Pres. Lungu Taps North Western Province Votes

President Edgar Lungu used his visit to North Western Province to rally behind the ruling party in order to be guaranteed of development.

North Western Province has stubbornly remained in opposition hands with late President Levy Mwanawasa having made some inroads in the area before he died.

President Lungu said it is easier to access development if the province aligned itself with the ruling party.

Addressing hundreds of people that welcomed him at Solwezi Airport, President Lungu said people in the province need to work together to realise the much needed development.

And speaking in Mwinilunga, were he has gone to launch the 2018/2019 national planting season at chief Chibwika’s farm, President Lungu said Mwinilunga District possesses potential to be the food basket of the region and the country as a whole due to its fertile soils.

He said government has identified Mwinilunga as a potential agricultural hub in the country and that more will be done to exploit the riches that the district possesses.



  1. HH

    NONSENSE !!!

  2. mengmoreler

    Eheee!mwaziwulula lelo!foolish father u are full of segregation!so u mean u’r jst a president for those hu voted for?any way if Jesus was da way u’r i don’t thnk dat lld hv been calling hm a good leader by now.


    U are just campaigning iwe ka lungu fuck you chikala.

    • Jabulani Zulu

      Intelligent people discuss ideas and not insults. The man you are insulting probably he is of the age of your father. He also has family who may be reading these comments. Just wait for the Cyber crime become a law and if you continue with these insults you will end up in Jail.

    • R B

      Chikala we kamuzezulu.very stupit president.chakolwa


    Campaign fake promises

  5. HH

    What a Foolish father you are

  6. Non-partisan

    Woow Thats My President… You Have Already Gone Through Sir No Matter What.. God Bless You As Continue Preaching Peace Unlike This small god called hh



  8. The Presidency should develoo the whole country and not where the Presidency won ,does the Presidency know that it is posible to win in one province.Most important the developmental money does not belong to the President it is national monney no Wonder we have a national budget yearly, its not state house budget nor is it pf budget Presidential advisors do your job do not fear


  9. M&GB

    Thief’s that’s what u are & to those who are supporting Lungu or HH u are all the lost sheep’s Jesus wants to go back to him no one can full the world or even the country except the Creator of this world the Almighty Jehovah God.


    wooo the boat is sailing in nothwestern and pass through southern province hh is in trouble ni pabwato cabe.that request made by southern chiefs to meet the presido its good to meet in lusaka to avoid mr trison.

    • pfools amashilu fikabwalala .champaign every time even where it's not due.shame on you 2021 ubwato bwabunda

      Foolish c as if you are apf cader. Uzakalilab2021 wembwa ya mwaume things are hard in zed & u are busy raising mapolo yako at I the boat the boat is sailing. Maybe u didn’t read well, its hundreds in western province not thousands so be sober chikala cobe ka chale cool.

  11. Reagan Stephan

    You are our true president

    • R B

      Naiwe tapali efyo ulelada Reagan stephan. Bafikala kakakaka amabolo aaaaaaaaa pa nyo

  12. 2021


  13. Concerned citizenship

    No wonder we don’t vote for HH as zambians he has followers who are very crude.Remember the president is ruling whether you like it or not.so mark my words come 2021 you will cry again PF is winning the president ial elections.you will petition and nobody will hear you.Bola ni 90 minutes.mukalila owee.



    • Lupando

      Don’t boast on plain voted rigging which was televised nationwide. Yes You’re PF supporter but mulekwatako insoni. Ndefimwena kunse!!! NON PARTISAN.

    • Biloko

      He already has the presidency why is he desperate for everyone to vote for him in multi party democracy.why is he blackmailing people is there something missing here.when will he work with this none stop campaigns from2011.Sad for our country.

  14. The great.

    In Lusaka we do don’t kubeba against HH.Especially when he comes to mandevu constituency.we get his money then vote him out.

