Kampyongo Raises Alert on UPND Youth Mobilization to Prevent HH Arrest

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says the opposition UPND is mobilizing its youth ahead of the alleged imminent arrest of their leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema has been under fire over the riots on the Copperbelt that wereallegedly sparked by his sentiments on privately owned Sun FM in Ndola.

The UPND leader said that ZAFFICO had been sold to the Chinese.

Kampyongo said that government had caught wind of the UPND mobilization and urged them to keep their actions within the law.

He said that law enforcement agencies had been put on alert regards the mobilization.

Kampyongo said any proponents of hooliganism would be caged.



    Mr kampyongo osanyengelela Bantu to defend their leader.

    • Mk

      Which sensible person Will defend this imbecile and Lunatic Manson

      • Aleck

        Unfortunately you don’t know an imbecile & lunatic. He’s here to save you & me from real . . . . .

      • Insoka

        Mk kwata amano


    Mwamona Madala yalula game again to mukmbeko. upnd youths leave this man alone to kiss the biterness of the law mwana ashumfwa and remember his trison days even bachimpwena like you suffered more than hin.postors please help this lost sheep called hh. ba hh dont behave like the devil who always have plans to destroy anything, you also achild of GOD.

    • jomwa

      chale cool muni wanoko y do u hate hh so much iwe pushi amakandi ukubela mumbafu cikala

    • Insoka

      Chale cool kwata amano.

  3. Robert H-Pac Shanti

    Only God Knows πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠPF can keep mother Zambia for life until 2030

  4. Justice meeeeee

    Robert h pac shanti you have a nice point have agree with it hh his not read for him being president for the Mather Zambia πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š hadaaaaaaa nayoooooo

  5. Bk

    Arrest the fool no one is above the Law If President Chiluba faced the law who is he not to.Just a simple Opposition a leader who Entered through the window to become party President because of his tribe. shame I pity the youths who want to be used by this Satanist He just want to sicrifice them Please avoid if you are caught you will rot in prison.While his Children are enjoying their education abroad.Later in his children will be your masters This stupid Man is very Desperate to be President

    • Aleck

      Do you even know what desperation is? What’s wrong with some of you? What has tribe got to do? Why do you always speak with a mind if ethnicity? Be Zambian, the country isn’t in a good state because it’s in wrong hands. Do you know how much money has been stolen from your leaders of your choice?

    • Insoka

      bk kwata amano

    • One Mate

      There’s time for everything guys

  6. jnaw

    Zambian as Christian Nation let’s be careful the way the devil is using us, we pushing people in trouble, accusation, and are seems to be very happy, Satan is a prince is darkness fight against the love that God has commanded us to live with, God is watching us remember, whatever benefit people are oppressed, then you support, this is not the time to be happy with injustice but let’s look up pray with ceasing, bcoz we heading to hell .

  7. Iyeeee

    This man called HH is full of himself, he thinks the youths will serve him…please cage him we’ve had enough of this man’s pomp its high we showed him who’s boss. We can’t treat him with kids gloves any longer. #cavehhonceand4all

  8. Yangu taata

    comments are individual’s thinking and reactions, manje language mu christian nation, kaaya mulungu azaweluza.

  9. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    HH we love you.

  10. mengmoreler

    Kampyongo yiwe!wat of those who killd vesper nanomba u’r still investigating ai?hmmm!bt kwena zambia ni animal farm nomba apa sure!ok if its to arrest hh dats good too,bt plz evn those who killd vesper including da one who gav them a foolish comand to teargas inside innocents girls hostel livng outside were there rioting culprits.

  11. Utoloto

    But Ba Amose balitukile kambwili, nothing happened. What a government of segregation.

  12. mengmoreler

    No one z above da law arrest hh,arrest those who killd including who cozd da killing of vesper my Sr.

  13. mark angels

    Comment urvival of the fitest the weaker ones to be eliminated

  14. Nk

    Leave HH alone, What has He done? Remove the mote in your eyes first and then you brother. Only the truth pains. Unza student who died,who are responsible

  15. Recruit

    Twalaponona kacema nempanga wil scater n all direction mungativute imwe bafikala

  16. Sibweni

    HH does not respect human right rules bcoz he is abusin a lady who interviewd him at hot fm Bcoz she push him 2 prove his accusation of timer company has hin sold. A helpless lady under attrack by upnd royalisting and it leader 4 abusing his right.

    • Aleck

      Be objective and identity who exactly doesn’t respect human rights, not just a hate for an individual. Are you a beneficiary from the govt of criminals?

    • Insoka

      Sibweni kwata amano.

  17. ABEL

    World of politics

  18. james

    Comment leadership comes only from god period. not from the broose ati ninebo kateka elo kulaba be dengar, let us just cry for our selfs not for others plz read this chapter you will understand ,,,,,lemmantation 5:8—21

  19. Trevor Pambwe

    Wins azalila by nxt yr ndaba HH pali nzelu,y z Dora siliya talking abt resigning if she knws the truth abt ZNBC,ZAFFICO issues.hule yaboma

  20. Pope

    Hh is suffering frm trypanosomiasis

  21. Banda

    Ba pf mabwete-bwete no vision, why always against hh,if you don’t know guys God is the god of all, hh he is also a Zambian but the way you are treating him you are treating him as a foreigner, even the foreigners they are very comfortable than hh why? The hate speech you have you pf you are divide the country, and don’t forget some of you will want to join upnd after pf lost.

