Nkana Water Owed K300 Million

Nkana Water and Sewerage Company have said the water utility is failing to meet the demand for water supply due to a lack of finances for expansion programmes apart from loan funded projects that are ongoing.

Public Relations Manager Bivan Saluseki has said Nkana Water and Sewerage Company are owed in excess of K300 million by customers in different categories.

He said despite introducing flexible payment plans for its customers owing huge debts the response has remained poor thereby affecting its operations.

Saluseki said the company had been forced to conduct mass disconnections for clients owing huge amounts of money.

“We have started mass disconnections, we are going to go flat-out to collect a lot of money that is owed to us, close to K300 million is owed to us by our commercial institutions, churches, domestic customers and our prepaid customers. We have our domestic customers that owe us more than K125 million, even churches owe us more than K3 million, commercial more than 40, other institutions more than 70 million,” he said.

“As Nkana we need to have this money to help us in our operations, you know the cost of chemicals is very high. As you are aware we are getting the rainy season, we have tried to put our customers on payment plans and other promotions but this hasn’t been working,” Saluseki added.



  1. sj

    Nkana Water and Sewerage is not consistent with Meter reading. Some customers suffer their standard(NW&S’s) reading which may be higher than one’s normal consumption.

  2. muntungwa

    Nkana Water are thieves stealing especially from Domestic consumers. They generate fictitious bills and when you query the answer is no this bill was system generated. System generated my foot. We need to start taking action like suing.

  3. Feligo

    Nkana water and sewerage company, pull up your soaks and get back to work. Bring sanity to your company

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