Uganda orders military to protect Chinese businesses

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has ordered the army to protect Chinese companies following a spate of thefts.

Addressing a group of 120 Chinese investors on Wednesday, Mr Museveni announced increased patrols and CCTV installation in industrial parks.

China has significant investments in Uganda but businesses have lost large sums of money in robberies.

The government is under pressure to increase security amid an increase in violent crime across the country.

“To me, this is a simple problem to solve,” President Museveni said, according to an official statement.

He added that any security workers who lose a gun while guarding a Chinese business could face a court martial. There have been concerns that guards may have facilitated some of the break-ins.

Several comments on the president’s official Facebook page questioned why so much was being done to protect foreign companies and called on the government to instead support local investors.

The BBC’s Catherine Byaruhanga in the capital, Kampala, says Mr Museveni’s authority is being undermined by rising levels of crime, including murders and kidnappings as well as armed robberies.

The government has responded by organising patrols in and around the capital, erecting CCTV cameras and establishing a new civilian militia, known as Local Defence Units (LDUs).




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  16. Mpombo

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  19. chrispine hantebe the governor

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    Uganda and zambia have similar cultural beliefs,since colonial days,the duo countries have enjoyed the developmental aspects from Asian countries more especially China.China having a merit of developing this continent has come come with it’s own admerits,the increased of criminal activities in Museveni’s country as well rising of murder killing,kidnapping of africans can be said with mixed feelings,president museveni has ruled Uganda for more than thirty five years now,and Him seen the demerit part of Chinese business in his country,it’s not a constraints for uganda alone but also entire continent.Little did i know that zambia since independence has failed to curb RED-TAPE CORRUPTION which has lead those who are in high authorities benefit more than it’s citizen who wake-up early morning in order for them to cast their votes(reconning day).Lastly zambian economic has been down since china businesses came to get the attention of concern citizens who to started voicing-out on Chinese interest to zambia,if we as ordinary Zambian fail to speak among liens (foreigns) who are coming to destroying our mother-zambia.We’ve have high unemployment levels in this country,but seems like those whom we voted for in power to represent us(law makers) are not doing their jobs according to the promises made when coming to our respective countries.We us african we want chinese to came and exchange their technology to Africa as a continent atlarge.Let’s zambian not be quick at xenophobic attacks against chinese but let us imposing restriction as well implementing regulations that may lead to changing government plans on it’s citizen as well as investors who come to invest in our BLESSED LAND.If we have go industrialisation than we can give new generation a better future,we as zambia we want investors who are coming to Zambia with a view of creating employment opportunities to the youths that are Zambia’s major population,and making sure that we have a sustainable working environment.ZAMBIA A BLESSED COUNTRY AND AFRICA A BLESSED CONTINENT.


    i see nothing wrong in chinese only an idle people can complain what about indians ? i recall evin the late sata was againest the chinese before became the president but after won the elections instead they became his best friendy. ba upnd just sell your manifesto by say iwil improve this and that before 2021 maybe you can win

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