RB Snubs Mutati Led MMD Card Renewal Exercise

Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda has distanced himself from reports that he will be the chief guest at Saturday’s MMD card renewal exercise in Lusaka.

Banda’s administrative assistant Chibeza Mfuni said that President Banda would not rendering his signature to the Felix Mutati MMD faction’s card renewal exercise.

“The office of the Fourth Republican President, His Excellency Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda, has learnt with dismay of news items on various media platforms purporting that the former President will be attending a card renewal event that has been organized by the MMD party, on 17th November, 2018,” Mfuni stated.

President’s office said that the report was part of what has become the toxic trend of false news.

The former President’s snub of the MMD card renewal exercise has dealt a blow to Mutati who is looking for a fast track way to rebound after being fired by President Edgar Lungu as Works and Supply Minister.


  1. Tito

    You will reap what sore remember what you did in 2016 when all of you regrouped and supported the PF now you are paying attribute to your behavior if you The MMD never supported these hypocrites we would have not been suffering and being subjected to hash Tax systems we are experiencing today. Look at you now you have been left alone wondering therefore remember what goes up always comes down always remember physics force of gravity . God is watching, now what message are you going to preach to us you thought you are clever now it’s time your political carriers to demise. MMD This is the time you must pay your dues to unfortunate part of your political game May your party rest in peace congratulations

    • Mpombo

      He supported you during the bye-elections you didn’t make it If you’re really serious on taxes support him now Maybe your party is difficult to sale Why do you always want to be supported

  2. tiyenayo

    love of money will destroy our country

  3. mengmorelerw

    Why not z he nt a state man now?ok bayopa punishment frm ba lungu.eheee!dats how slavery begins.

  4. emmanuel

    Need you in power




    PF was voted into power because of sata and not…gu

    • Akumawa

      Iwe Ka pilato ka mu chibuku plz don’t hate the player,jst hate the game n wt abt upnd coz hh wz successor to mazoka same to Edgar

  7. Trevor Pambwe

    Chachine pilato boi,bt guest wt tatwakaleke Ku oppoza echobafwila

  8. EMESCo

    Mr Rupia Banda be the President of MMD so that in 2021 wiii be the president of ZAMBIA see How things are in Zambia economy down government are sold to chinese stated by hh Rupia come in please

  9. King cool

    Bwafya Sana nomba,, Jesus Christ I wish your time was now to come and see what is happening with your people who have no mercy on us… I don’t know what type of people are they ? Merciless.. they promised people more money in the pocket, but today it’s No money and more taxes. What a shame.. I wish I was Elijah or Elisha or Samuel… because This Saul we have,, He is punishing direct…in the name of development. People are going worse than before….

  10. mauto nkhowani

    Pliz we need u as our president ba bwezani thats why u have a name like that bwezamipo and I guarantee you that you’re winning

  11. leon

    When the President extends a hand to an opposition leader to work together, just know the President is up to no good but kill your political zeal and bury your party, ask Nevers Mumba under the great leader ,Mwanawasa ,wasn’t Mumba thrown out like an empty disposable bottle of beer.The only smart man is H.H.Better be in control of your party than behaving like a prostitute upon seeing a hundred kwacha note. I pity the mmd family under Mutati

  12. Muntu usiya

    Be who u’r mutati dn’t be intimidated by the wolves

  13. Kapijimpanga

    Pilato does know nothing he is employed to show his stupidity to the public 2015 president lungu came out on the political scene and spent 26days on campaign trips beating hakainde who since 2006 was campaigning without rest pilato don’t mention the name of data idiot foolish 2016 president lungu proudly beat them all not only hakainde also those who stood as presidential candidates bcz upnd has pipo like pilato think pf will lose 2021 elections that is wishful thinking or daydreaming there is nothing in hakainde he is a liar and a dangerous person in our country

  14. PILATO


  15. Ian Mwanza

    All politicians are liars,egocentric,arrogant and selfish.

  16. fear not

    All politicians are selfish

  17. Sylvster Masuwa

    President wathu azhiba kululing’a calo cethu.

  18. mulobezi

    Each tym wen we ar towards election period its a song 4 thiz upnd groomed chaps that,muzaona chino chaka bt yet nothng comez out positiv 4 thm

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