Fashion Sakala Ruled out of Mozambique Game

Preparations for Sunday’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Mozambique have hit high gear with all but one foreign based player joining the Chipolopolo camp in South Africa.

Among the early arrivals were the Orlando Pirates duo of Justin Shonga and Augustine Mulenga, Emmanuel Banda (Oostende-Belgium), Salulani Phiri (Polokwane City-RSA), Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns-RSA) and Stoppilla Sunzu (FC Metz-France).

The Redbull Salzburg duo of Enock Mwepu and Patson Daka have also arrived leaving only Lubambo Musonda as the final piece in Sven Vandenbroeck’s puzzle.

Vandenbroeck has been forced to leave out Fashion Sakala who is injured after featuring for his club over the weekend.

The team is camped in Johannesburg and will head to Maputo on Friday.

Zambia plays Mozambique on Sunday in a 2019 Cameroon Africa Cup of Nations must win Group K fixture.


Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns)

Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco)


Simon Silwimba, Solomon Sakala (both Zesco United), Lawrence Chungu, Isaac Shamujompa (Both Buildcon), Kabaso Chongo (TP Mazembe), Stophila Sunzu (FC Metz)


Nathan Sinkala , Rainford Kalaba (Both TP Mazembe) ,Bruce Musakanya ( Red Arrows), Emmanuel Banda (KV Oostende) , Clatous Chama ( SC Simba) , Enock Mwepu ( Redbull Salzburg) , Lubambo Musonda ( Gandzasar Kapan) , Salulani Phiri ( Polokwane City)


Augustine Mulenga, Justin Shonga (Both Orlando Pirates), Patson Daka (Redbull Salzburg)


(Source: FAZ Facebook page)


  1. Chisha Joseph

    Zambia 3:0 Mozambique
    All the best chipolopolo

    • Daniel Banda

      We are all looking forward to that giant leap come Sunday

  2. TOP G

    Mozambique 0 – 2 Zambia.

  3. mac p

    it better they call Brian Mwila impress of fashion sakala or ivin lazalous kambole

  4. JK

    Bola ni 90 minutes, Chipolopolo is not predictable ukalwala BP!

    • bashi nono

      straight up. Ine I stopped watching or following national team way back in the 90’s. Ba Zambia remind me of my local team LCC football club. Kuti wafwa na BP for sure.

    • ian nkhuwa

      Chachine boss

  5. caleb

    Honor to sven.we will win this game by 3:0 zambia, mozambic.

  6. Mozelizer

    wishing u all the best guyz,,zambia 4 0 mozambique

  7. Joseph Mwango

    where are other players like Ernest mbewe and kapumbu ,Sven know that this is not a time for experiments Zambia must win or you go

    • Macool

      Kapumbu don’t even mention him. As if you don’t watch football and know how to analyse players???


    our team is unpredictable

  9. granto

    Ziyo is better than Sunzu

  10. Estrerro Tom Mayowe

    Mozambique 1-3: Zambia

  11. mulenga m

    we ar behind you guyz, let’s go Zambia!

  12. David sakala

    Zambia 3 Mozambique 0 God bless Zambia

  13. David sakala

    Zambia ni Zambia let’s support our very own not busy supporting foreign club’s ,we must start with ours ,God be with you all Zambia’s and national soccer team Zambia 3 Mozambique 0 and it’s final.

  14. kabwe kabwe

    What abt kambole


    ok just because I fucked his bitch that’s why im sidelined kakakakakakaka

    • Samba M. M.

      Comment : Mwace mind your language. what you have written is not what has been reported. By the way have gotten what you have been advised when you are on pitch? Next time when you are with the ball don’t be selfish.

    • Levy

      Don’t say that

    • Maccool

      You are not even fashion Sakala…mind your language mu faana…this is not your personal page.


      Fashion is injured,by the way you not fashion Nosense

    • ian nkhuwa

      Mmm f. sakala if dat don’t show up

  16. Misheck Ngulube

    Zambia 2-1

  17. Misheck Ngulube

    Zambia 2-1 Mozambique

  18. banks

    go Zambia go

  19. Top boy de mbwa

    Ba Zed 2-1

  20. Morris kachama

    Zambia (1) vs Mozambique (0). It doesn’t mean am from Zambia no according what I have seen.The Lord if has open the door no one can close the blessings of God.I ask every one to give more support.God bless every Zambian.

