Happy Birthday President Edgar Chagwa Lungu

President Edgar Lungu celebrates his 62nd birthday today.

Leave a message for Zambia’s sixth Republican President.


  1. MMD

    Happy birthday Mr president, may God continue to protect and bless you and your family

    • Chingwali Jordan

      Happy birthday Mr President

    • mainza hangoma

      his excellency the president I know am somebody whom can work with you or rather die for you you are my hero thanks in advances

  2. BMW

    Happy birthday H.E Mr.Edgar Chagwa Lungu and happy many more return to you and God bless you.

  3. Luck Muwaya

    Happy birthday H.E Edgar chagwa lungu. Wish you many more happy returns.

  4. Joshua

    Happy birthday bakateeka!!
    May The lord almighty Protect you and your family for many years to come!!

  5. Mkb5

    happy birthday his excellence

  6. Gregory

    HBD Mr ECL

  7. Bertha Luchele Mulenga

    Happiest birthday Mr Presidio. Much love on your special day.. Cheers

  8. George

    Happy birth day bakateka God bless you

  9. BWALYA'$

    Happy birthday Mwaiche £C Lungu

  10. Phinias

    The wicked shall not rest says the scripture so nothing to be happy for!

    • He is enjoying his birthday even in the presence of you opponents, happy birthday to you your excellence, may our heavenly Father God bless you abundantly and give you more years to rule Zambia so that all the viruses against commit suicides.

      Happy birthday your excellence

  11. Matola Banda


  12. Chosen

    Happy birthday your Excellence

  13. Chisha D

    Happy birthday to you my president and wishing you the best. Still going strong beyond 2021

  14. OK

    Happy birthday our President .wishing you a good governance. And good Health.

  15. Patmoll

    Happy birth day my favourite president of my life. Wishing you a long and happy life.

  16. EP

    Happy birthday Mr president Edgar chagwa Lungu



  18. fair


  19. PILATO

    So that presidential plane is a birthday gift now understand

  20. Amon phiri

    Happy birthday Mr President

  21. Gerald Tembo

    NBD HE

  22. Hastings

    happy birthday Mr p🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

  23. Morikalos


    • Mimbulu

      Happy birthday sir and remember to thank God all the time,and be happy always, also ask God for guidance.

  24. Citizen

    Happy Birthday Mr president

  25. Osward Mumba


  26. Luka

    Hbd my President

  27. Agness Chinhoyi

    Happy birthday our father.

  28. Fridah

    Happy birth day ba president and more years to come, be blessed

    • ackim chileshe

      Happy birthday our President may the lord grant you wisdom.

  29. Benjamin mwanza

    Happy birthday Mr Edgar chagwa lungu may the Almighty God keep blessing your entire precious life.

  30. Bigkas

    The bigger the Destination the bigger the Challenges.
    Mr President remain still….you are covered in the Coat of Grace.

  31. Zulu


  32. Skb

    Happy birthday our beloved leader. May the good Lord continue blessing our GREAT NATION through your leadership.

  33. Mwatakazembe

    Everyone who wished a happy birthday to Lungu Jonathan Are He goats And She goats how can you support this fool of a thief you are all idiots

  34. Mark

    Happy birth day your excellence may you live longer

  35. Dr love

    Amen Mr president: You are blessed coz we are cerebrating ur birthday on Sunday. Long live and God is with you sir.

  36. Boyd Phiri

    Lodala Bele Lomwe Munayamwa.

  37. Prince

    Happy birthday Mr President

  38. Teza mulwanda simfukwe

    Happy birthday Mr President, may our Lord Jesus add many more years to your life and keep on with all development in every corner of our country. Best wishes to your family as well.

  39. Mmj

    Happy birthday day your Exallency

  40. ked-sing

    Long live

  41. Ecz

    May the ALMIGHT GOD continue blessng u my president

  42. Pastor Kashitu

    Happy birthday to you Mr president

  43. Osei

    Happy birthday Mr President

  44. Osei

    Happy birthday Mr President main more return

  45. Canisious mwape

    Happy birthday to you my president

  46. Honesty

    Happy born day mr President

  47. Edward siame

    Happy birth day our president.

