Defector Cries foul after being Stripped of Position

Former Patriotic Front Youth Secretary Christopher Kalenge has found the going tough in Harry Kalaba’s Democratic Party after he was dropped from his position of Copperbelt youth chairman.

Kalenge ditched the Patriotic Front in January on the promise of a position in the DP but has since been dropped.

He said that he will drift back to the PF where he alleges has always remained a member.

“It should be categorically stated that since I resigned my position as PF Copperbelt youth secretary, I have never joined any political party because I opted to remain a loyal member of the ruling party,” Kalenge said.


“It is shocking and disgusting to see Judith Kabemba allege that I am a member of the so called DP and its Copperbelt Youth Chairman. This kind of desperation from Kabemba is so alarming. Kabemba should henceforth stop tarnishing my name and my standing in society.”


Kalenge has appealed to the ruling party structures to welcome him back.

“I will remain a loyal PF member who is organizing the party on the grass roots. Let me now apologize to the PF, the Republican President Mr Edgar Lungu for this wrong information that the DP wants to pain me with,” Kalenge said.



    Remember there is no smoke without fire

  2. Boyd Phiri

    yamunyokola njala,pf nikhoya uweleko,ukulete mdima

  3. FGM

    Opportunists will always align themselves with the ruling party where the dining table is waiting for dinners.

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