27-Year-Old Sentenced to Death for Murder of Girlfriend

A 27 year old man of old of Chingola Township on the Copperbelt has been sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of his girlfriend.

This in a matter Jones Mushili, 27, of Chiwempala Township was charged with one count of murder contrary to the laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that the accused on 4th October, 2015 did kill his girlfriend Mary Nyambe and dumped her body behind a bar at Luano Market, the body was discovered burnt and had her private parts bruised.

When the matter came up for ruling before Livingstone High Court Judge in Charge Chilombo Maka Phiri, the suspect was found guilty and convicted accordingly.

The court heard that the accused was spotted with the deceased at the same point the body was discovered the following morning.

However, the defence further pleaded with the court to exercise maximum leniency submitting that there could have been circumstance that could have led to the death of the girlfriend.

In her ruling, Justice Phiri stated that she had taken note of the submission from the defence and stated that there were no extenuating circumstances to reduce the sentence apart from mandatory deaths sentence.

“From the evidence presented before me by the prosecution, i find you guilty of the offence and convict you accordingly, i therefore sentence you to death by hanging until pronounced dead,” she stated.


  1. Trevor Pambwe

    Y dis only z

  2. Dr love

    Let the law work.

  3. Robby Chola

    Ngawamukenefye ukuchila ukulofyo mweo wakwe.

  4. bayoka

    I failed to understand, why this happens in a Christian country, that is why is not a Christian nation yes, we are leaving in a last days so My dear friends be us a christian people why you don’t know about tomorrow. Bane kusula sula twaikalila male male kano nayepimo efyo tubomba.

  5. observer

    In my opinion, even the government commits a crime by sentencing a person to death. I think they should minimize

  6. Izukanji simukoko

    Sad news……….

  7. Temwanji

    The Law…

  8. Majoni Tyson

    Too bad

  9. Mr.K

    Thanks boss

  10. BEN 10

    Ths isue of death sentence shud b replacd wth lyf imprisonment.Ths s a chrstian nation not china.Uko kutumpa nomba ataah!If a criminal comits murdr and the govtment sentences a criminal to death then what difarence daz it mek?

  11. Newslover

    amano yeesa nga walusa fight ifunde nalyo elo limoneka ati lyalibako harsh rest in peace to the late sister and to my bro,it’s sad coz we didnt want u to depart from us lyk this anyway sometimes efyocaba,bye

  12. Simata siloka

    The Bible says,judge not!!!

  13. Modern

    They say no one is above the rule of law but when it comes to those in power the rule of law doesn’t have power upon them. Now why? Are themselves rule of law?

  14. Jerson derulo

    But this country their could as a Christian national our come the judge’s are busy hanging there friends instead of sentencing him all her too death you are busy killing your friends

  15. Kukeng'a

    Life imprisonment atleast eyee not by hanging heee

  16. muntungwa

    He deserves it.

  17. Marker

    Even the lady who was killed in that brutal manner had a right to live ,why exercising leniency maybe if he didn’t kill and burnt someone.

  18. Collins simusokwe

    bakulamipaya ifyo fine some times you ar so stupid beyond the limit

  19. Fun

    Which jerson derulo dasnt knw English proprly?kkkkkkkkk Bettr 2b Mulyokela’s impostr?Why writtng as if u ar being chasd?

  20. smarsh

    he derseves it

  21. Donald SAKALA

    Don’t take Jehovah’s judgment and vengeance on your account, you’ll be like Cain othaba-thaba

  22. BWALYA'$

    Iyeee so the cause of death was nyele ka?

  23. Tayali


  24. Joseph

    too bad

  25. Amon

    Let him learn the law

  26. nicholas

    Why killing an innocent soul #mary nyamba Rip anuty ..
    Sure God is in control

  27. Donald SAKALA

    Killing is Jehovah’s jurisdiction, so life for life no mercy upon let justice prevail.

  28. Morikalos

    That is a very sad development indeed

  29. Bakore

    Only God can judge no one else

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