  22. BMW

    Bantu ba mulungu please leave hh y so division in our country?

  23. TOP G

    Only HH can do us better…

  24. Genial boy

    One zambia one nation, hatred no!

  25. Mk

    The October Prayers have sent him into manifestations. People let’s pray before this Manson set this nation into Flames.The Demons in him detest Prayers


    jomwa my the lord forgive you coz your mouth vomit insults only. are you a christian or satanist company.

  27. Mm

    Please SDA pastors sitdown your member and counsel him.If the demons are troubling him please deliver him.See what his lying tongue has done to the innocent youths in Kitwe Him is very comfortable and drinking coffee. While those youlths will rot in jail.Please help him.Power inzambia Is got through a ballot not thru Confusion

  28. crying freeman

    The unquenchable fire that will erupt in this country one day will bring about shock to the entire world. you have been following up hh here and there,but mind you he also have followers. Lusambo, kampyongo and the police were quite when vespers died, no one to blame no one to arrest . please give that man chance to live his life or posterity will judge you without mercy

  29. Aleck

    Listing shares is the same as selling, why denying facts? Let those who argue dig deeper and read, who can buy houses free for employees @ such a huge cost without a benefit?

  30. KUPUSA

    HH you are like my name

  31. Mulenga

    zambians dont apreciate,someone trying to open up yur minds & help u,u are busy backbiting HH.Thus why if u continue zambia wont develop.

  32. Barotseland

    Only a fool will support the arrest of H H .Come 1021 UPND ni viva not nasholi on the ground.Zwaaaaaaa.

  33. Mutale

    The Law must take its course. Such lies should not come out of a leader like hh, if he lied, Kampyongo go for him, azakambila ku sogolo.

  34. Hamabolo Hatatu

    hh matako yako together with all the cows idiot!!!!!!

  35. Insoka

    imwe mwe hater bakwa HH tamupusene nabacingile SATA[m.h.s.r.i.p] pamyaka yonse ilya 11 ,kwena mba mukulu lilya ngamwalimweko,nganamuli mukufwa mwisha mwaonaula.what we need right now is an ambitious leader,uuleilwishisha aikon BAKATYETYE MWENDA MWALIMWA.so guys if you are YOUTHS ngaine ,think and consider stuations as one.U’n I ONLY change ZED.so mukwate amano.

  36. Bushiri

    Mother fuck u chi MK I Gona fuck your mama’s pussy ok careful

  37. Mr. K

    Mr kampyongo prove to Zambians that you job is peace and stability of the nation Zambia if you don’t arrest this criminal. Resign citizens want peace if the system of governance is weak through humbleness let us have Mrs wins our vice president to takeover next week


      You are the people who are poor,we will see if you are last longer ,you don’t know what you are doing

  38. only God can judge me

    kampyongo wilatinya abantu bakane balande nefyo ba mwene cikala but sorry pakutukana guys mwacilamo ifwe kuno tulelila amenshi imwe uko muleikuta fikala fyenu haa nalanda saana “let HH tell people the truth job 13;13


    This government is smelling of devil mweee,Anyway the bible says there is time for everything,Nothing will be there forever apart from God


    Mind you we are not fools for watching what you are doing

  41. homohabilis

    Is it true dat some donars nabatampako ukupinda ulupiya mu Zambia ulo bafwilisha ati mwebena Zambia tamwakwata mano too much corruption nokukana ishiba ifyakubomfya ulupiya ngatwamipela…so far one country ndeumfwa ati nabaibwesesha ulupiya so am asking anyone with truths tell us ……pipo no way to look at the government lift up your eyes to heaven all wat we r going through is in the Bible so don’t waste time ……go through in matt 24:1-30.

  42. jah

    Kanpyongo what is your problem,why can’t you start with arrest people who are selling zambian property like zaffiko help please! not innocent man mr hh.

  43. homohabilis

    Nowadays twikalilafye nikuluse lwakwa YESU.

  44. chinangwa

    Natural resources like forests, & rivers should never be sold to foreigners, next the PF is going to sell the Victoria falls&all national parks.what a shame, we will become slaves to Chinese! No independence for Zambia.

  45. voice of voicelesd

    remember during sata’s period there was peace now there is confusion bcoz of one man called kswe mup0t0 zambians uzamuziba yesu.but leave the innocent man alone hh the only man who will save zambians from the hands of thieves

  46. Me

    Where did you get the information that government has being sold Zaffico? hh l was not insite riot kkkkk Adam my eden

  47. Me

    Where did you get the information that government has being sold Zaffico? hh l was not insite riot kkkkk Adam mu eden

  48. Waniga ninja

    Umwee nonsee numulabalika shabulimbihi mwatusabila,wenzu mulombwana nguukohya kusumpila cishi ceeno can Zambia.mwatwala Manolo mwatusabila bakabweenga umwee.

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  50. Chimto

    I like the way HH is doing to us as ZAMBIANS because he has got mercy upon Zambians its good for us has Zambians to servants of chinese people because we are given riches to the chines BUT just because of some Zambians who want to be severnts of chinese thus why they are supporting that .HH continue loving Zambia by so doing if it is the trueth and due to that God will bless you tobe the President of Zambia if your sons or daugthers have gone wrong tell them that gone wrong

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