Police Arrest Bishop and his Wife for Theft of K70, 000

16TH NOVEMBER, 2018 – Police in Lusaka have arrested three pastors for theft namely: Bishop John Nundwe popularly known as Bishop John General aged 46 of Miracle Impact Ministries International Church located at plot number 178 Chishimba road off Commonwealth Road in Matero, his wife Pastor Maureen Kakwende aged 35 also an Accountant of the same Church and Paul Kambazo commonly known as Pastor Paul Fire for the offence of Theft.

It is alleged that in March, 2016 Matildah Mwanza aged 43 of Foxdale met Pastor Paul fire aged 56 in mutendere whilst she had a toothache who later introduced and assured her that Bishop John General would be able to cure her in matero.

Upon meeting the Bishop, pastor Paul Fire intimated to Bishop John General that Matildah had a cheque worth K70,000. She was then told to spend a night at the church and whilst there, she was approached by Pastor Maureen Kakwenda the wife to Bishop John General who advised her to open an account the following day. Pastor Maureen accompanied  maltidah to the bank  where  upon openning an account she was  given an ATM Card and withdrew  K40,000.She was later told her to pay tithe amounting to K21,000 as advance payment for the next four months to the church. The ATM remained in the custody of the wife of Bishop John General as the accountant of the church.

There after, the woman left for the University Teaching Hospital to access treatment as her toothache was worsening. It was at this point that  the wife to Bishop John General left for Kaputa for a Month.When she came back she handed over the ATM to  Matildah  who then decided to go to  the Bank to withdraw some money and to her surprise there was no money in the account.

The trio were picked up on 15/11/18 at 16:00 hours and where  detained in Police custody . They have since been released on police bond and will  appear in court soon.

We want to retaliated our call to clergy men who are in this habit of swindling congregants that as police we shall not relent  in arresting  bringing them to account for their actions before the courts of law whenever we have a complainant.

Rae Hamoonga



  1. Boyd Phiri

    Aneneri Onyenga,arrest Them Vopusa Vakawalara Va Bemba



    • chilu

      Plse we are tired of fake religious furtune tellers when are these men going to be jailed evrytime police bond police bond its too much nw

  2. Marcus

    vimangeni Plz plz

  3. Jk

    Shame on you fake man of God Jst Know that your congregate soon they will deset you.

  4. Ben 10

    Most affectd ones ar women and ladies who ar being swindled by thz wolves in sheep’s skin.

  5. Muntu mufunelo

    These are the criminals that we must get rid of in Zambia. Arrest them please

  6. Daniel Banda

    They will be known by their fruits. Fake prophets are not difficult to identify. They grow wings when their victims go into tantrums of praising them rather than praise God. For this particular one it was is for me to identify falsehoods. We are yet to see more exposed as the time of his coming draws near.

  7. Faburna


  8. Mr d Daniels

    The congregation which was under this man called Bishop must undergo serious deliverance, because they have been initiated.

  9. Baldwin Zulu

    By just reading the name of the pastor you can tall that he is a fake. Pastor John General

  10. Mubusa Wamakobili

    Devil’s in the name of the Church. Nkosa Zasalangana. Soni Zandingwila newo.

  11. Sylvester Masuwa

    Vimangeni chambe vikawalala,ha! ine nadabhwa namu machurch mwangena vikawalala.God of moses! help us please.

  12. Kaswango

    All these are already written in the book of God.please let us pray had and ask Jehovah to open our eyes and ears

  13. Webby Mweemba

    I Wonder Y Pipo Are So Blind 2 See 4 Themselves.Praisng A Man Instead Of God Let Them Face The Rath Of God.May God Hv Mercy 4 Thoz Wu Were Deceived.

  14. mulenga m

    those ar”Ba koswe” not pastors and doom should be used to get rid of them of from this society..

  15. Levy Banda

    may the lord have mercy on you bishop, why allowing the devil to be ahead of you? you were suppose to tell him to get behind you. any way i may say get out soon of that situation.

  16. Levy Banda

    may the lord have mercy on you bishop, why allowing the devil to be ahead of you? you were suppose to tell him to get behind you. any way i may say get out soon of that situation.BISHOP WHY!?

