Mutati Graciously Hands over to Kafwaya

Dismissed Works and Supply Minister Felix Mutati has given his successor a decent handover by popping at the office to offer his blessing.

Mutati called on Mutotwe Kafwaya this morning with the two holding a meeting.

Mutotwe also took over from Mutati at Lunte Constituency where the former is MP on the ruling party ticket.

Mutati was dismissed earlier this week and replaced by Kafwaya.




    waona chikala iwe unativuta kuma motoka ya boma munyelo yako

    • Mkonto

      What a most disgraceful statement to an honorable work he did controlling abuse of GRZ Vehicles…. Did you want the tendency to continue? What would become of the Country if Public Resources are not to be accounted for?

      God forgive you. You sound not to have peace in your Heart.


    Ebwaume ubo mr f mutati i salute you and be strong even in hard times and show love to your enemy.bear in mind that in your party some (like postor nevers mumba)have the absoloms mind who wanted to overthrow his father david. viva mutati viva mmd


    fuck yourself Chale Cool kakakakakaka

  4. freezer

    That’s been a gentleman

  5. Bk

    Humility DEFINES a man Hon Mutati you have shown us that you are the man.Not Stupid People Like …….Who assumed Presidency like a village man.who have no regarde for other People.Hon you have my Vote.

  6. Uncle Dizzy

    Hand Over to the incoming the one I fired being MMD- Manyazi andingwila coma chikale chisazo kuli ine naiwe bane.

  7. Abner Sakala

    A man without malice/gladge. If we can have mature politician like Honourable Mutati our country will prosper

  8. P F

    Honourable man indeed. Thumbs ip for you big man.

  9. King cool

    He has been getting paid, he has money to buy himself all home essentials.

  10. BWALYA'$

    Yaba, real men act positively….as for me tilowa successor LOL

  11. Barotseland

    Politics are dirty games with insults all over the show. Shame

  12. Insoka

    uwati embeko bwino batamfya.

  13. fired

    kuya bebele

  14. Simon

    Comment there are same people who insulted sata in NMD time.

  15. leon

    Thieves work together why not politicians but let’s wait and see

  16. Kaches

    Humility defines a man. Fcm you have my vote

  17. Jofaho

    Sorry for what happened

  18. Razor

    It wasn’t his choice he was summoned to hand over.

    • I cry my beloved Zambia

      Razor kikikikikiki iyi tenant comment ni ni bwibwi

  19. Silva

    With no doubt you have shown political maturity which is lacking in most of our leaders, definitely you have my vote

  20. Brian Mujuku

    Hon mutati you are really a man and you have all qualities of leadership,God will reward you don’t worry Mr Hon

  21. Matildah

    A man of honour and respect while Felix I salute you sir

  22. Bob miles

    Continue with the same spirit Mr Mutati, you are really a leader.

  23. Dr Fonicks

    I think Mr. mutati has been sent packing because our colleagues in PF have been uncomfortable with his handling of govt vehicles issue. for any one to be fired means they did something wrong but no explanation has surfaced concerning mr. mutati. we know what happens when someone wants to do the right thing when they are working with people with ill intentions. what they should realize is that we Zambians are not fools. when a person had confidence in another and that person does or is not executing their duties effectively, confidence is lost. this is the situation we have at hand. 2021 is just around the corner. this is a timely warning. ama voters they are like prostitutes. bambi mukesamona kwati Lesa wenu ali outside the coverage area. some of us will continue living our honest and humble life. nalikwebele tabulapo. samweni bane naifwe tukasamwa nga mukakonyapo ubukuluku. ifi fine mutila uubomba mwibala, tuli nokucinja ati ” akabomba mu cifungo”.

  24. wafwa walemana

    wankhalamo maningi khoswe mupoto siilamo anzako

  25. Ks


  26. agm

    Mutati and Kafwaya one father Lunte. ONE MMD 2021 IS MUTATI PLOT 1.

  27. sj

    Born before computers, these are the values that were taught Humility and Selflessness. Osati pamene wafika ni bwatu, bwatu.
    Wherever he tried to work in Government his results shone like marbles in the Sun.
    Try to emulate such values. This is what God wants in union with Christ Jesus. Noti departure yaba some of us kwati Umunyanju nau benda. Farewell dear bro. May the love of God go before and after you. If one door shuts its not the end of the world God will surely open one/more.

  28. Eastern

    Govt secret is out now coz he is not Happy you will see adzaulula zambiri.

  29. Patmoll

    The wrong thing he did is intercepting Chinese nationals driving GRZ vehicles. CHALO CHABENE MUKWANI.

  30. Emmanuel Zulu

    True God should forgive people, in working life there are two things involved the day you are Employed and the day you leave work either through retirement or dismissal

  31. ok

    Only sober minded people does that. Thumb up big man go forward and show Lungu that u are still in the game.

  32. MISHECK k

    God strengthen those who are weak and encourages those who are broken hearted.

  33. Jackson

    muma politics Mwaku pangililafye money ngashafula kufileka.

  34. Jackson

    muma politics Mwaku pangililafye money ngashafula kufileka.

  35. Alexander

    You can expose the secrets that you know about the gvt sir, we are waiting

  36. Peter chewe

    Mutati muntu sana

  37. Tefyo

    This fool was serving two masters at a go he did not know which one first poor family (pf) or movement for mad dogs (mmd)… Very good end for a unprincipled man like mutati

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