The Republic of Gambia has requested the Zambian government for support in its judicial reforms by seconding judges to their judiciary.

Gambian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Mamadou Tangara, made the request during a bilateral meeting with his Zambian counterpart, Joseph Malanji.

The Gambian Minister said that the recommendation for Zambian judges was made by Gambian Chief Justice Hassan Bubacar Jallow who acclaimed Zambia’s caliber of judges.

The Minister said his government would formally write to the Zambia government on its request for judges and the need for enhanced development cooperation between the two countries.

He said Gambia has not had a university for the past thirty years and has had to rely on external expertise in many sectors including the judiciary.

’’ We are at a critical time in our history, where we are making judicial reforms, therefore this can’t be fully achieved without the help of partners like Zambia,’’ he said.

And responding to the request, Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji assured his Gambian counterpart that Zambia would consider the request by the Republic of Gambia.

He said once the formal request is made, it would be presented to the executive arm of government for consideration.

The Minister echoed the good relations between the two countries and reiterated the call for enhance development cooperation.

He said further Zambia’s judicial system was independent and devoid of any interference.

The Minister further disclosed that the judicial system was undergoing some judicial reforms meant to improve its efficiency.

‘’ No country is insulated from challenges, therefore the need to cooperate in key sectors such as the judiciary, health and education cannot be overemphasized. The cordial relations that exist between the two countries must be enhance for the benefit of the two countries, ‘’ he said.

Issued by

Mrs. Inutu Mupango Mwanza

First Secretary- Press & Tourism

Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Addis Ababa



  1. TOP G

    Gambia you are on the wrong turn. On that one Zambia will teach bad manners. A lot of of Zambians have lost confidence in the judicial operations…

  2. chendabusiku

    Skeptics will kill Zambia, fortunately these are very very few.

  3. Rocky

    It’s very unfortunate that our opposition parties have tried hard to paint wrong picture our judicial system in our country and yet still respected outside. Very embarrassing. Congratulations Mambilima and your crue for the gesture from Gambia.

    • Nyonyozi

      Rocky i think u are very mad and should be admitted at chainama hospital how is opposition painting black the image of this country are they the ones that are in corruption,are they the ones stealing donar funds,are they the one selling mukula,are they the ones,aquiring land in iswatin,are they the ones buying expensive jets,are they the ones selling parastal companies u know who is denting the image of the country but busy pointing at the opposition can’t this equate to madness

  4. Majoni Tyson

    Gambia, y waisting time to engage the corrupt judiciary in yo affairs. Perhaps they too want to learn how to throw of petition cases without any clear justification.

  5. Doreen

    Zambia will spoil your judicial system,its systems are questionable they dance to the tune of the cadres and make judgments in there favour.

  6. vitas

    Comment gambia ist bcoz of ambia u ar sharing? u go to jobek instead. that will make sense atleast.

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