State House Clears ZAFFICO Air

Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda says no state enterprise has been sold by the Patriotic Front government since they took office in 2011.

And Chanda said some of the loudest personalities on the sale of companies were experts at selling state enterprises but had deliberately twisted facts in their current scheme.

During Special Feature on ZNBC Main News, Chanda urged Zambians to guard against demagogues that had made political lies their currency in seeking political office.

“Those who are making scurrilous accusations about the sale of companies, they know exactly how companies are sold. An expression of interest is given out, you can go back to the back copies of newspapers, the Zambia Privatization Agency will put out an expression of interest, put out the best price, put out the conditions of sale, put out a prospectus and those who express interest will put up a bid,” he said.

“The sale process takes a long period of time. Some of the people who have been nosiest about this, know exactly how to sale companies. The Zambian government, the President is making that clarification, the PF government since 2011 has not sold a single company, the IDC portfolio which the President chairs has 33 companies, none of those has been sold, with respect to the three that he singled out, he just wanted to make it clear because this is the premier of the World Bank.”


Chanda added: “The President himself had to make that point clarifying further that not a single company has been sold which is why the President has been very strong and clear. There are 33 companies, the only ones that had been sold are those that were sold by some of the people who making noises about the sale.”

He said that the floating of ZAFFICO shares on the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LSE) was publicly announced in February and wondered what the current furore was about.

“This too came out publicly in February when the President said at a public function in Klulushi when he was launching the pole treatment plant, he said we are going to list ZAFFICO. This is partial privatization by the state,” he said.

“This is a process that enables participation of citizens into publicly listed compnies. ZCCM which I can call the crown jewel within the family of the IDC has been listed. Has that company been bought by the Chinese? No, Zanaco has been listed, INDO Zambia has been listed. These companies are raising money through the capital market.”


Chanda said, “Let me state that the noise about ZAFFICO is perpetrated by people who do not have any information whatsoever. ZAFFICO does not own anything in excess of 50, 000 hectares of land, ZAFFICO does not own Mukula, ZAFFICO is only in possession of illegally harvested Mukula which the security services are ceasing and giving them. If you own a farm and there are Mukula trees that Mukula tree does not belong to ZAFFICO, the rest of the forest in this country are under the Ministry of Lands and Environment.”


On the debt situation, Chanda said that Zambia was not in a state of distress as all the obligations were being made.

“The President spoke to a credible audience, admits we have debt challenges but makes it very clear that we are not in debt distress. He makes a point that we are making steps, taking measures and instructing the Ministry of Finance and everyone within government that the borrowing going forward is concessional, no interest loans and grants,” he said.

“This is a President who is conscious that the debt has gone up and must do something in order to prevent us going into a distress situation. He stresses that even at the lowest point when the IMF ditched the country in 1988 and President Kaunda began to print coupons in order to finance the purchase of mealie meal for the poor Zambia did not default. Zambia has not defaulted on any of its debts.”

Chanda also cautioned the public against being willing consumers of fake news that was peddled by politicians bent on discrediting government.

“Beware of the fake news which has become a currency of exchange for demagogues who are seeking political office through undermining institutions of government. It is not difficult to detect fake news, when you get that seek clarification from government institutions,” he said.

“But to trade in fake news and when you are called to account, you put up some fake bravado, reckless and try and show that you said the truth, it does not help.”


  1. mulobezi

    Thts wy we ar sayin th first peson hu diserminated wrng info.shud tel th nation where he got it frm,failure 2 whch he shud b prosecuted. coz had it nt been hm th riot wudnt hav erupted.


    Let dem talk sir we kno dere behaviours nifyapakanwa elo tafitasha

  3. voice of voiceles

    stupid zambia z going under this poor govt.the govt that act like a baby u cant blind us wth yo stupid words

  4. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    Bt zambian are dull zoona,Chanda u can’t chit us,why are making fake clearances?u people who are commenting on this article ready it thoroughly.thre is literally nothing chanda has cleared.and alot of companies have been alleged sold as u claim bt noise has been thre since twenty 15 and of all of the noise none the noise u cleared.and today,u are the one making senseless noise,do u think Chanda zambians are that dull to hear this serious fake fake clearances.u truly don’t know what u ar saying.cn a person buy a land and in it thre some grass ,🌲 s and many other things,then say I don’t want that! a normal person!Chanda u ar saying zaffico is just a land the 🌲 in it ts nt part of zaffico what’s that chanda.easters and your fellow bembas those who are protesting things they don’t understand

  5. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    A normal person person buys a farm then tree and other things in it ati senziyandi(I don’t want them) what kind of murdeness is that….!!!!! Chanda u can’t chit us get out with ur sieved information

  6. k

    The president must fire D.Siliya she is a let down she is supose to explain all those issues but she seems clueles , recall E.Mwamba nominate him and appoint him information minister.