  21. Mupeta Michael

    Zambia 2- Mozambique 1

  22. Hotness

    It will be a cracker, but Zambia will Carry the day. Zambia 3and Mozambique 1.

  23. Q12

    God is not for soccer ad he don’t hate no one

  24. Mumbi

    Zambia 1 Mozambique 0

  25. B'gie

    We are behind you as a mother Zambia.
    Good guys;plays Good game… Give them match

  26. m.mwambilwa

    The 90 minutes will tell ,but being Zambian ,what should l say? Niba Zambia chabe and we will carry the day- Go Zambia Go.

  27. Football supporter sa luza

    If GOD wills zambia 3:0 mozambique

  28. uncle D

    I’ll watch for formality sake, otherwise I lost hope in senior chipolopolo. ALL THE BEST

  29. seven aside

    these players we have do not have the heart of scoring but mafulawazi achabe-chabe. they do not even impress the country. u likely leaving us with these foolish sound sounded ahahahahah like hippos in zambezi river. u are there in RSA preparing for the game on sunday, put more effort so that u win the game. U sven, u have get only three strikers, do u think u will leave them when one of them start playing ma rubish without a substiut, people will insult u. Do u know the people of zambia? These people sacked the caoch who won 2012 afcon they dont care whether u are a white man so u need to mind of what u are doing. So take note of what i have stated above . Am there to surport. gogogogo the copper bullet!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. kafwimbi

    Let the better team win on that day . God bless .

  31. O,m

    Plz call Brian Mwila

  32. Alistarico

    Zambian 3 vs 0 Moz

  33. Alex Ng'onga

    Sven, why do u always exclude me from your selection? I can do wonders than these misfiring strikers. OK Zam (0) Moz (3)

    • Samba Max

      Ng’onga Ng’onga Ng’onga have you improved?

    • Rambo

      Ng’onga U Nothing Ivin A 2years Striker Is Better Than U If U Where Better Than These Strikers U Would Have Been Not Playing Bola Yapa Zed.

    • Walter Brown

      My friend you are indeed a good player I support you and do always wish you are on a permanent national team number but one thing that I think is not working for you is you are lacking self control. You have the stamina and good speed plus energy and also good shots but seriously you need to bring yourself down and no that you play to impress your funs and not yourself alone hence you must make good judgements when aiming at the goal if you are to return to your glorious day when you were a darling to watch. Otherwise you are my best even at the moment.

  34. Za-Mo

    Zambia Power, Power!!! Gogogo Forward Nipatali…


    The team is good but still something is lacking,why is it that the players who plays football for the nation are always leftout of the game?brian mwila,kapumbu,ernest mbewe and ziyo tembo why are these players not called for national duties lyk this one?and if we look clearly back at the history of these players,they’ve performed well for the nation,pliz mr sven try to look for players with hearts of winning and not aba bambi abafwayafye ukutulwalika ama bp,makula yesu kuti twacita shani?let’s look and identify where we mess up including nama supporters let’s give ama boys a big backup otherwise ni go zed go! big shout out to the entire nation.

  36. James katanga

    It’s only God who know let’s jst the grace of God be we us

  37. Samba Max M.

    Comment Truly some good players have been left out. Kambole Lazarus has a fighting spirit when he’s on the pitch. In goal may be the coach would have tried Toasta Nsabata.

  38. Romz

    chisamba lungu must be included next time.
    all best Zambia
    Zambia 3 ,Mozambique 0

  39. banda Naphytally

    chipolopolo 4 mambas 1


    Ba coach plz substitute must b in 65_70 not in 80th mins plz

  41. Trevor Pambwe

    Foolish dats y u lose hw do u leave chisamba LUNGU u rats atase munthu awina baclays cup mwamusiya wt nonsense z dat.mwanya

  42. Philip

    Zaambbiiaa!!Wer r behind u

  43. Sam ngulube

    bola na Lesa

  44. ian

    Zambia 2 ….mozambique 0

  45. sangstar

    will win the game


    Why Do you Exclude CHISAMBA LUNGU??

