China Men in Shootout in Mazabuka

12TH NOVEMBER, 2018 – Police in Mazabuka of Southern Province received reports of Assault O.A.B.H from concerned members of the public that there were about 08 Chinese nationals who were fighting amongst themselves and a gunshot was fired.

This occurred today 12th November, 2018 at around 10:00 hours at Kabobola extension along Great North Road.

Police rushed to the scene and recovered a pistol with seven rounds of ammunition and quickly evacuated Male Bruce Wang aged 25 of Asian origin of Kabobola to Mazabuka General Hospital as he is reported to have been seriously injured by his colleagues identified as Chen Zhong Zhong aged 32 years, Zhang We Nhu aged 48 years,  Lin Dan aged 29 and  Wang Hai Ming aged 31 years. All have been detained in Police custody.

The victim sustained a dislocated right shoulder, bleeding from the nose and mouth and swollen left side of the face.

Another report of assault was received from Wang Zangmin aged 50 years who reported that he was assaulted during the same fracas by  Su Wang aged 36 and sustained swollen right eye as a fist was used in the act.  Su Wang also made a counter report that he was assaulted by Wang Zhangmin and sustained a swollen cheek and eye.

It was further established that Bruce Wang, the victim and currently in Hospital, was the one who discharged a loaded firearm.

Investigations in the matter have continued.




  1. Kamushi Kalilalila

    African colonisation part 2 is creeping in. Where on earth can an African own a firearm, let alone fire gunshots in some of these Asian counties and still live?

  2. Davies musonda

    Police officials this is the time to let this foreigners know that you have more authority in our country and you are in charge of the security of the nation deport them imediatly don’t fear them please we tired of hearing gunshots from Chinese

  3. mengmoreler

    These people are problems ai!they hv com all the way far as China jst to com and teach us violence here n a peaceful chambia.plz let thm park and go,bt now since they’r Chinese ll jst here dat bachoka mu selo.ba chambia chabe awee mwee ni bwafya.

  4. mengmoreler

    Hmmm!somtmz I ask my selful dat y are Chinese left moving wth guns so freely than us Zambians and dd we realy got da independence frm whites or we jst signed a peace dill now it has been broken?


    Its a known fact that, this is happening because of a Bitter Opposition Leader who wants to paint Gvt(for allowing Foreigners owning gun) & Chinese black. He wants to make Chinese nationals seem more Chambian.

  6. Man

    Chinese for u there

  7. Monk

    Once they are done with killing each other they will start killing us

  8. Decentos

    Fighting in our own country to that extent??? Let them be deported instantly.

  9. muntungwa

    Let them start slaughtering each other we need their numbers to reduce. And you say Zambians are xenophobic??

  10. umuntu

    The chaps are bringing chaos to Zambia

  11. Sj

    Zambians can be peaceful people and all embracing people, but aya ama Choncoli gun carrying people don’t mean well in our environment.
    They’re not law abiding and increasing in their numbers because we ‘ve borrowed heavily from them and such debt will need shelving. To call a Zambian XENOPHOBIC is a Lie.
    Our dear Zambia seems to be digging up a hole to fill up an old one, so how do you fill up the new.
    Ama Choncoli naba chilamo nga umunwe wapakati. AND THIS IS NOT hate SPEECH but fact. Comment

  12. sombe Bosbery

    They where just practicing kung fu. Nothing much.

  13. Waltsido

    Zambia has been invested in chinese violence. What a shame!

  14. Son of man

    Charge them with affray,,,, the other one charge him with unlawful possession of a gun…

  15. Marson

    Chiggaz in da hood!


    U are the cozerd

  17. Çhêd Dhæ Røman-kñîght

    comment loading

  18. Samuel Ngwane

    Zambia is a sovereign state. It has the right to be visited and to send her citizens to visit too. There people who will become citizens not buy birth but other means just as Zambian are in other nations. Let’s address the real matter here. There i s breach of our law and procedures must be followed. We are dealing with Gods people and let us not bring our emotions forth. We are a Christian nation after all where forgiveness is at the center. There could be Zambian in China right now and some in very bad business episodes. One people, one world, one Loving God

  19. Muba

    I guess Zambians were not watching that animal fight. otherwise police would have arrested innocent Zambians for watching the fight and charge them with the case of foreigner arrassment.

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