Higher Education Authority Reinstates CBU Medicine Programs


The Higher Education Authority (HEA) has directed The Copperbelt University (CBU) to continue running the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Dental Surgery Learning Programmes at the Higher Education Institution (HEI) until further notice.

As mandated by the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013 and Statutory Instrument No. 25 of 2016, HEA is the custodian of all HEIs in Zambia, be it public or private, and has the authority to accredit Learning Programmes at these HEIs.

For this reason, in May 2018, the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Dental Surgery Learning Programmes at CBU were audited by experts acting on behalf of HEA for purposes of accreditation. Preliminary findings of the audit indicated that the Learning Programmes had areas that needed improvement.

Following the findings, HEA began a process of guiding CBU in thoroughly addressing the Learning Programmes’ deficiencies and had asked the HEI to develop an implementation plan over a period of not more than one year. This was expertly deemed as a sufficient period of time in which to rectify all of the Learning Programmes’ deficiencies.

Moreover, as it was expertly determined that the shortcomings of the Learning Programmes did not warrant the closure of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Dental Surgery Learning Programmes as “continuous improvement” of these Learning Programmes is instituted, CBU shall continue providing these Learning Programmes while they address the shortcomings that have been identified.

Professor Stephen Simukanga

Director General

Higher Education Authority


  1. Wenye

    Where was HEA when Cavendish and Apex medical schools were closed? Who is in charge here?

  2. JK

    What is happening in Zambia with Education sector, too much disturbances please help us !!!

  3. Hotness

    Too many lacunas in the education sector. Let’s be serious with what we are you are doing.

  4. Eledy

    I thought such things are in private institution now even government…. What more privates they be saying if government is doing that what more us who are we?

  5. Daniel Banda

    With the way HPCZ has been acting recently, it was clear that they were going to step on other people’s toes. HPCZ can not be the trainer and at the same time be regulator of their product. Let them concentrate on the service standards. After-all curricula standards are the responsibility of HEA and universities. When you go to place and find people living in a ramshackle don’t just condemn and destroy.

  6. mercutio

    Pls rectify these difficults.In private sector we suffer too much infact on unnecessary closures of institutions.You re-start looking for money again & again.

  7. *RICH

    Comment WHY ZAMBIA

  8. Bamuna

    @Daniel Banda. You have nailed it.

  9. Ched Dha Roman-knight

    Zambia is a drunken player.. He just shot the ball to wherever it fucks up his brain without minding the direction of the goal

  10. Amon Ng'ombe

    Why Zambia doing like that???

  11. joseph

    Why zambia why zambia, everything is going wrong by then unless you are threatened that is when things goes well. so as Luo was threatened and now she has answered mmmmmmm

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