Chipata Commemorates Remembrance Day

CHIPATA this morning (Sunday) joined the rest of the world in observing the Remembrance Day.

This is a solemn occasion to remember the people who lost their lives in the two world wars.

In his sermon during the event at Chipata cenotaph Police chaplain chief Inspector Godfrey Sianga urged Zambians to unite and pray against things that necessitated the world wars.

Chaplain Sianga said many people who fought in the world wars died without seeing the fruits of their struggles.

“There is one question that we should ask ourselves as we are standing, that what will people remember you for when you are history?

Therefore our duty is to make our President the commander in chief thrives and we continue making Zambia thrive as a noble eagle carrying the emblem of peace throughout this world. Yes I know it will come with a lot of struggle but let us continue working together, let us continue working as a united front,” he said.

Eastern Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo, members of the provincial joint operations committee, some ex-service men laid wreaths during the event.

Major Petronella Chota Mulenga gave a detailed background about the remembrance day.


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  1. mengmoreler

    Hmmmm!mawu kupaka bt no yikapo mulungu only praising ba chagwa has if he z da one who ended dat war!plz try to thnk God oso bcoz dat da first duty u need to knw.mama ati ba chaplain! !!!

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