UNZA Elects New President After 2 Year Union Ban

The University of Zambia has elected Warran Hamusanga as the new University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) President in elections that lasted more than 24 hours.

Students turned out enmasse to vote with the count taking almost 24 hours after casting votes started on Friday at 06:00 hours and ran into Saturday.

The stakes were high with the two leading candidates going neck and neck amidst allegations of political parties throwing their weight behind some candidates.

Hamusanga who is a third year student in the school of Humanities and Social Sciences emerged winner polling 1,760 ahead of his closest rival Andrew Mwansa who managed 1, 173 votes.

In distant third was Jack Banda who got 174 votes.

The University of Zambia has had no student union for two years after Higher Education Minister Nkanda Luo banned unionism following student protests.

The new UNZASU president Hamusanga had students rallying behind him under the slogan “Wallah” while Mwansa had the “Tamanga” brand as his slogan.



  1. Luck Muwaya

    Congratulations, work hard we don’t want bad riot.

  2. Mwiende


  3. Weki

    Improve on your standards, there is no accuracy in your report. To start with, Warrant is Hamusunga by surname and he is in the school of education. Secondly, Andrew Mwansa had Thamanga as a slogan not Tamanga.

  4. Pastor Kashitu

    Congratulations, let people knows you by your fruits as a leader. You are now a servant of people.

  5. Mr. K

    Do no play politics there do no fight gvt there do not align to any political party there do no riot

  6. Jms

    Congratulations but be strong stand on the right path no matter how strong the devil is defeat him using GOOD ADVISORS

  7. kunbucha

    don’t be like hh coz some of you Tonga’z you are not honest gud lucky


    drama continues with a monbelle kaya


    work well so that you can stand on upnd ticket

  10. W. M

    Congratulations… Work for people.

  11. Love your neighbor

    Guys the hatred you have against Tongas will take you nowhere, but continue dividing our nation further, lets just change our mindset as Zambians please.


      finish your career on that university don’t fight with the government please


    but ZOONA

  13. Jms


  14. G G

    The new president elect. H. Walaa.on Friday UNZA decided, walaa was then identified as the only noble person to lead students.

  15. Jms


  16. Biyela Kakupa

    Congrats to the newly appointed UNZASU President. In everything that you do,ask God ‘s guidance.God bless you abundantly. One Zambia One Nation.

  17. Lc

    Congratulations my guy

  18. joshua

    Well done bro

  19. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    Let’s get back to the Bible history in Egypt.joseph took israil to Egypt coz of hunger,don’t forget it was a family of twelve,as the family grow up the Egyptian saw it that israilites would at some point take over Egypt, what did they do?they had no choice apart from making israilites slaves.bt it was still impossible making israilites slaves forever God elevated them on the top.believe me guys no matter what u are going to sit on us u will not manage

  20. Mr. Dundumwezi

    Don’t Be Stupid Like Other Tonga’s And HH…
    Am Now A PF Cadre Because Upndbantustan Is Going Nowhere.Says Me Wise Tonga

    • P.M

      @Dundumwezi. Are you really at UNZA? If so then Iam saddened that our higher institutions can be producing people with such low thinking ability. No wonder people like can’t get jobs years after graduating. You don’t deserve to be at UNZA or any higher institution.

  21. Chiba Owen

    congratulations my man.
    work hard for the people and be a strong linkage between your people and the administration “No violence”

  22. Newstead Masoko

    Congratulations young man


    Wen u vote HAMUSUNGA den unza will b only for Tonga’s not any other tribe coz these tribe are too much tribalism

  24. Brian Mujuku

    Congratulations and may the Almighty God bless you and guide you how you will lead. ,leadership is an inborn thing.

  25. Watson Mkandawire

    Congratulations my brother but Try to work extra hard please,,!

  26. Robert H-Pac Shanti

    Congartuletion 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👅👅👅👅👅🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  27. mweemba hatembo

    Congratrations vibrant student never mind about what ignorant people say about your tribe .you never chose to be born among tongas ,education and politics are too different things ,please Zambia ns this topic is not about hh we are fade up such stories. Please Zambians all animals are equal.