  47. Evans mwwiinga

    Go zambiaGo bapiya mwaisa bola nalesa we are behind u guys zambia2:mozambique0

  48. Evans mwiinga

    Go zambiaGo bapiya mwaisa bola nalesa we are behind u guys zambia2:mozambique0

  49. 1BILLY

    Mozambique 0 Zambia 2

  50. fool

    plz this time try tonstan nsabata …mweene full of mistakes I think he’s now old enough to be a national team goalkeeper

  51. wafwa walewana

    Moz 2-0 Zam
    like it o nt

  52. Alex

    Bakamba wat is it,
    U always failt to do wonders even if u have been not left out.

  53. Brian Mujuku

    Zambia 2 Mozambique 1,all the best guys

  54. Sidle


  55. Lembani

    Comment…my prediction is Zambia 2-1Mozambique

  56. isaac serenje

    Go go mighty Zambia

  57. Maccool

    We can’t go with 3 strikers and 5 attacking midfilders? That’s suicide. Why didn’t you call back Kambola Mr Sven or Brian Mwila?

  58. Maccool

    You are not even fashion Sakala…mind your language mu faana…this is not your personal page.

  59. Isaac's mwaba

    all the best Ba zed

  60. isaac mwaba chileshe

    all the Ba zed,we are with you guys

  61. Kensplash

    Is everything okey between Fashion and Sven? Fishy,fishy situation.

  62. Emmanuel kamusaya

    Bola na less we going to win . Zambia 1 Mozambique 0

  63. Leo

    We will win let’s have Faith

  64. Drugsquard

    I have already ordered pain killers to soothe my head come sunday to monday. I will just be waiting for results while watching UEFA Nations League. Sindine olimba kuvaso ine.

  65. father Goncalo da Silveira

    Watch this game at your own risk

  66. Collins simusokwe

    wish all the best even though u do disappoint people

  67. Jackson

    Mweene please b careful, Solomon sakala this time bench, fashion sakala remove selfishness, mulenga augustine take time when shooting on target as a striker, then, substitute must be done in 60 _70 minutes not in 80 plus, wishing all the best guys, go zambia go, 2_0 in favour of zambia

  68. joshua

    Solomon sakala is not a good defender let silwiimba start

  69. Remmy hazunga

    Zambia 3 Mozambique O
    By Remmy

  70. Dj one

    Pliz pliz pliz Sven don’t allow mweene to be in goal post try nsabata that man has become a problem to our national team we don’t want rubbish silly mistakes napela.


    Please our coach, we want KALABA and mwepu enock to start the match . this iz the only players who ca play midfield normal. All the best zambia

  72. Edgar

    Am a Zambian football fan….i dont know by how many goals but all for is a win…no matter what happenz all i want is win…pliz shonga justin…enock mwepu…patson papa daka….Augustine auga diego mulenga…kalaba rainford let it rain on 18th that day…that reminds its the e8th…stopila sunzu…


    ive stopped drinking katata pliz include me iwe ka Sven nizakunyengela mukazi

  74. Yebo

    You people,it’s not the whole nation that can be featured at a goal in a particular soccer match.Sven is a good coach,no doubt about that.We may not qualify but that does not make us a lesser team at all.Bola na Lesa

  75. RB

    Zam 1:2 Moz

  76. Mwelwa Micheal

    Let’s give them support..

  77. Mwasa

    Go zambia go we are behind you guyz

  78. Smart PS Stephen

    Zambia is Zambia I don’t know what others thinks because have never seen a father who tells his children that I was failing in school all of them they say I was coming out number one every football team always win and lose go Zambia go am behind you

  79. kassy wizzy

    Comment we really love u the team Zambia manje MA dissapoint any way it’s part of the game let wait and see Nisiya two game no lesa Kaili Lesa wabonse.

  80. The Elders

    Ba Zambia let’s prove ourselves,so that we can shame that prophet of doom

  81. Kongo

    Zambian fans it’s high time u start thinking with your head not your heart. Zambia can not win an away game they will draw the game at best.

