UPND Suspend Kafue Council Chair for Attending Pres. Lungu’s Keep Zambia Clean Campaign

The opposition UPND has suspended its Kafue District Council Chairperson Thomas Zulu for attending the monthly Keep Zambia Clean and Health Campaign graced by President Edgar Lungu in Kafue.

According to a suspension letter dated, November 7, 2018 signed by District Chairman Clifford Mwaba, Zulu has been handed a three months suspension.

The letter alleges that Zulu had brought the name of the party into disrepute by refusing to apologize for his attendance of the official event.

“This letter is pursuant to the earlier letter to you dated 28th October, 2018 in which the party decided and directed that, you must make a public apology to the party leadership through the electronic and print media for embarrassing the party president and the entire UPND fraternity within 48 hours of receiving the letter,” stated the letter.

“You must immediately apologize in writing to the party president for the embarrassment caused and that letter and that letter of apology must be copied to the Secretary General for the record, the Lusaka UPND provincial secretary and Kafue UPND District secretary.”

The UPND has been losing councillors through defections and may have a heightened phobia each time any of their civic leaders mingle with ruling party officials.


  1. Chidano Chinoda

    There’s no credible opposition in this country, which opposition provide checks and balances ? Zero , the problem is that UPND thinks it will take over the pf government by just petty opposing, if u think the cleaning exercise is retrogressive offer the solution to it, rather than suspending a member who attends, if really it’s the party which will bring change let it sell it’s self with a tangible manifestos. Not peddling lies and misleading innocent citizens, like this it shows that he has a hidden agenda ,only known to him and his associates. Quiet alright things may not be OK in this country, but I think the UPND is not the solution.

    • Hammer

      This is very disturbing . Does it mean that if at all UPND is voted into office it would segregate people and only look after UPND members. There would never be mingling and working together of the zambian citizenry got the greater good of the nation under UPND leadership ?
      God forbid

    • HH kachema

      My party is only for my tribe (Tonga)not Zulu,banda,mulenda,musonda no cenicius Banda

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    This shows how unreasonable a leader can be,how do fire a member who went to attend a meeting concerning health n cleanliness forr sure ?

    • Preeti

      Differentiate men from women, boys from girls, males from females and fire from suspension you moron.

  3. girl


  4. Sj

    UPND need to provide proper checks and balances. Abantu balemimona ifi chitwa fyenu. Comment

  5. marko

    Surely UPND is not an. Alternative. They making politics a dirty career when it is supposed to be progressive through presentation of divergent views that provide alternative solutions. If they can’t be honest now, how??? Remember old habits die hard. That man is a civic leader who should be present at every gathering to do with well being of people but…. PF also can’t be trusted any more, recently we heard about how the top govt. Officials including Minister of lands vehemently disapproved the development of Chinese cemetery in Chongwe ordering them to stop. But what caused their stance after 2 days that they came around and said it is a national tourist attraction centre that they quickly named it TAZARA Memorial park?

  6. Abekala calo

    This bad,abekala calo.

  7. Victor

    We see what happens in Zambia but it’s like we have no say,how ar we to speak out if we are not give the chance to

  8. King cool

    But this was supposed to be in Mpika where those Chinese national died by the snake bites.. it is supposed to be in Tazara area near the railway station… Not in chongwe , this is shallow thinking by the authorities…. Thanks for this issue.

  9. Dominic

    The District Council Chairman ( Mayor ) was voted for by Kafue residents who include non UPND members.He is called a Civic Leader.If UPND does not want their elected Civic Leaders to associate with Government Leaders including the President of this Country,how are they going to develop their areas since UPND does not control Government.Moreover The Kafue Town Chairman requires frequent meetings with The Minister of Local Government who is a PF Minister,is he equally banned from interacting with the Minister?

  10. Me and you

    Madness at it’s highest level

  11. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Hakaindes mouth is full of cholera cowdug desentery ukupolomya typhoid insults etc he lacks everything surely can some with senses suspend one who is working ? You are very dirty which country in the world can have a president opposed to healthy? You foolish upnd supporters are you not embarrassed? Are you brain washed each one of you take note hàkainde will never be president you are just too stupid

  12. samfya 1

    Why, is this a problem sure?

  13. mulobezi

    Let them suspend him so tht we get hm in a by election

  14. Bk

    This thing hh does not know how it means to be voted into an office because him assumed the office through the back door. And does not know how Government run.Honesty what is wrong with just attending the Keep Zambia clean.The Problem is not attending the ceremony but because he is Zulu Had been he was Hakayende Hikumunda he shouldn’t have suspended him

  15. Brian Mujuku

    This is totally wrong, how can they suspend a person for attending the event which focusses on developmentally activities.

  16. mulobezi

    U ar corect mwana

  17. Maritino

    Iwe Mr bemba go fuck yourself, asshole.

    • mulobezi

      Insults wll neva tek u anywhere contribut productvly nd evrythn wl b good 4 th manson u ar sapoting

    • Kamon

      How can he do that when you have offered to provide the service for free?