    • G

      Congrats Mr President elect.make yourself and your reign a Good legacy that the country and the students can refer to even after 100 years as one of the best regimes

  28. G

    Congrats Mr President elect.make yourself and your reign a Good legacy that the country and the students can refer to even after 100 years as one of the best regimes

  29. Trevor Pambwe

    Basebenzele boi equally bazibe

  30. Raphael zulu

    Align your leadership with the government of the Day…Don’t be fooled by tribalism cum POLITICAL opportunist like HH

  31. Khanini

    Welldone brotherman


    my friendy mark this and dont forget you are a studient president not a republican president coz when shall be incited this finished politicians to do wrong things like rioting anyhow you shal be the first to kiss the law of land so mantain your dignite .good luck mwaice


    Comment our voting of hamusunga shows that we hve confidence in him. but we don’t have confidence in the political party that was sponsoring TAMANGA and on top of that him being a shushushu.

  34. Trevor

    Your thinking ìs so primitive n retrogresive

  35. Benson Kabaso

    I’m Bemba by tribe, my comment goes to those of you who are Tribaliest, if you continue with such type of mentality zambia will be destroyed. Let’s not vote by tribes, let’s vote for abilities, Look at Lwanda, lwanda was divided because of tribalism, the current president of Lwanda today paul kangame, fought with is might power against tribalism, take a look at Lwanda today, lwanda is developed 5 times than Zambia. We are destroying our country, we are one zambia one nation not one tonga one What ever, we are one people. If there is no Enemy amongst our selves the enemy from outside can’t do us harm, stop tribalism be a balanced thinker, let’s rise as zambia to fight against poverty we are going through as a nation, Together we can, together we can put Zambia on the World map. Tribalism is destroying development, unity and cooperation.
    Let’s come together as one, foreigners are taking over our Zambia, because for them they are united despite of tribe.

  36. Morris kringler

    God is good he loves everyone. Pipo y shud politicians divide u? It seems like Tonga speaking pipo are thorns to other tribes in Zambia. Learn how to work together for the betterment of your country.if u young generation you embed in politics of tribe ,,,,,am friend

  37. greatkalis

    student leadership is not about politics. Keep your energies for reality and serve without fear and favour. prosperity in leadership is about being sincere. Well done and wishing you God’s prevalence and guidance.

  38. chris

    Hakainde’s sex Scandal – Charmaine Expecting HH’s Child in April next year.

    It is now confirmed that Charmaine Musonda is four months pregnant and she is expected to give birth to HH’s child in April 2019.
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    The trouble was that Mukata was not trusted by UPND and even after returning to UPND, he was not entirely trusted and was placed on watch list. When some UPND members discovered the extramarital between Mukata and Charmaine, a plan was hatched to use her to get information on Mukata’s suspected shenanigans with politicians who were not UPND.
    The problem started when HH insisted that she report to him directly. Their casual relationship escalated so quickly, such that they stated meting twice a week. One thing lead to another and the rest is history.
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    Back to Charmaine, HH was so consumed with Charmaine’s charm that he failed to hide his emotions and was seen glowing in public, a thing that was rare to see of HH. Family meetings were held but HH was adamant that there was no relationship between him and Charmaine until Mutinta and her connections, red-handed caught HH and Charmaine in that house along Lagos road. To avoid embarrassing him and giving his enemies a weapon to attack him with, everything was hushed up and Charmaine was severely beaten and warned by a group of old women. All was settled then.
    The house was abandoned and it seemed that was the end of that relationship but it was no to be so. A month later, a safe house was again rented for Charmaine by her brother David, this time in woodland. This become the meeting place for HH and Charmaine. This house has also been quickly abandoned after being discovered two weeks ago. Charmaine now slightly visibly pregnant and is expected to give birth in April next year.

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    • Shut Up

      Sheer cheap propaganda…HH really giving people sleepless nights…

  39. Heart

    Post this on Facebook

  40. Ched Dha Roman-knight

    Congratulations mukamba HB

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