  48. Pacifist

    Happy birthday ba leader may the good Lord hav u in his keeping…

  49. Frank Mweemba

    May the lord bless you Mr. President so that he may increase your days.. Happy happy

  50. kayumbi

    Happy Birthday H.E iwish you the best and God continue blessing you.

  51. Mwanawanyasoko

    Happy birthday to you Mr President ECL may you live long enough in the power of the Almighty God.

  52. King john

    Happy birthday your excellence, Mr president ECL,wishing you more years in your future

  53. Michael

    My President I wish you many happy years to come let the hand of God always be on your health.

  54. Zwangendaba

    Happy birthday your excellency wishing you more to come.

  55. bemba boy

    first of all Happy birthday to me may the Lord continue blessing me
    Happy birthday to u HE Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu

  56. Jms

    Happy birthday but I don’t think a parent can lead by pretending not knowing what is happening to his children Their are few who help but neglected and you are still using their IDEAS eg (Dr CHILUBA FJ ),MHSRIP Workers were happy while suffering (where is your team to oversee if you offer is happening check the labour office and you will know what is occurring


    happy for ecl


    jmc you are still young

  59. Shadreck Masuzyo Daka

    Happy Birthday Mr President, may God bless u,and give u wisdom to lead this nation by his grace and guidance. God bless u and ur family..

  60. mike lungu

    Happy birthday to you MR ecl

  61. vince lee Kayz

    HaPPybirTDay Mr walk the talk.

  62. Jms

    Shi aliko you are blind

  63. Jms

    Shi aliko you are blind you can’t even see my name you can’t see me, sorry

  64. Chamajohn

    HBD to you and work hard.

  65. Chamajohn

    Now i forgot one thing.what can i bring over your birthday? Is it imbeba or something else?

  66. Chama john

    And mwebantu sure!!! Chewa people awe sibanthu .last year he was 63 years old but why 62 this year?

  67. Grace

    Happy Birthday Mr. President., May the almighty God continue to bless you abundantly and give you wisdom and and divine health

  68. Shangombo cibalozi

    Happy criminal’s day, may the almighty God punish and kill them and depot all Chinese .Twatula naba pompwe


      Kkkk ba Tonga naba lozi manje banasanduka ba bemba n diz dez u can’t kno bemba exactly

  69. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    Hbd dear

  70. Biyela Kakupa

    Happy birthday my President, may God richly bless you.Our President,his Excellence Edgar Changwa Lungu.One Zambia, One Nation.

  71. ba coolz

    HBD ba kateka

  72. Cecilia

    Happy birthday sir wishing you many more years to come.. may God bless you..

  73. legend

    Happy birthday!

  74. Elliott Chimbelu

    i wish u a very very happy birthday your Excellency


  75. Geofrey Musukwa

    HBD HEX MR ECL 🎂🍹🎆🎉🎈🎊🇿🇲

  76. Julius

    Happy birthday mr president, may the Lord almighty God add more days to your life and increase wisdom to rule the country

  77. Bs

    Your excelence, H B D, and many more happy returns..

  78. bwete

    Mwentungulushi. Aka mwinenuka you are blessd CHAGWA. H B D

  79. Patrick Mwale

    Happy and thrilling 62nd birthday your excellency.May God Almighty grant you good health and wisdom as you continue to propel this great nation Zambia to greater heights.Many more years ahead sir!

  80. cole sl

    happy more returns my beloved president we need more wisdom from you

  81. Andrew sinkala

    happy birthday day Mr President let God continue protect and guide u on how to govern this blessed nation zam

  82. Jacques

    Happy birthday your excellence. May God add more years to your life.

  83. Robert H-Pac Shanti

    May God Continue Put more Years for Mr Edgar Lungu Happy Birthday!!!!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂🎂🎂⛪⛪⛪⛪⛪🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🎂🎂🎉🌺🌺🌺💝💝💝💝💝

  84. Emmanuel Zulu

    Happy Birthday our beloved President, God guide you as you take this country to the promised Land.