  82. Bemba boy

    All the best boys we are expecting good news from you Sven Vendebrock


    Who is going to remove the oxygen machine from the Zambia nation team for them to go to the next round:Zambia:0 Mozambique:2.And Mozambique is going to USE home advantage.BYE!

  84. K m

    Zambia 3.1 Mozambique go Zambia go

  85. pelembe

    u zambians, do u think u can win us at home, no more words to tell u come sunday u see yourself how u going lose 3 gaolsto nill. And note that u never win mozambique. Am very much prepared. I will meet sunzu, chongo and sinkala, com sunday we are waitng for u.

  86. Firstfan

    Chipolopolo can win even there in mozbiq I trust the team and I will always.

  87. Andymuke

    Unless one is not a Zambian, the fact is weather runs or sun day,Zambia will win this game by 2 to 1 meaning Mozambique 1 and Zambia 2 go go Chipolopolo

  88. Justice meeeeee

    Mabingo be quiet if don’t want to support your country go ad support Mozambique u r nothing stop commenting no sense chifolena iwe go back we’re you supposed to belong not in here Zambia at ise bamuselela kwakaba imwe 😂😂😂😂😂😂 hahahaha

  89. john

    Wishes you the best

  90. Damisiano

    wishing all the best guyz

  91. Cosmo

    I don’t support Zambia, where is Jacob mulenga,nkausu,mbesuma,coz number 3 is linking

  92. chips

    More efforts are needed the problem with our team is that they become too relaxed once they score. Please keep on striking until the game is over

  93. BMC

    Is Bushiri going to watch this game? Coz we need a miracle.
    Anyway Go Zambia Goal.
    Lomba nawe coach not uzikamba ati ma guys amacita mantha kwabene,motivate them kaili,.

  94. Kennedy Mphande

    Mbc you have a nice point I don’t know if u r a girl or boy thanks for your comment good advice

  95. mercutio

    Our technical bench plz twapapata in yo selection of the national pains when you leave behind good players.Anyway Vandem show us yo round kicks more this time in a must win game their won at our home ground this time their must lose at home too 50 50 SITUATION here we must win away too…

  96. Busy signal

    Mwepu my guy am behind u always Daka ther I c u always on u 2 guy make wonders u know Mozambique z always tough to us so make sure 💪

  97. Mpelembe

    U Zambians ,dont think u wil win us , com sunday u will find me, and I want to meet sunzu, chongo and sinkala. Com Sunday. Sunday is Sunday home ground!!!!!!

  98. Jimmy

    You guys let’s be serious,why can’t we find a solution.the only solution is to go round Zambia,not only in towns but including villages,looking for better players.this is because not everyone in villages can manage to come to Lusaka or other town to join clubs.mind you good footballer are still in villages

  99. Jimmy

    Our team is not good enough to win away games.anyway let’s put everything in God hand,maybe we can win

  100. vic edmonds

    mocambique 1 zambia 5 wait and c what zambia is capable of

  101. kawisha

    Zambia plays well when playing against big teams not these small one.we wait and see I can’t predict.

  102. arnold simomo

    wish you all the best guys bola ni first half guys

  103. chingongo

    Go go go go go go go go go Zambia let us teach themZ 3:0M

  104. chingongo

    Go go go go go go go go go Zambia let us teach them Z 3:0 M

  105. Johnson Mulenga

    Go Zambia Go we are behinding yu guzy

  106. chibuye Francis

    this time zambians will smile. zambia wiil win

  107. Mule Daniels

    we can do this!!!


    Put more effort players mind you we failed last time to qualify. God grace we are going to win Mozambique 🇲🇿 2 goals by 1….. I support my team chipolopolo

  109. Damian Musonda

    Go Chipolopolo Go……We are behald you guys

    A win will be more than enough for us Zambian….all the best my dear brothers

  110. king swat

    Moz 4-0 vi zam

  111. Kennedy

    We are behind you guys wish you the best

  112. Enerst

    No bwino bwino

  113. Clement samufuma

    Zambia 2 Mozambique 0

  114. cephas,erriudy

    my brothers go nd make us praud,skydee yo number one#fun zambia gogogogogo zambia lets go nd expand our teletory

  115. bups

    all the best chipolopolo we are behind you. you are the only national team we have. make us proud .Go Zambia Go

  116. mc schelly

    guys pull your socks on Sunday we know you’ll make it and don’t bring us down we really wish you all the best in your match. Enock mwepu you are my inspiration I’ve seen your well performance.

