Dear editor,

The elections in our country is around the corner. There is massive lobbying by both the ruling party and the opposition. As you can see, the opposition is now divided. There seems to be some selfish motives by some within the opposition trying to dupe our people.

And the ruling party is capitalizing on the disunity in the opposition. Just a few days ago, the presidential candidate nominated by President Joseph Kabila; his name Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary travelled to Namibia and met the current SADC chairman Hage Gottfried Geingob.

After the meeting President Kabila and Shadary are claiming in their propaganda that they have been endorsed by the regional body. Based on my interactions with politicians and citizens in the DRC, SADC has taken a neutral stance in the election.

And it will be suicidal for them to even attempt to endorse a man, Shadary, who is sanctioned by the European Union (EU) for alleged crimes against humanity.

SADC must know that this type of propaganda is bringing their role in the Congo election into conflict with stakeholders and taints their image. This clip is what President Kabila and Shadary are using to bring the name of SADC into disrepute. Wake up SADC!

Concerned Congolese
Kabongo Lubingu

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