PF’s Harry Kalaba Adopted as Democratic Party 2021 Presidential Candidate

For Immediate Release

Internal Party Leadership Changes

Democratic Party adopts Bahati Patriotic Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba as its official Presidential candidate  for 2021 Elections

12th November 2018

The Democratic Party has resolved to adopt Hon Harry Kalaba as its official Presidential candidate for 2021 general elections.

The resolution was reached at by Democratic National Committee (DNC) members at an extraordinary meeting held in Lusaka on Saturday the 10th November 2018.

The meeting which was chaired by the National Chairman Mr Nedson Nzowa was attended by all members of the Democratic National Committee.

This decision to adopt Hon Kalaba came up after a wider consultation with the party leaders and general membership.

The decision also comes up following the many demands and the decision taken by majority Zambians saying Hon Harry Kalaba is the right man to take up the position of President of Zambia come 2021.

It’s evident that Zambia is at a position where the country needs a person with a tested and well proved character,  zero tolerance to corruption,  honesty, selfless and has resolved to save Zambia with the respect and the  seriousness it deserves.

The meeting further resolved to leave the position  of Democratic Party  President vacant  with immediate  effect until such a time when Hon  Harry Kalaba will  take up the position.

The position of Party President was until now held by Mr Gift Kalumba who henceforth remains a member of the National Executive .

The party has further  made changes to its  Provincial  Leadership  in various places  as follows


Mr Chandindi has been moved from the position of Copperbelt Provincial Chairman to become an interim member of the National Executive.  He has  since  been  replaced  with Mr Mulenga who was until  now the Copperbelt  Vice Chairperson and will be deputized by two Provincial Chairpersons.

In this regard,  Mr Newa has been appointed as the interime Vice   Chairperson and will be in charge of Ndola, Luanshya, Mpongwe, Masaiti, Kafulafuta

In the meantime, the party spokesperson Ms Judith Kabemba besides her role will help coordinate, Kitwe, Mufulira, Chililabombwe,

Kalulushi, Chingola and


In this same regard, the party has decided to drop Mr Kalenge  from the position of Copperbelt Youth Chairman.

Central Province


Ms Ethel Chinkuli who was Acting Provincial  Chairperson  has been moved to the position of Kabwe District Chairlady.  Kalonde Chisanga will assume the position of Central Province Youth Chairperson.


Mr Victor  Mwale has been elevated to  take up the position of Provincial  Chairperson while Mr Olalo Mwanza becomes  Provincial Youth  Chairman.

Muchinga Province

The province has been demarcated into two zones.

Ms Regina Mulenga will be Provincial Chairperson in charge of  Mpika, Chama and Chisali while Ms Patricia Makezi will head Isoka,mafinga and Nakonde respectively.


Mr Patrick Kafula will be interim chairman for Nothern Province with immediate effect

The party wishes to further advise that all positions that have been left vacant will soon be filled and members informed accordingly.

We wishe to congratulate the newly appointed leaders and pray that they will render the relevant service to the growth of the party and Zambia at large.

Issued by

Judith Kabemba

Democratic Party Spokesperson


  1. Osei

    Ahhhhhh ahha

  2. Hammer

    One major resolution was supposed to ask Harry Kalaba to resign from PF with immediate effect . Why are you holding on PF. There is something good to you HK in PF. Why are you keeping it for your self? Tell us

    • mm

      Hummer you are right I think you are Right there is something sweet in PF

  3. Bk

    Zambians Politics.Hon HK why not Just resign if you want to be relevant on Zambian Political Scene.Other wise Congratulation

  4. Mumba

    Looking forward to 2021! Hon kalaba you have my vote! Don’t be pressured to resign as MP , that was a mandate given to you by people of Bahati not PF! With that in mind any well meaning Zambian would avoid by elections at all costs with our current economic status. Instead on focusing on why we as a nation keep sinking In debt and the high levels of corruption you are busy asking for a by election, zambians can be petty at times what a shame!!!

  5. chinangwa

    Waiting 4 gratuity 4 MPs before resigning.clever indeed.Any way congratulations!

  6. Corruption now will be worse

    Now we have a party for bembas also ,we shall see the tribalism politics now at play! Ukooo tiye nayo.

    • Gloria Mapani

      Am a proud member of the Democratic party holding a,senior position and am Tonga

  7. ok

    You have my vote & my family too. B-firm

  8. Robert H-Pac Shanti

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👊👊👊👊⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡🔜 Hope so

  9. bayoka

    Yangu Tata aaa efyo tubomba pa Zambia oweee banee nebo nafilya in Zambia how many political parties awee ni tiye nayo pa Zambia.

  10. Mpombo

    Why don’t we have Tongas defecting from upnd and forming political parties If Kalaba thinks that he is going to split us he is mistaken We’ll pour our votes where we know victory is ensured not taking chances on spoiling votes to favour upnd

    • Corruption now will be worse

      A mpombo is a mpombo it can never change!