  18. Mk

    This poor Zulu is only a Victim of Tribe.This man was Voted in to office by Kafue Residents not UPND.Once by Virtue of attending the Keep Zambia Clean he was on the Government Programme and also representing the Kafue Residents.This man does not know how Government operates if by mistake he is voted into power of which can not happen .he would just bring his tribesmen and his partymate into Civil Services .please can some teach him that when one is voted into a public offiice he becomes Public property not Party Property.He does not what it means to be voted into an office because he just entered through the back Window. No wonder he behaves like that.Now Zambians understand why cannisius Left.Please Jack Mwimbu and Gary Nkombo help this man and orient him on how Boma Operates and also what it means to be voted into office.because all his Life hes never been voted into office These are Thugs once Voted Into office they ban elections in the country. ZAMBIAN you don’t need a sangoma to tell you that this man is wrong man

  19. Mm

    Mwaonekela BATONGA

  20. DJ KUNDA

    Ng’ombe zavuta kufarm boi kalime cause this is rain season

  21. chale cool

    madala mr HH what’s long with your brain.yesterday you incited people of copperbelt to riot and you refused.today you suspend the kafue civic leader. better even your MP’s stop getting there monthly salaries, coz you hate the current government under president E C .LUNGU their boss. niba comedian ba zed ba H h h h.

  22. Bk

    Tayali is Right this THUG Called Hikanyele Hikule will put our Peaceful country on Fire because of His Satanism and desperation of becoming the President.The Demons are troubling him now

  23. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Foolish upnd members.

  24. chrispine hantebe

    Let him do according to what him self thinks, you are just a dog barking outside struggling there, leadership is what you make it,be determined also we see

  25. Sakala

    Thanks mr hh there is nothing wrong, because some members they are working like mahule fire them they are very stupid.

  26. Mk

    Naimwe A Zulu Vojoinajoina You joined a wrong Party mbuya.You should have read the constitution.Only One tribe shall be lead the Party You learned bitter Lesson

  27. MM

    This man belongs to the dark under world.This period of year is crucial in their Kingdom so Zambia Be careful.Their kingdom wants Blood Where does he get the blood. cause riot at Unza Couse riot’s in Kitwe

  28. Dr Fonicks

    I totally disagree with the stance taken by the UPND. Surely, you don’t compromise on health matters. when there is a pandemic there are no barriers whether PF, UPND, MMD, to mention but a few. my fellow Zambians, let us not sink so low by taking punitive measures over a noble issue. I don’t see anything badin mr zulus attendance unless there’s something else beyond that

    • Jofaho

      Mr HH there is nothing wrong with chairman Zulu. You are showing how power hungry you are. Never never will you be one .

  29. Luther

    Littleknowledge is always dangerous. UPND has structures for members to follow. Thy have not fired there member but suspended him for not following right procedures within the ranking. Pf members should stay away from UPND issues. Umulomu twapapata.

    • Mfumukadzi

      UPND will never rule Zambia. If not PF zambian will identify a third force. For now PF is a better alternative.

  30. Luther

    Something is fish here. Why exposing the internal letter from the party. That is highest order of insolence and indiscipline . If want to buy him . U are free. The man is not straight.

  31. Justice meeeeee

    HH God will never give you opportunity to control our Zambia country coz you don’t have pentience Yu have money already Make more companies and improyee people if Yu are not selfish

  32. ndamwumfwa maisa

    i wonder what is wrong with upnd,is this the way you are going to run the nation in a dirt enveroment ?Nowonder yo brains are dirt.the was not wrong instead he did all thati in gud faith u pipo must learn from him.what he did showed that he has the heart for the nation just emmulate him he clean instead suspending him he is a clean man

  33. MMD

    When cholera breaks out we too, we dont want to see you rendering some help in any way, coz opposition leaders do not only take things in a negative way but also in a positive away

  34. MMD

    Just discover your own country where you will be a president, l personally can’t vote for you better I even vote for mulyokela,

  35. mutule

    Darkness can not go with light fire him

  36. Akumawa

    Naimwe BA Zulu mwaona kujoina BA Tonga n tinakuuzani at those pipo ar too much tribalism imwe nuu mwaona Ka?

    • Akumawa

      No problem we stil av a space for u in our party pf n u will b a minister bwela bululu usaganize vinyinji awe

  37. Irukandji

    Childish Politicians. Is it bad to clean your environment. Schooled in Politicians not educated. Even against health programs.

  38. Trespho Chitamfya

    That is Sunny Chintombwa for you. State house is sweet. We all want to go there but the method is what separates us. Hakainde is a frightened chap.

  39. Mm

    With this kind of bitterness it all shows how evil this man.I rather vote for Cat than him

  40. Cmk

    HH this time around stands for HEALTH HAZARD. You can’t doubt that, can you?

  41. Ak47

    This little cow called hamatako hatatu (hh) wil destroy our country.let the anglo american get his soul not our lovely country foolish tribe

  42. JMB


  43. Rockstar

    Ati one Zambia one nation,kuwayawayafye!!!!

  44. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Fusek leave hh alone idiot

  45. Agm

    Folower UPND how can rule the country without cleans surounding area you live? Upnd bad campain.you at home you live you stay with hazard rubish:-xB-);->;-(:-(

  46. Charles

    This HH is the biggest curse Zambia has ever had and i will repeat myself….this man will never be allowed to leave the country should we experience fire. Tayali has more data on HH. Watch the space

  47. Humphrey

    God forbid this man to rule out mother Zambia….he has too much thirst for blood

  48. chrispine hantebe the governor

    Don’t just say something out of sense, H H has his own vision, what of you who is just a slave not to someone but to a system,have your own vision we see.I too second luther

  49. Hh

    Father forgive them those who are interested in insulting me,let your will be done.

  50. Kapijimpanga

    Hh which father are you asking chief mukuni ? You are all satanits sleeping in grave yard. You shall never take out the remains of mama kankasa your father is Lucifer your brother on earth is. Adolf Hitler without mercy ate 6000000 Jews katole kobe

  51. Johnson Mulenga

    Amano chuma mundale behaviour like a mature person,its not mistek 2attending meeting

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