Gawa UNDI Banishes Retrogressive Sexual Practices

Education ÷ The King ordered/decreed that every Chewa child should be sent to school fully supported by parents/guardians. Parents who deliberately fail/ignore this order should be reported to traditional leadership and punishment enforced on them. He advised that parents incapable of sending children to school should consider other means of raising their families instead of punishing innocent souls/gifts from


Sexual Cleansing÷ the King has forthwith outlawed sexual cleansing in Chewa culture and all chewas are asked to observe/enforce this order with immediate effect.

Fisi Concept ÷ the employment of a mystery man to test the skills of a young girl who has just come of age is now illegal and prohibited in Chewa culture. Girls attending these initiations must be supervised by cultured elders who should be  monitored in their deeds and content administered to the initiates.

Cidyerano ÷ The King has outlawed cidyerano, a practice where men forcibly exchange their spouses for sexual variety against their will.

Any chewa practicing cidyerano will be punished forthwith.

Chokolo ÷ The King has outlawed spouse inheritance where widows/widowers are forced to marry family members after losing their legal spouses often for selfish motives.

Early Marriages ÷ the King has outlawed marriages for chewas below the age of sixteen (16). Headmen/Chiefs have been ordered to intervene in such marriages and offenders cited for punishment forthwith.

Gule wamkulu initiation ÷ the King has ordered that only willing boys above 16 should be initiated with consent. And initiates who are attending school should only be initiated during school holidays and allowed to attend school programs when asked to by school authorities.


The king said all this is to align chewa customs with changing times so that our lives are not put “pa chiswe”.


By Dismus Banda

Culture & Traditional Affairs Secretary- CHEFO- Zambia chapter.


  1. Kaonga Wezzy

    IT is heartbreaking that such practices were undertaking in chewa kingdom..we want to thank the King for taking such a step to impose rules and regulations that henceforth will create peace for his kingdom

  2. mengmoreler

    The fear of God z da beginning of wisdom.

  3. Cletus K.Chisanga

    Long live the king!!!!May God cont..to give u more wisdom to lead the people n love,peace& unity.

  4. Tefyo

    This mystery man chinyau and how are you going to feel if you discover that your wife had sex with ichinyau of all the people haahh awe…. (Fisi Concept ÷ the employment of a mystery man to test the skills of a young girl who has just come of age) people must think twice before marring a chewa. Very bad places with very horrible traditions easterners

    • LISTEN

      I strongly commend the decision taken by the Chewa King, Kolonga Gawa Undi. Scrapping off some of these old traditional practices is a way to forster development in the kingdom and across the region. People must also understand that most of these and even worse practices were note simply found among the Chewa people but all over the subregion. \therefore let us not limit our fight to eradicate such retrogressive practices to on group of people but look beyond the Chewa kingdom. Other ethnic groups in Africa need to learn that change is possible and necessary. Times have changed , so we need to move on with technology.
      One question that begs my mind is what should we do about the little boys that we keep to look after our cattle instead of taking them to school?

  5. HH



    Respect the king MR HH.

  7. mercutio

    Bravo gule wamukulu. New testament implementations.

  8. Bamuna

    My respect for Gawa Undi Kalonga just went up. With due respect to our forebearers, Chidyerano and fisi served their purpose centuries ago. Practicing these today is a straight ticket to hell.

  9. Treason

    Nice Reforms.

  10. joseph

    wow that is the good regulation Mr king i sirute you.

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