Denmark freezes aid to Tanzania in wake of homophobic rhetoric

Denmark has frozen millions of kroner of aid to Tanzania after a leading politician in the east-African country voiced some very homophobic opinions recently.

Two weeks ago, Paul Makonda, the regional commissioner for the city of Dar es Salaam, urged the citizens of his country to report homosexuals to the authorities and pledged to hunt down gay people by investigating social media accounts.

“I’m very concerned about the negative development in Tanzania – most recently the completely unacceptable homophobic statements from a commissioner,” Ulla Tørnæs, the development minister, wrote on Twitter.

“So I’ve decided to withhold 65 million kroner earmarked for the country. Respect for human rights is of paramount importance to Denmark.”

Tanzania’s ambassador to Denmark, Dr Wilbrod Slaa (who is based in Stockholm), has been summoned to explain the situation, while Tørnæs has already met with Tanzania’s foreign minister. Later this month, the EU will sit down to discuss how to approach the issue.




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  2. Dizmo

    This what the devil can do in these last days . Let them keep their devilish money as Tanzania keeps the almight God to their side .

  3. Concerned citizenship

    Keep your money we don’t need in Tanzania.you want to allow a man having sex with another man. That’s devilish.

  4. mengmoreler

    Hmmm!devil mind ,bt some aid agent are very foolilish ai!then they were born frm a man and a human kkkkkk!haaa!Satan z real people and let us b careful wth these white!plz Tanzanians put God first n evrythng u do and don’t wory wth this earthly foolish life.

  5. Chilankalipa

    Let all Danish people marry same sex and see whether there will be any Denmark to talk about in 90 years. Stupid idiots.

  6. Farid

    Tanzania to us is more than a home is our world. Gay’s have no right in our land.

  7. Saka

    If the issue was homophobic we don’t need help from you gays people supporters let us be the way we are in God’s blesses
    Keep your money,.
    But if you talking about dictatorship we need help we need democracy we need freedom of speech and people they should be free on their Country

  8. Foreigner Mulongoti

    All of you including that foolish Tanzanian Politician are very primitive and ignorant. Being gay is just like being an albino, a dwarf, disabled etc and all these groups of people are considered as minorities. So its the rights of these minorities which the civilized world tries to safeguard. Are you telling me that it is the devil who created these people? Then fuck God.

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