  117. phil mukabe

    Zambia will win this one come what may.

  118. M ng Ma

    Mozambique 2 – Zambia 2

  119. 7

    Zambia must win to qualify this is the last chance.

  120. Uncle Eddie lelani chipata

    Zambia is a Christian nation country, i wish all the best to our team, my regards goes to all Zambian people to support our team and our squard also be faithful, Zambia 3-0 Mozambique go zambia go

  121. Mr whizz

    Ba Mwene why do you always make mistakes each game is mistake…… Please this game is a must win game no mistakes try to do your level best no to make unnecessary mistakes…… You are the best guys…. the all Zambia is backing you up…..i feel happy less for fashion sakala sorry my boy….. Next time……. ##Goooooooaaallll Zambia Goooooooaaallll ##!!!!!!!……
    2-0 in favour of Zambia

  122. JOSEPH sahara

    let’s go guy…..zed3

  123. G pa G

    Go Chipolopolo go, Zambia 3 Mozambique 0

  124. Dundumwezi

    Its better to call Brian mwala isteady of fashion sakala .zambia 3 vs Mozambique 1Comment

  125. Reuben

    Go Zambia

  126. jazzy


  127. Lawrence Mulemi

    Serious must has to be shown immediately when the game starts otherwise we have lost hope for our players. Poor finishing

  128. Nkwazi chizi

    Zambia 4 Mozambique 1

  129. Mseteka Isaiah

    Zambia yah! ok will win the game 2-0 but workhrd baneee…….

  130. Oscar kampamba

    Call Danashano malama so that he can feature in possition 2. Not those two champs from zesco.

  131. Enock mpundu

    Guys let’s win this game , avoid ukuitemwa ,do passes , God bless you all ,I can’t watch afcon without Zambia.

  132. Shoms

    Go and fulfil fifa’s fixture other wise I am alright aware we have little or no chance of qualifying this time around.

  133. Lwando

    Zambia 2 Mozambique 1,let’s go chipolopolo

  134. Kasawa Emmanuel

    Emutima uyo munyina kukwatafye icimwela cakwa recruit tulebasepa abaice aba. …..go Zed go..

  135. Thomson chipango

    This game will end up Zam 2 : 0 Moz

  136. Richard katongo

    Comment Zambia Go go go go Zambia 3-0 mbq.Zambia never give up God bless u guzs

  137. Fred

    Zam 2 moz 0

  138. Fred kawanga

    Gk mweene defenders sunzu kabaso silwimba chongo middle mwepu kalaba sinkala and Emmanuel banda forward patson and shonga (442)

    • fk

      Fafa waiona ka ya from faz I was sent by faz to show you this Fafa

  139. Aaron gadama

    Zambia 1 moz o

  140. Hastings

    2-1 win Zambia . Mozambique will score first

  141. Luke

    We will the game
    Zam 2-1 Mozambique

  142. Patrick

    Mozambique 0-0 Zambia

  143. ,victor

    Let kalaba ND sinkala start

  144. Zambia

    Mozambique 2:0 Zambia

  145. Bushiri

    what did I tell u Zambians.

  146. Justice meeeeee

    Bushiri u r not God u r downg this to us coz we refuse you to enter in Zambia mind you , you never enter in Zambia ,and Zambia is Cristian nation so i believe that our God will open de doors that u have closed for us u wet

  147. skile

    Comment zambia today will crush mozmbiq by 2goes to neil. Go zambia go!!!

  148. sebio kipekilye

    Comment zambia will wine by a goal

  149. at time wll b the game strt off?

    at wht time? i wnt to listen to the radio battries are there pls

  150. Justice meeeeee

    I can’t wait to hear the noise of my country after beating mo 3 nil am wth Yu guys go Zambia Go please Make us proudly baguy Papa Daka,
    Shonga, Augastin , give us Iwe

  151. Justice meeeeee

    Game lose and win hader nabena

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