Roan By-Election Looms

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili may be wiggled into a by-election he has tried hard to dodge with the Lusaka High Court throwing out his application for a stay of execution pending appeal.

The Lusaka High Court upheld Kambwili’s expulsion from the PF therefore losing his seat.

Kambwili has taken his matter to the Appeals Court but could see the by-election go on with the Appeal still ongoing.

High court Judge Maria Kawimbe dismissed Kambwili’s application on grounds that it amounts to want of prosecution.

Kambwili appealed to the Court of Appeal after the Lusaka High Court recently dismissed the case where he was challenging his expulsion from the PF.


He asked the Lusaka High Court to stay its judgment pending his appeal to the Appeals Court.


But Judge Kawimbe observed that Kambwili’s application, had not met the criteria to stay the High Court’s Judgment pending the outcome of his appeal.

She added that it was unlikely that the appeal will succeed.


However, Kambwili had argued that if the stay was not granted, his appeal would be rendered to be an academic exercise.


This is because the Speaker of the National Assembly will move to declare his parliamentary seat vacant much to his disadvantage hence the need to be given a stay.



  1. Albert

    Ck afwile intangalalo


    fuck of judge kawimbe you’ve made me lose mid-term gratuity

  3. Boyd Phiri

    Why Ukana Kucoka Enda Ku Ndc Cipuba Fye

  4. Hev Rena

    This is just the beginning of the end for CK. Boma ni Boma. He is noW broke and govt will simply buy the whole luansha😯

  5. TRAMP

    don’t worry CK boy I can employ you as a cook US$500M per day how about that shit-hole just accept its more than the fucking gratuity kakakakakakaa

  6. Patrick Matibini

    im itching to declare seat vacant uzanya manzi chikala chobe



  8. Kapijimpanga

    Days are numbered kambwili now Is in cowdungs joing hakainde in cowdungs kambwili is a coward one person who cannot be trusted his foolishness has been exposed he is foolish

  9. Skb

    Kashimba Chimbwili, you can not belong to two different parties at the same time.Just like Harry Kane Kalaba you are simply digging your own political grave.Wake up.BOMA ni BOMA.You of all people should know this better.

  10. chinangwa

    The bye_election will cost s lot of money which can go towards settling packages 4 retirees.It’s regrettable.

    • Hammer

      @chinangwa. Get conversant on how government operates . The ECZ has a budget for bye elections , and that money is ONLY there for by elections . If it all it is diverted for social cash transfer , the activity will be labeled as “ misapplication “ of funds. You will be the first one to make noise corruption here corruption there..

  11. Me

    Yaba chisense yamina ingombe apanomba kubomfya itumba twalamimona

  12. King cool

    Let him stay in the party,, bye elections is more expensive than keeping one person in the party.. One person gets about K500,000 as gratuity . and the bye elections cost about K5m , how many projects can the government do . There are a lot. The only problem with government, they like wasting money like water from the tap ,,Yes it’s not worth it for someone to be in two different parties.. But just for the sake of development, let them keep him. Look in Lusaka is a capital city of Zambia and compare it with other capital cities in other countries, the country shines

  13. mulobezi

    Ths marks th end of kambwili”s politko karia

  14. Sibweni

    Kikikikiki…..u hide and court exposes u. Ck turned court a playin ground by reportin so many acceptence in court through fake sickness. Time has come 2 leave parliament and yo loud mouth wil missed by yo fellows and no mid-term gratity and sam with harry kalab president of DA Party 4 hold a pf feedin but insultin it day and night 2 win supporters. AGONY IS HIGH IN TWO MEN

  15. ji

    ck is reaping what he,s been. sowing. That is the. END. Product of.bitterness and hate

  16. Rocky

    Bemba proverb says ukufuma apomine, ukuya ikala apaleloka.
    Another proverb says, akanwa katali kaleteleele mfungo.
    Meaning each and every individual should respect those in authority, of course they can make errors, but not the way CK has been treating EL and his cabinet. Let him prove himself to everyone that roam constituency belongs to him.

  17. Muntu mufunelo

    Kambwili is finished kkkkkkkk

  18. Muntu mufunelo

    The same thing will happen to Mr HH boma ni boma

  19. Hh

    i told u to join me with yo frnd harry kalaba,bt u ar busy barking with yo tuma small-small political parties rubbish!come “2021 am forming government”am telling u.

  20. Bk

    There is a time and season under the heaven for everything.

  21. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    If u can’t beat them just join them again…kakakaka

  22. Chipata boyz

    Zambia n politics yaa iliko bad

  23. Chipata boyz

    Zambian politics yaa iliko bad

  24. Michelo of kazungula

    All what i want is to see rhese stupit walking up they are blinded by the government kikikikkkikikikikikiki insults will not build our country nobabwa but it will lead into destruction of our political, social nd economic development stupit people.

  25. Kongo

    Mr Hammer 🔨 you told that ECZ has money for by elections. ECZ can even fund themselves, the govt will waste taxspares money which should have been used on important projects.


    sad ba ck yolula game just humble yourself and rejoin pf coz you like aprodical son akansoni kafwilile mwibula.talk of m sampa the lusaka mayor also left pf and rejoin. you are one of the founder they wil recieve you again than going to court seeking refuge.

  27. mercutio

    Ck show them that pf has lost roan constituency without you..


    HH I swear you will never rule this country almost all Zambians hate you except the stupid Tongas and cattle

  29. Pacifist

    Justice delayed is justice denied so mr doc the CK u hav no option just quit sir. U hav already formed a party why chulizi sir.

  30. Sibweni

    Mazaza yakuswa chaka jembe lunkhala

  31. Mondela luckson 2

    But why? Ck mwamona

  32. Moses

    May God the father, through Jesus Christ, forgive us. Bushe kwena apo mwatampila ukulanda finshi mwatumbulapo? Lekeni ababomba babombele caalo. If you can’t beat them just join them.

  33. Self Nyokozi

    Y putting things at hard move?

  34. Skb

    Trying to hide in CONSTITUTION while committing POLITICAL PROSTITUTION of the worst order.Where are your morals sir? There are rules to every game!!!!!!!

  35. Lc

    We don’t need to waste much money here,let pf declare it’s candidate and the returning officer to announce him a winner without going for election coz it’s a known issue that pf will win

  36. Michael nkamba

    Comment we shall pray for you ,just put put everything in the hands of god who knows our feature

  37. chi

    I think this man z not qualified 2 be a husband nd if he z married,his wife z in critical problm and she faces a lot of miscarriages coz of his selfishness.wakulisha mudala just accept de outcome contest pa ticket yobe if u ar a man enough u will win.

  38. Kuya Bebele

    Let him prove to the people that roan belongs to him




    panyo panu mahule tunyini kununka


    iwe kakambwili fake fainting kakakaka kambolo kanachepesa

  42. Joseph

    Ck, he must learning a gud lesson, coz of his ass hole.

  43. Moses

    Zambia’s let’s work up ba pf nabonaula ichalo we don’t know where we go,

  44. Zambia

    I saw it coming,otherwise ck must prove his balls worth voting for. The neckless has really fucked up though

  45. Manyepa chipo

    Ck sir.Don’t worry the govtnm will pay sooner than the will realize.

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