Police Recover K40, 000 worth Property Looted in Kitwe Riots

Police in Kitwe have recovered property worth about K 40, 000 believed to have been looted from Chinese owned shots after a riot on Monday.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said police have carried out an operation to recover the items all house hold goods among them mattresses and television sets.

She said residents and saw millers who were arrested on Monday are still in police custody while police have continued with investigations.

Katanga stated that during the operation, police also recovered K 11,000 cash in one of the houses and about four rolls of cannabis.

“We had carried out an operation to recover some items that were looted from Chinese shops after the riots in Kitwe, I can confirm that various household goods worth about K 40,000 have been recovered. For the suspects they remain in police custody as you are aware investigations are still ongoing,” Katanga said.

On Monday, saw millers and residents of Chimwemwe, Kawama, Buchi, Kamitondo and. Kwacha rioted over rumours that ZAFFICO had been sold while others looted Chinese shops.


  1. Kelvin D Mulanga

    A leader who ferments confusion is not a leader but a glorified thug.that is what some of these dictators in the opposition are doing. If this man continues like this he Must be caged. Those supporting him have no idea that the chap has his loot stacked in safe tax havens out of the country where he is going to run to when he sets the country ablaze through his anti Chinese Xenophobic stance.

  2. PM


    • Kelvin D Mulanga

      #PM-You are the people that have let our country down you have no mind of your own. Do you have to be there to understand what is going own. It shows your level if you can condon what your small god is doing inorder to get to state house.

    • Drugsquard

      Iwe ka PM whatever that means, your president’s remarks sparked both UNZA and CB riots. Tell your so called president to tame his mouth. I have given you ten (10) days to produce evidence of the sale of both Zesco and Zaffico or we de-register your so called party.

  3. Papa

    Its zachico now nt zaffico

  4. Kelvin D Mulanga

    # PM you cannot even write your full name becase you have no senses to write some sensible thing so all you do is to say that it is a stupid comment. If you are among the looters you will face the full mighty of the law.

  5. muntungwa

    Kelvin what are you what are you talking about? Do you have proof that it was the opposition thst were responsible for the riots. Give us the proof and stop day dreaming.

    • HH

      muntungwa here is the proved you want to know shup up you fool…. UPND
      President Hakainde Hichilema ducked
      questions about his statement about
      ZAFFICO being sold to the Chinese
      when he featured on Hot FM breakfast
      Hichilema could not bring himself to
      offer a categorically where he fished
      the information about the sale of
      ZAFFICO that infuriated some
      employees forcing them to riot.
      The UPND leader opted to stick to the
      elementary response of “I did not
      incite anybody.”
      “I did not incite anybody to riot, let’s
      state that very clear. My position is that
      I incited nobody to riot. What is true is
      that citizens are aware of what is going
      on in the country,” he said.

  6. Banda

    I can guess, Kelvin d mulanga mumutu wako muli ma tuvu yekayeka no brains, true or false?

  7. Mr southern

    True yekayeka matuvi no brains.

  8. Ched Dha Roman-knight

    Kelvin i cant see any brain in ur so called head.. mwabafye amalushi yamumatole.
    Dick head chikala

  9. muzo

    The prblem of carders is insults.no meaningful comments.u ar the ones who wil set this country on fire with ur foolish mooo……2021 we wil again luk 4 a humble person nt u.kaili the majority zambian bavotela fye kumufulo y vote 4 greed,selfish pipo?

  10. mulobezi

    Actualy its u hu iz doin it vice vesa,in short yo coment is th most stupid one I ve eva read sins zambia got independence

  11. mulobezi

    Nikamba chi pm

  12. mulobezi

    False actualy its u hu iz eatin his shits

  13. Alexander


  14. Chisha D

    You see guys you are suffering in custody, them who cause the problem the even drinking coffee ☕, bazamuziba yesu

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