  85. talalamusonda

    happybrithday your exerlency may God continue more years to your life stay blessed.

  86. Chilankalipa

    Happy birthday his excellence Mr Chagwa Lungu Edgar

  87. Charlie Koo

    Hpy Belated BD HE. May De Gud LORD Grant u Knowledge & Wisdom 2Guide Our Nation.

  88. Johnson chisebu

    Happy bornday more years to come

  89. One Mate

    Wishing you more years to come Mr President, God guidance.

  90. nefertiti

    Many more happy returns your Excellency

  91. Frank

    Happy birthday your Excellence. May The Almighty God add more years of wisdom to your life.

  92. mulobezi

    Many more returns my prez

  93. Trevor Pambwe

    HBD sir I gues u feel like u r de happiest person in de world, god b wit u always

  94. Godwin Mwale

    Happy birth day your excellence sir may God allmaight add more years to live, may also add to you wisdom and nknowledge to lead the nation together with the family.

  95. Mwamba Maurice

    Many more Happy returns ND may

    God richly bless U.

  96. Bmc

    Happy birthday we count on you to govern us,we share the same month.God bless

  97. Michael mutale jnr

    Happy birthday Mr president 👑😍🎂

  98. Patrick Tembo

    Happy birth president chagwa.Let’s ask God of Abraham to give you more years you work on the infrastructure of Zambia.Go,go,go forward with development.

  99. Gide

    Happy birthday President ECL at 62. Remember that in John 16:33 says that cheer up I have over come the world. If God God is with you, who can be against you, no one. In this world no matter how what we do we should know how to care of heart. Mediation is a key to speak to God.

  100. The Chosen One

    Happy Birthday Mr President!

  101. Hotness

    Happy birthday Mr President. May the almighty add more years for you.

  102. Kirby

    Happy birthday Mr presido, may God continue to guide you as you lead the nation.

  103. Presidential aid

    Happy birthday Your Excellence,may GOD ALMIGHTY give you a Longitive,Good Health,More Wisdom to rule this Blessed Nation in this Generation,indeed you a BLESSING to this Nation been a six President as well second President of the Patriotic Party of our Great Nation Zambia and today Sir you a turning 62 on a Sunday,when today marks 100 years when the first World War ended.More and more BLESSING SIR let us commit our lives into Prays Pray for you and all opposition leaders to dialogue and diligently work together for our Better,Prosper,Blessed Zambia HAPPY BIRTHDAY once more Your Excellence President EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU.

  104. Joshua


  105. Simpito Mukandwa


  106. Jabulani Zulu

    Happy birthday your excellency. Continue seeking the face of God every day with truth and righteousness and He will show you how you should lead this nation.


    Happy both day our president and our grace of God be with u all the time. Continue with the same spirit. Thank u.

  108. Azily

    All the best dear president for the rest of your reign!
    We love you and we love your works that’s why we said ill about you in NWP so that you help us too and its happening!
    God bless Edgar!!!



  110. hakainde hichilema

    Happy Birthday big man…i will be holding a rally in copperbelt as well.

  111. Jails

    My President enjoy your birth day

  112. Kas win

    Happy birthday ECL,don’t spend much on alcohol coz am afred you can leave us.

  113. The 3y3

    He should declare it as a national holiday so that we worship=him with all our attention. Just my thoughts

  114. Prince Mande

    Happy Birthday Mr President and many more happy returns.

  115. BEN 10

    Happy belated birthday my condolences!

  116. Happy citizen

    H B D

  117. newslover


  118. Mwansa

    On Sunday I killed a lot of rats Ooho I mean imbeba can I bring 60 for yu kikikiki yu should have told me in advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR PRESIDENT SIR

  119. Don

    Happy birthday Mr Rat it’s just unfortunately that you want to finish destroying with your huge borrowing and corruption, kwateniko amano bakateka wabo. I wish you three more months to die because Zambians are suffering in your hands.

  120. muntungwa

    I support you Don.

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