  7. Chipata boyz

    Mmmmmmhh it’s too bad selling government property and blowing tax payers money ,we’re are we going zizaonekela kumalasti

  8. leon

    All those selling national property will not live to enjoy the proceeds time for pay back in looming and no one is a sacred cow.

  9. Lc

    Can someone explain to me the meaning of”listing or leasing of shares of a company in luse”I think I’m blind on that.

  10. Corruption now will be worse

    What’s the explanation here?When you list a public company on the stock exchange is it not selling It?I don’t get the sense from this guy called Presidential spokesman.

  11. PILATO

    Tamwatushupe sana na Zaffico issue,also tell us about the 5 planes who bought them , from where and how much?than just holding on to one story

  12. PILATO

    We also demand to know about the partnership between Star Times and ZNBC, who owns more shares than the other and why

  13. mengmoreler

    ok so yiwe chanda u mean simunagulise bt munabwelekesa or jst kupasa bcoz of nkongole?Zambians workup coz da fact z dat we hv a lot of debt kuli ba China and dat z knwn worldwide evn pa BBC yina wanda!so if we fail to pay it then chanda plz tel us plans on how to return dat money.

  14. Pythias Mambwe

    Let the ‘He’ bring and show the evidence to the Nation .

  15. Muntu Usiya

    Your days are numbered friends.do you thnk that all zambians are fools,ignorant,blind or stupid 1 day u’l face the music

  16. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Sold yes

  17. Sly

    Your days are numbered blind us with your fake news while you are still in power but wait for that day you will be out 👉👉👉mukalila we will make sure Tonse utuma secret property out pa public so that those blind poor supporters of yours knows what they were supporting 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻

  18. Mkonto

    HH will still not be an alternative to any leadership in this country. He’s a worst thief himself.

  19. Concerned

    Everytime someone prefers to the past to justify the present has something to hide. Everytime someone is caught doing wrong and they divert attention to someone who did wrong in the past, the they are also doing wrong. Everyone who supports people who are doing wrong then they too are benefitting too. Remember people that what you are I are doing is building a future for our children unless of course you are going to live forever. Otherwise at the rate we are going with damaging our country, your children have a hard road ahead of them. And one more thing, I now believe HH is the most powerful man in Zambia. Why, because the PF fear him so much that without thinking carefully they mentioned his name, even in their sleep.

  20. Me

    I have seen dull pipo in this planet hh number 1
    Journalist, Mr.hh were did you get the evidence that Zaffico has been sold to Chinese nation?
    HH,l will not in site riots kkkkkkkk a leader with thousands of followers failed to answer a simple question what a leader if l was one of your followers the very day you failed to answer that question nga eday nalekele ukukukonka ukumiloleshafye tamukwete stance nomwela kuti wamisenda same same fye nomukalamba wakwe Adam failed to answer a simple question
    Who tald you that you are naked
    The woman you put here with me gave me the fruit and l ate it .
    hh+plot one = 0%

    • Foreigner Mulongoti

      Whatever propaganda HH would want to spread, he will never enter state house. Come 2021, we will do him Dundumwezi. He was very lucky to get so many votes in Northern and Muchinga provinces in 2016.

  21. nellyg

    Lyin ba stupid

  22. chinangwa

    China is now dictating to the government of what shud b listed or leased they are Choosing which land to buy etc. We are now slaves to China because of visionless leadership.

  23. mazuba

    if HH lied OK hw about those beacons mu ZAFICO? Explain to us zeds

  24. Briven

    The pf under lungu can never do anything transparently, remember the door through which they entered state house….. everything will be as dubious as their beginning. Pathetic!!

  25. King cool

    Somehow, somewhere h h is right, although he is also a victim of the same identity. We can’t deny him. A thief know it’s fellow thief , So HH knows how he sold the properties on behalf of the government. A thief can catch a thief. And again the PF can not refuse to say they sold out some of the government properties. The English language says “the guilty is always afraid”, if they didn’t sell these mentioned companies , why panicking to have some one arrested??? Question mark here… HH failed to answer the question from Hope chishala with the fear of, not seen the papers that was signed. But he has the clear picture.. I think in the near future they will sell state House to the Chinese.they started employing them in the Zambia police Reserve, next time they will be employed in the Zambia Army and National Service. Kikikki. Nipa Zed apaka….

