CBU Students Question Bursary Award Disparity

Students at the Copperbelt University have students raised queries on why only 1, 500 students have been awarded loans instead of the advertised 2000.

The students who staged a mini protest have expressed dissatisfaction on how the selection process was conducted when majority of vulnerable students have been left out.

The students are demanding that the list be revisited as some deserving candidates had been left out.

“We are surprised that only 1,500 students have been awarded loans, what about the rest? What criteria was used to pick even the same number because if you check most of the vulnerable students have been left out so who benefited? One of the students said.

They have asked Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo to explain how the loans to deserving students at the Copperbelt University have been conducted.


  1. JK

    Wako wako!

  2. JK

    Wako ni wako syndrome

  3. Tobias

    Seriously please tell us who has benefited from this because we are suffering here in the society

  4. Pris

    We demand an explanation and knowledge on how you are going to solve the problem. We are talking about futures here

  5. mwana copala

    Call pilato atiyimbileko nyimbo kkkkkkkk kakakakaka

  6. Sj

    If the Person/Minister running Unis(Universities) has not got enough ideas about running these institutions why not table them in Parly for problem solving?
    If students don’t run amok for the unwanted Chancellars, then its issue of meal allowances or unfair practices with bursaries. This happens year in year out.
    Its like they always want closures of Unis as they frustrate the minds of Students and accuse them of riotus behaviour when they respond fire for fire. Shemuna. Shame. Comment

  7. Hakainde Hichilema

    Edgar Lungu has directed resources to the broke PF structure

  8. Christopher Raphael

    We need answers on why the minister had abrogated it’s commitment to prioritize the vulnerable on the selection criteria secondly we want to know why students were not informed about the change in creteria.

  9. Steve silwizya

    Am surprised that a daughter to my late brother who got six points including AMA and all sciences was left out. My contact no is 0963 013721 or 0977 757607. She applied in the school of mathematics and natural sciences.

  10. Ngulube

    A girl child with 6 points?wanting to study maths and science is left out? And you want to develop the country like?for once people please get serious with education

  11. Chishala Kennedy

    Ine despite being a double orphan who has no means of paying university financial requirements and at the same time being a rural student wre money aren’t thing I was left out.pliz ba minister reconsider us in the second selection CBU is our last hope now.

  12. Mwika kalanda

    God Bless You for offering Those students a chance in a life time to a wonderfull future i hope and pray i will be one of them in 2020

  13. joseph

    This year budget, 550 dollar has to go loans so as there is corruption in it, kindly many vunerables has been left where are they going to get educated ,get educated is the right not a prividged so why left up those students who can make changes to our country no wonder corruption wont end in zambia and other country, because you will find that the majority who have been accepted are the rich pipo with good home and are not even vulnerable.
    #this is the time we call PILATO to sing a song for us otherwise no change will be made. already students at evelyn hone and other institutions like KTVC, NORTEC AND SO ON they have not recieved bursary forms

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