  11. Nzala

    I want to be district chairman for MONZE central

  12. Majoni Tyson

    Go forward my president and bring back the glory of Zambia.

  13. P Zulu

    Funny to read useless comments it makes easier for pf

  14. Sibweni

    Hk is showin poor leadership but he sound more intelligent. Insulting pf hav bin poor leadership and corrupt but stil holdin on, 4 what? Zambia has full opposition leaders of self praise and no moral sense in them. Leader wth no direction a member of two party plize God help u send jesus 2 save us frm evil men

  15. Fimoneni

    I knew it this man &kambwili r friends kambwili acted as John the Baptist to prepare the way for kalaba that’s why I can’t vote for pipo who were once Pfs bcoz amano yamoyene all they want is to become presidents not to work for the pipo

  16. Mwale

    Stop politics

    • It can not be stopped. Politics simply mean governance infact good governance. How and why stop it?

      Politics is part of life .How can it be stopped MWe bantu

  17. Shagi

    If this is the Democratic Party where Kambwili is the overseer it’s a nonstarter.

  18. Victor Mulemba

    Congratulations Hon Harry Kalaba you are the only Hope for zambia.the only one to change the invariance interms of development that has held North Western Province since independence. My vote will be cast on you come 2021.

  19. Alex kambashi

    Ba Chikala ba lungu you are going to leave state house in 2021 you are doing nothing you are enjoying jemason in sate instead of focusing on how are you going to change economy Chikala you job now is to bring more Chinese people in 🇿🇲 Zambia lungu go go lungu we suffered a lot with your leadership please leave state house in good way

  20. zukllu

    Kalaba is a better candidate than HH joined hands with thugs of his kind Muna Janta and Valentine Chitalu to rip off pensioners through his two outfits.

    Africa life financial services used to siphon off billions out of Zambia for their overseas cuts and Africa Life Insurance used to pay paltry pensions to retirees. The whole scheme is a Ponzi scheme.

    Africa Life Insurance has been externalising millions of Kwacha every year disguised as reinsurance premium through HH’s criminal partners Africa Life South Africa. During the last 10 years over K417 million has been externalized.

    What is BOZ doing about it?
    When is ZRA moving in to slap transfer pricing penalties?
    When is the PIA appointing an independent actuary to investigate and report ti the Ministry the scam HH is running to find his elections from policyholders and retirees money?

    • Henry

      Why only HH’s businesses target?

      Why Sikutwa whose Madison Financial company has faile to pay back as little as K250,000 to a depositor is not investigated by BOZ?
      Are they not aware that Madison Financial had no capacity left to pay depositors back?
      They lost K54 million as loan given to Focus Financial group that is closed by BOZ?

      Is BOZ not aware of the fact that Atlas Mara Bank is struggling to meet it’s capital requirement due to Madison group not able to pay K150 million it owes to it for a loan it gave to Sikutwa’s company on personal guarantee of Dikhta and financial guarantee of Madison General Insurance?

      What is governor of BOZ doing about it?

  21. Corruption now will be worse

    Kalaba shall never be a President of this country. Even the people who support this good for nothing tribalist can just keep on dreaming.

  22. Victor Mulemba

    Iwe we need Kalaba he has come as a Redeemer pliz don’t criticize HK. He is the only one with the key to open and stop vices like corruption, injustice, nepotism and no equity in the way the incurbent government is running the affairs of this nation. Honestly speaking I can’t worst my vote on a leader who has got no heart for his pipo.

  23. Sibweni

    Harry kalaba is ready 2 bcom leading political leader no but a leading political dreamer wait and see. DA Is a party whch is die natural politically. Hk is undecide whether PF or DA bcoz is thirsty 4 money and mining business is doin with friends and no political leader has pipo waitin if he wins election 2 give them contracts bcoz that’s truth. We poor pipo used by political leader 2 reach state house and once there receive only rich pipo comin 2 invest and things wil remain the sam has it was in unip,mmd,pf and it shal b in DA.

  24. Mr. K

    Kalaba is a fool simple

    • muchindu

      HH is a heartless capitalist.
      His worker are paid 650 kwacha a month with shanty huts to live and work 14 hours a day.

  25. Bamuna

    And why is Kalaba still PF MP if he claims to be principled?

  26. Vivy

    eh yoo you gat my vote in 2021.Proudly bahati resident

  27. Abi

    Zambia things,,tiyenayo

  28. soso

    DP is a BID

  29. Topgun

    Who’s fooling whom. You formed the party for yourself

  30. martin

    if kalaba is true to himself and selfless, he should stop drawing a salary under a pf held seat since he thinks pf is corrupt,
    the trouble in African politics is that people who have failed in business get into politics to get rich but in the western world, people get into politics to drive reforms in policies that affect them when doing business.

  31. chilufya jacob

    hon kalaba can’t win election in 2021,the reason is simple when sailing a party it takes time if you can recall that party yaba B Y Mwila ZRP,my friends let’s think deeper.

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