Mwami Border Ground by Clearing Agents Strike

OVER 200 trucks are marooned at Mwami border following the strike action by clearing agents who are demanding the removal of ZRA Mwami station manager Vincent Ngulube.

The agents downed tools last Monday and only resumed work this morning following the intervention of ZRA commissioner general Kingsley Chanda and Eastern Province PS Chanda Kasolo.

The agents want Ngulube to be removed and his predecessor who is on suspension reinstated.

Both Kasolo and Chanda warned that the agents would have their licences revoked if they continue with the strike.

Kasolo said the action by the agents amounts to economic sabotage and warned that they risk being arrested.

Some drivers who were found on both sides of the border complained over the strike action by the agents.

Chanda ordered that the all the marooned trucks should be cleared by end of business today.



    Save both citizens with one heart according to the motto first come first save,to much corruption u guys ba ZRA stop please we want u to save us well.

  2. Charlie Koo

    Both De ZRA CG & De PS shud Find De Real Truth.

  3. TOP G

    Chanda should look into their problems rather than threatening their licenses to be revoked. This tendency of protecting senior officials at the expense of junior when they humiliated should come to an end…

  4. Trevor Pambwe

    Aaaaa mwami nichan uko nafuti oh ohoooo,tizatuma lamya manjemanje aii mwami boarder



  6. Lc

    That guy is corrupt,the cry of those clearing agents is genuine so Mr chanda don’t threaten those guys sit down with them they will give you the hidden truth.

  7. chimbala

    some officers have over stayed since customs & excise.

  8. Jms

    This is the case of social manners how can you solve a case if you can’t determine how and when to act as a human being when we mean education we mean choosing qualified people for the job not chosen ones and this habit of threatening innocent people just shows how low you are

  9. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    When he say,we will arrest him.


    imwe madala ba vicent ngamwapangako kali dilu ulebalishamo iikulu not amasese thats what they protesting for and keep them well they all your children

  11. Zakado Hamudodo Habenzu Chalikwempa

    That’s the problem when you have faith leader so you someone who is corrupt!

  12. Tefyo

    Is it the duty of an agent to choose people who should not work and work for zra…. Foolish agents… Why didn’t you revoke the licenses from these stupid idiots.

  13. Bowa

    Corrupted agents they hate a straight zra officer… Mwanya no cutting corners bafikamba

  14. Chipata boys

    Vincent must going olo azichita akaaa clear no one hear like him even on mwami border taxi lack

  15. hakainde hichilema

    Ba zamuziba jesu i will not speak for them this time,maybe Tony montero mu voice of Zambia.too much corruption pa zed i your excellent na landa

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