  17. Zulu

    Last days, Revelation

  18. Zimba msonda

    Kola mbava za satana

  19. mata

    Close the church

  20. Matilda

    mbolo dzinu guys!mbuti yako we mama,stealing my money!stupid.

  21. Levy lungu

    Just deport tht forener

  22. Donald SAKALA

    Stealing is one of a serious offence, so may Jehovah take full control on them. Sining deliberately is the same as against the holy spirit

  23. One Zambia one Nation

    Papa and mama kkkkkkkk very soon you are going to be pastoring in jail

  24. Kas win

    HIYEE What A Sad News For Our Christian Natio…

  25. Kas win

    HIYEE What A Sad News For Our Christian Natio…

  26. BWALYA'$

    Awe Sure ba pastor onyenga so…..

  27. Dd

    Money problem ,

  28. ABEL

    Ending time be aware…

  29. Moses

    2Timothy 3:1,2 and 5 explains this clearly. Open your eyes and pray.

  30. PF

    See but, Dnt complain 2much, we’re in last days.

  31. innocent

    The law has visited them, they are nt clever

  32. G G

    It disappointing to note how disparates and poor women are being abused and swindled by some bad elements and merciless human beings naming themselves men of god. In my view again, the minister of guidance and religious affairs must rescue our holy land, Zambia, by getting rid of these dangerous social groups calling themselves men of god. Religion is the important social institution on earth especially here in Zambia and that if not controlled, it can pose a challenge on other social institutions.

  33. G G

    Majority of people who are being taxed left right and center in most of these shops called churches presided by these false men of god ara women.

  34. Sj

    Clergy should know better how to sheperd their flock/congregants instead of scattering their Congregants.
    For clergy to start court sessions is not only sad but embarrassing and who will your flock turn to for prayer when weak and heavy ladden? Comment

  35. Day

    John general ,really general in all,prayers and ukawalala.

  36. Gideon mwanza

    I new that he is a fakes prophet.

  37. Pretty

    John General and Paul Fire, kikikikikikiki foooooools

  38. Bh

    OK eeee

  39. Çhêd Dhæ Røman-kñîght

    Political thing is behind this incidence
    muzamuziba Yesu😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

  40. bâ zülü

    stupid pastors!!!!!

  41. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Abusa na Amai Busa “ONYENGA”

  42. Josia Chapuswike

    This are not pastors, they are madician

  43. ok

    They are not men of God they’re thieves hiding in the name of God..
    People have said several times that some churches should be screened, they are there for illicit activities, swindlers hide there. Pepo shud b shap u can only trust some one u ve lived with 4 over 5yrs

  44. Mwansa

    Fake prophets just arrest them

  45. chipata boyz

    John general or Paul fire this two stage names shows that nivakawalala

  46. ben

    Watched this ‘general’ on topstar and easily put me off when he was making an alter call then insisted on seeing ‘a lady’ who had a problem. The general went on to describe her and said SHE WAS WEARING A RED PANT ! I changed the channel and the next time I heard about him was on radio yesterday.

  47. Maromu

    Now how can you give someone that large amount, jst for a tooth ache that can be treated at the hospital.

  48. Witenda

    The Same general, swindled many here in kaputa, with fake healing .

  49. Pastor Maureen Kakwende

    you guys im now free after the IG fucked me I have the sweetest nyini in the world which can make any man rescind his whatever decision kakakaka kulibe mwamuna anga pwanye nyini yanga I swear

  50. Eye witness

    Ala bane bikeni bola panshi aha eye

  51. Man of GOD

    This is a lie, from 2016 people even if you hate prophets this could be a fake story

    • true guy

      Shame on you man of god! Why supporting theifs satanists? Maybe walilyako? Washokwa tee pantu you trusted in him so much? Awake

  52. Mr dundumwenze

    Pastors of SDA churches always clean because they are worshipping the living God with their followers. You are welcome to join the real church mama not ma churches yaba kabakawalala, how come pastor to tell his sheep to pay an advance for tithes and offerings? That’s theft.

  53. Concerned citizen.

    Lesa tashentekwa mwaumfwa bamukukulu. Let it be a lesson to others.

  54. Ivy

    Stupid Bastards!

