hh You Don’t Have A Dream Of Being The President Of This Country Thats The Main Reason Why You Are Doing All The Bad Bad Things On This Nation. God Has Never Showed You A Vision Of Being The Leader Of This Nation . You Should Be Like A Former President May Hsrip Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata That One He Died As A Happy Man

  32. central power

    The truth shall come out……..who is correct between hh and dola siliya let us be quiet .this is just a beginning.mumbwe pakulila ninshi pali uko ashintilile amatako.

  33. kabole Abdellaziz

    Ms Do ra should stop thinking we are dull RUPIAH called her smart Dora over that case involving the sale of ZAMTEL ,the case is still there ,Dora silya has an MBA but I’m surprised how is still she needs denying the sale ofZAFFICO if the sale company shares have been floated on the stock market ,is it not a strong way of selling a strong public asset ?Now we have the Chinese who are involved in this industry automatically they will buy those shares have.MY ADVICE PLEASE LEARN TO RETIRE INFORM MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC YOURSELF ,ON ANY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTT PLAN TO AVOID SPECULATIONS
    May be kufwailisha kamulandu umunenu mumutitikishe.MY OPINION

  34. mulenga

    govt cant work properly without strong oposition.There is no smoke without fire.

  35. Mulenga

    the only problem in zambia we dont want someone who is intelligent to open up yur minds, U want dull pipo who keeps quite even if things are wrong & u dont want someone to say the truth,now how can u develop the country?

  36. Biloko

    The so called not popular HH is causing so much constipation on the so called popularly elected performing GRZ.Please GRZ if at all you are performing let the works speak for you.We are tired of all of you screaming HH when ever some thing negative happens in the country. Your fear for HH is now in the public domain. HH you have earned my respect.

  37. Barotseland

    Viva H H in 2021 pa kwanja cabe not Poor Fools party


      2021 ba United Party for No Direction tamwakaiwone mukalila nafuti

  38. Akumawa

    Bt Ka hh nikaboza monga nikamukazi sure

  39. Nzovu

    UPND leader cant just voice out ther is someone who told him among the grz officials and that person feared to b fired no wonder he/she HH who has no fear

  40. Musole

    Hh Viva , I will keep on sponsoring you!!

  41. james

    you right mr nzovu but tabalanda saana..

  42. Trevor Pambwe

    Keep saying all u wnt muzalema che HH z right Nd Dora milks Frm ecl so she cnt withdrew de deal she benefited Frm.de word ov encouragement z let’s keep calling Jehovah Jehovah Jehovah 1 day will b our day.god bless u all nd stop crying

  43. Joseph

    Live hh arown nisiachita is our President President fuck u

  44. One Zambia one Nation

    Pabo mpenda abashakwata amano na hh namubikapo sure a normal person should wait for a while yes in opposition but he should know utuntu ngabalefwaya ukushitisha kuti bacita nani decision reversed at I tumumweneshemo yama muletekanya else mwakulamona kwati ba buju balimipata ukulingana clip intu kwete mwalilanda at I Zaffico nabagolekesha tupeleni evidence at I iyo nshacitile incite riot ulebutuka question ulelanda fimbi 2021 nalefwaya ukukuvotela nomba waloba ilyakusalula

  45. Me

    Ebo munga votela about atase bane APA upnd president in Garry nkombo nangu mulyokela not hh

  46. Papa

    Black mountain is nw china mountain

  47. Miles

    God you gave direction to the children of Israel a cloud during the day and a pillar of fire in the night pleeeease Father God give us signal

  48. Tuli Bantu

    HH is a big bird,, in eagle that can see small things very clear at a far distance, remember where there is smoke there is fire,abantu Bambi balibelela to see things when they get there, someone is trying to warn you, but you are busy to insult him, what if this will come to be true what are you going to do, coz nga nimapepa nishi basiliza nakuvicita handover kuli ma Chinese, muzakankala na mpamvu yobapoka? can somebody answer me please

  49. Wawa

    People hates the truth.hh is right.

  50. copperbelt youth representative. mp

    someone I’d going to cry
    we are going to push for the impeachment motion in parliament.
    we can’t go on like this
    early elections have to be called.
    our President is humble with no brain.
    he can’t analyse the situation in Zambia.
    Chinese are criminals.
    they are here to stay hiding in the name of investment.

  51. Joe

    P F you are just like the passengers onto a bus not knowing where the accident will occur ,continue with your pf and see at the end the results of the betrayed country Zambia by your so called president lungu wait and see

  52. David

    I like what most of you have posted. Now the PF and HH should bring out the evidence. This can be an open court. I am just unhappy with HH when he failed to resonate himself from this issue, he told us via Sun FM. The hot FM tried to help him but he made it worse for himself and we end up believing Dora…… He still has chance to tell the truth about it so that we can build a case of no confidence to ECL

  53. Ecz

    That z a role of opposition let him oppoe

  54. feligo

    To my beloved country Zambia and country men and women, znbc and zaffico are not sold as reported by hh. Get the truth from honourable dora siliyas explanation. If these companies are sold, let hh give evidence on the sale of the same. Hh do not put this country on fire, zambians are peaceful loving citizens, tell the truth other than putting this nation on fire, tefyo bapoka ubutungulushi. You want people to rise against the government? hh stop the rot. What makes you think you’re bigger than zambia? you’re a very useless and un patriotic citizen of this country.

  55. Brian Mujuku

    Nothing is hidden under the sun and the truth shall be revealed

  56. zeeworld

    This is just the beginning, we have more plans to carry out! Who said these words? To whom was these words said? What was happening? Where dd the narrator go after some time?oooo plz I love both hh and lungu both are Zambians and even hh can be a president like lungu y hate them,only time will tell wen lungu is to step down and hh to b a leader let’s not waste our time insulting each other.if lungu is not doing a great job then,u pipo will decide 2021 nanga lungu is the first one to step aside banda,kk,ftj,sata,levy all came and went so even lungu will go hh inclusive that is if u pipo vote him into power.we have to remember that only God will be able to end OK these problems but as at now let’s support lungu then who ever will be next presido.hh and lungu for life.one z one nation

  57. Ian smith Fitzgerald

    42 million rollers for 42 used fire trucks, no one was pushing for facts or truths,but you want to crucify a wise man for his statement.
    Madam you are saving on the wrong side.for that fire will burn through you life next year

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