  26. Kongo

    . Listing of sharing is where a not so doing well company is broken down into small portion for people to buy so as to financially burst the company though the stock market.That said ZAFFICO is viable company which has mukala 🌲 s on it with a possibility of minerals underg

  27. Kongo

    . Listing of sharing is where a not so doing well company is broken down into small portion for people to buy so as to financially burst the company though the stock market.That said ZAFFICO is viable company which has mukala 🌲 s on it with a possibility of minerals underground why sale such company.only the chinnese can buy shares course Zambia’s don’t have money. And Amos sure if u buy aland the thing on that land is not yours please tell us which Constitution u are using. I small black mail.

    • Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba hi

      Chanda very dull.those people saying zaffico is sold they are the ones who knows hw the companies are sold because they did it before!!!! bt they know why are u agueing them u who doesn’t know! .is that not ignorance? Someone who knows tells u something and u are biz saying know.chanda u sold the companies for ur children just accepte it and change ala.u are biz diffending something u don’t know,look u are been underrated because u have exposed ur ignorance.the whole lot of a presidential spokes person!!!!

  28. Razor

    Selling of shares in a company is equivalent to selling the company.

  29. Foreigner Mulongoti

    Ba PF just go ahead and sell ZAFFICO. Forget about that demagogue HH. If indeed he is rich as his blind followers claim, why can’t he buy the company himself if he doesn’t want foreigners to buy it. This HH is sponsored by the white imperialists who are scared of Chinese dominance in Africa.

  30. lolo

    How special is hh not to report to police .bcoz of funeral of the chief then release those who rioted bcoz even them hav funural.GI better fire yourself

  31. Truth man

    What are the Pf scared about? A company can be liquidated if it is a drain on public resources like what ZCCM was in the UNIP government. They are in the steering seat, they have the mandate to steer the country in the direction which they think is right.When the MMD came into power in 1991 they liquidated some companies like UBZ, Zambia Airways which were non profit making in order to pay the huge debt they were owing the banks etc.Therefore it goes without saying that Zaffico if it is not making any profit in can be liquidated.It is only those people who don’t understand basic commerce and economics who can argue on such matters like privatisation of public companies that are sinking due to non viable performance.The government should just be candid enough and do what they think is right for the economy.

  32. Kang'ombe

    They can’t agree at all,
    Look at these issues;
    1. Maize scandal
    2.Fire tenders
    5.Who was behind City Market fire
    7.Zaffico, ETC
    And none of these have been the truth revealed.
    What would you expect to hear from Chanda?

  33. Self nyokozi

    Just harmer a nail at its heard and do not beat a bush. Sold

  34. vitas

    Comment kawalala ni o pama, ba pipo leave thoz fools alone. time 2 reckon will kam.

  35. Prof. Zuku

    I get absolutely disturbed some times. Let us look at a problem and resolve it with level headed analysis. Don’t heap the blame where it’s not supposed to go;
    1. If Mr. Chanda with due respect has property to sale and decides to engage a consultant or consultants to sale that property, as a matter of fact and truth in black and white (books) is it the consultant or consultants that have sold that property, or it’s Mr. Chanda.
    The answer is obviously Mr. Chanda has sold his property and not the consultant or consultants.
    Unless one wants to mislead the citizens.
    2. Every patriotic Zambian knows that Gvt. does not operate in a vacuum, there is the president, ministers – cabinet (politicians) on one hand and PS, technocrats – civil servants on the other. These civil servants do guide the politicians to properly follow the law especially when dealing with technical matters like the sale of Gvt property. If the consultant/s sold the property of the Gvt that is theft, meaning the consultant/s can be litigated to through ministry of justice. Mr. Chanda is in a better position to order that, if he fails to go that route then he should stop his cadres to talk on a non issue or he is just a pathological lier.

  36. Chisala Modest

    CommentKabwalala tasumina. Anyway just know that one day you won’t be there and whatever you guys have stolen will be grabbed and give them back to Zambians together with your bosses. Ba Pompwe.

  37. Kas win

    Politicians of this age are all about making money which EL,HH are also aiming for until back to dust so between Pf leader and Upnd’s who has a big record of being involved in selling State owned Companies they all the same.
    Its a big Shem coz the future we’ll being of our Zambia is being put into Uncertainty, God bless our Nation.

  38. mwewa mumba

    U need to learn to tell the truth we are not children who u can liar with word ok,if u sold things u just have to accept it that so,u are afraid that u can be faired at work ,u sold things.

  39. Jms

    A BAD ADEVISER HERE IS Amos chanda

  40. Don

    even if we sale it, no ZAFFICO yanyoko?

  41. Mullah

    Listing and bid happens when a company is selling shares on the luse, and firms with cash will bid then they will acquire a percentage of the cash they have, so zaffico ama Chinese naya shiita(buy) coz they have cash, if you think its a lie, go to this check point called Sabina as you are coming from Chingola going to Kitwe, just after the check there is a turn to the right going to kalulushi 3-4km you will find a new company for Chinese are cutting down timber

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