  55. C2

    Brood of vipers let them pay the price

  56. Louis14

    Hahahaha ba John what 😂😂😂😂😂😇😇😇😇😈😈😈😈

  57. rich

    This is the end time

  58. Peter

    Fake pastors

  59. Joyce

    Where a we going from now onwards

  60. Joyce

    Punish them they a fools not people if God but thieves of the church

  61. Bishop John General

    A lady came to my church and confessed she was the one wearing a red pant she undressed and showed it to me ahh mbolo inaima the next thing in inserted my 75 inch dick in her she screamed with pleasure and then a ball of sperms formed just like a dog does and it started shrinking bit by bit for about ten hours by the time I finished she fainted

  62. HE President of Congo

    I Chase them here bcoz of the same system deceiving alot of people & so u Zambians try to do one or two things to them,& he is a prostitute dat man

  63. Barotseland

    Those are not children of God but Satan

  64. Mr Cross

    What a stupid woman an agent of Satan. has the church changed to a bank? Why did she reveled the pin cord to this pastor and why did she left the ATM CARD to her.we must judge some statements before we comment any thing, am sure this woman is of higher caliber she is not from compounds and she is educated too now why was she behaving like that? She is a devil leave the Bishop alone and continue to help people who are suffering. Let her pay for her bosting!!!

  65. mr president

    they mast go to jail, balesebaonya ishina lyakwa lesa give them sentance to death

  66. Chendabusiku

    The real problem is our women, married or single , educated or not they are just like that. They take themselves to these men. They do all sorts of stupid things. Some have destroyed their marriages because of their stupidity.they are willing to do anything their so called pastors ask them to do. Women fail at all times to distinguish between God and these pastors. Take the case of A Nigerian Pastor(Omotoso) in South Africa. They (Wonen) are also always looking for quick fix solutions this why they are coned by these so called prophets.

  67. John general


  68. Matuzi

    People don’t believe in Hospitals bat in Bishops. HIV /AIDS people died in this manner. Told to throw the ARVs letter lost them life’s.It is back to money at this time.
    Okey guyz I will see u prophetical

  69. Chisenga


  70. Angelicrossmwamba

    What was done in secret has being now revealed

  71. Martin cwanny-d macwani

    Punish there Are fools
    And they belong to the kingdom
    Of satan😈😈😈😈

  72. Thomas

    Judge not!

  73. Stars ni diba

    Mrs sumaili we need u to say something and action shud follow those words. Njeke ni njeke

  74. Stata ni diba

    He is even buying off houses next to his church, to expand the theft…ba matero muzakagula kuti manyumba yena, Lusaka yasila….

  75. Bamuna

    Stop abusing the Title Bishop. Just say ‘Police arrest a man calling himself ‘Bishop’ for theft’.

  76. mr kayukwa Adrian

    Kkkkk fake men of God muzamuziba yesu bakolwe imwe

  77. Nchims

    Because of economic in Zambia

  78. JJ

    I can’t blame the bishop, I only blame the authority which allows the opening of the unknown churches,with foreign pastor’s, bishops,ache bishop,and whatever they call themselves,how mutch do they give u so that u my be convinced, yes we knew its a Christian nation, but let’s take a note that not all pastors are genuine, others are here to swindle the poor not to help.

    • Wesley El Chapo

      We are tired of fake pastors GOD you have to come fast before we get lost

  79. y2k

    Fake Prophets they must be arrested God collect to every amount fist and second tithe which is one of tenth and second tenth 70 000 the money of God is 14000 not 21000 ,

  80. Kwskambai


  81. Zambian

    Please Guy’s let’s avoid false prophets let’s put God over everything

  82. Zambian

    Please Guy’s let’s avoid false prophets let’s put God over everything

  83. Zambian

    Please Guy’s let’s avoid false prophets let’s put God over everything
    God please open our eyes, ear’s and minds Amen

  84. ranger jr

    munthu aliyense amalakwa iwe ngati siulakwa ungajajing’e vamutundu uyu bati ngati uchimwa naweve osayesa kujajing’a ninchito yamulungu.

  85. Madaliso Sane Nyirenda

    If u dont know anything pliz dnt judge live everything to GOD

  86. Mfumukazi

    I think the church flock/folk are so gullible that it defies common sense how they can easily part with their money for magical cures and tithes and offerings in exchange for prosperity and/or healing. Please read the bible for yourselves and you will know the true teachings of Jesus Christ and no “spiritual con men” can cheat you out of your hard earned money.

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