Mpika Businessman Freed of Gun Possession charges

The Mpika Magistrate Court has freed Mpika prominent business man Mordecai Sichalwe and fined him K5000 which should be paid within 7 days.

Mpika Magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala has also ordered the state to return all the guns back to Sichalwe.

Sichalwe was found in possession of eight unlicensed guns and more than 200 rounds of ammunitions and pleaded guilty to all the charges.

On Wednesday Sichalwe appeared before Magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala and was charged with 3 Counts of; Failing to renew a firearm licence contrary to Section 14(1), (6), (8) and 54 (1) of the Firearms Act Chapter 110 of the Laws of Zambia and 2 Counts of being in possession of Ammunition in excess of the authorized quantities contrary to Section 10(1) (2) (a) (b) as read with Section 58 regulation 25 of the Firearms Act Chapter 110 of the Laws of Zambia bringing the total to 5 counts.

Particulars of the offence were that Modecai Sichalwe, on a date unknown but between 15th May 2018 and 2nd November 2018, at Mpika in Mpika district in Muchinga Province willfully and unlawfully did fail to renew a firearm Licence No. 1204005, 9006184, and Licence No.608018 as required by law.

According to Magistrate Chilingala, also on 2nd November 2018 at Mpika in Mpika district, Sichalwe was found in possession of 302 excess ammunition of a 223 Rifle, contrary to authorized quantity of 100 ammunitions to be possessed at any one time.

The Magistrate added that, on the very day, the accused person was also found in possession of 63 excess ammunitions of a pistol contrary to the authorized quantity of 50 ammunitions to be possessed at any one time.

Sichalwe has since pleaded guilty on all 5 charges and is set to appear in court tomorrow, November 15, 2018 for Facts of the matter and possible judgement.


  1. Mordecai Sichalwe

    ala muzanya im john Rambo kakakakakakakakakaka

    • Julius

      My brother as christians we now having mixed feelings about you


    RAMBO 2

  3. Mpombo

    Am i missing something here why should the state return unlicenced fire arms to him We know Mpika has poachers and wild animals but the calibre of the weapons he possessed where not met for Kudu and Impala The case may have been to big to be handled by a district more familiar in dealing with cases of poaching than aggravated robbery Why didn’t he comply with the gun amnesty in place if he couldn’t licence his armoury In Lusaka C5 would have used the fire arms as evidence why they dispatched him

    • Corruption now will be worse

      Why comment on issues you don’t understand ? Is it just to show how ignorant you are or what? Lastly do you have a sense of shame for being ignorant?

    • Daniel Banda

      You are not the only one with unanswered questions. But with what happened in Livingstone by magistrate’s, it is becoming clear that some of them work with poachers, perhaps with armed robbers. So many guns and ammunition, well! Only God knows.

    • Julius

      The law says each person who has a gun should have a license and should subscribe for the same at the Council and taken to police for inspection. By law each a person possesses is given a maximum number of ammunitions to have. Failure to have a gun licence is an offence where the judgment is fine or imprisonment

  4. Masuwa Sylvester

    This man must be free forever becouse he has not gulty of offending with law of Zambia.Therefore did he killed any person ? That is not fair if this man is not going to be realised.

  5. Lc

    This is what I want,please give me the signal on how to acquire them I’m preparing for 2021

  6. Guys

    masuwa! please go to school,the english is too rotten whch ar using.

  7. mutule

    You have freed him if it was. .u were going sorround his house with policemen in masks

  8. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Let him pay.but but mmmmmmmm

  9. Feacal

    Kkkkkkkk some comments awe sure this is Zambia.

  10. Kaswango

    He has mula so self defense needed. She just failed to renewd

  11. Chinyama m

    Kill them all

  12. Fk

    He ws only freed coz he is a prominent business man and am sure we all know wat that entails some of us cud have been given 5 yrs with hard labour.

  13. K Habert

    The Zambian law,should also free NKANA college of education CEO and businessman Danny kamakina for the offense of possessing a gun without a license.

  14. Mabvuto matsautso

    freed but he is guilty.

  15. Kapale

    Rot in jail

  16. Chimuka siamatika

    Azatisiliza mupondo uyu Hahaha PA zed Paipa yachepa yaba bwana mfuti

  17. gun man

    abba eba mpondo not utu mpondo ggggggg tizhaa!!!…,.

  18. Çhêd Dhæ Røman-kñîght

    Anold Swatzineggar pa Zed futi
    Mmmm kapena ni Boko Haram

  19. M.M.

    There is something I am missing here. The first part of this report says the Magistrate freed Sichalwe and charged him K5,000. The last part is saying Sichalwe is to appear in court on 15th November for facts and possible judgment. Which is which?

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