  15. Moses

    Thankyou President Lungu for visiting even places occupied by people who ha e turned their backs on you from 2016 to date. Show them your heart for Zambians. We need you in Kasama also because major developmental projects e.g Ntumpa University and Kasama Bus Station, to point out some, have been delayed and most of the people are not happy. Help us please.

  16. TOP G

    Always brabrabrabra. Nothing sensible comes out of this well known rigger…

  17. Razor

    Clear case of bribery only promising development if you vote for the ruling party. Meantime the ECZ and concourt cannot do anything.

  18. Levy Banda

    Your insult will not change anything, instead let us join hands and make our country a better place than before.

  19. If Lungu is going to win the next election

    If Lungu is going to win the comming season of election,then we are not going to call our country as Zambia! We shall call it Lungula country.Because Zambia has become so poorest country in Africa since Edger came in to the power.Just imagine,the bag of melie meal is now k90 of which we re not yet reach in rain season,we are just in the begging of the rain season what about if we reach between february and march?

    • fight

      Ni Fight iyo kachikala kalya

    • Bob Elisha

      Bane mealie meal should not have been selling at that price. Its pegged at that because of our laziness. It should not have been a worrying issue if everyone had ka portion of land say 40m x 40m where farming of maize was done seriously. Brothers I can assure you that if we all got involved to cultivate we would not be complaining about mealie meal prices. For your information that portion of land can yield maize that will feed an average family of six for the whole year. Zambians, we need to change our mindset there too much laziness and more of unprofitable talk most of the time. We can also learn from our neighbour Tanzania, the food they consumer is produced within their country. Those guys are truly industrious that’s why the levels of poverty is low. Lets know this that no government will ever get rid of our poverty but our resolve to change our attitude and mindset. Tikonda vipale maningi but nanjala and talking Sana and insulting on social media.

      • Lupando

        Mwana let me tell U , what u re talking is an insult especially to us peasant farmers. Think of the floor price of maize the govt gave us through fra that other marketing season before this year’s marketing season. It was a dununa reverse move by govt. Farmers were discouraged to plant more maize because they failed to buy enough inputs for that essential crop. Be realistic, the way this govt is doing things to wards the economy of Zambia is dununa reverse.

  20. Joe

    You fools, you think any government in this world works with fellow fools like you! Scatter brains!

  21. Big pipe

    If HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu stood on upnd ticket and HH on pf ticket, who would win?

  22. One Zambia one Nation

    Kuti natemwa sana nga baisala social Media because we don’t know how to use it

  23. Jackson k

    Ba pf fikala fyenu Tamulemono buchush

  24. jk

    fools at 40 dont worst yo tim i m enjoing

  25. ABEL

    Zambian for sure…

  26. Mwiende

    This is not a leadership. So u mean that u will just take development WHR only u won. This money it’s not belongs to pf it’s money for a country not for an individuals. I seen a reason y u not take development from southern province north Western province western province and sum other part of central province because the didn’t voted for u. Mr President u should know that every one has a right to choose leader who he want. So u a scared that if u take development WHR the opposition mp that they will win in coming general election. But my President I want to are sure u that no matter u like or u don’t want next coming general election it’s time for upnd to take over a power u will cry.when u a President u a President for a country not a president for pf so try to change yo vision. This money it’s not coming from yo pucktet but this is a money for a the nation called Zambia.don’t think that will don’t know yo plans of frustration opposition party so that when a time for a election that’s what u come to say that opposition party has failed to bring a the development from a constituency. Zambia rise up and open yo eyes.

  27. Mwiende

    Don’t device this country. And also u should know that Zambia is multiparty .I remember Honor the late mr chilufya sata who was get peoples that its all people.here no development only which has left late mc SATA.

  28. Mwiende

    This is not a leadership 2021 pf u will cry and you b arrested for this money which u a busy stellling

  29. Abekala calo

    Most of u jst comment with out reasoning,Lungu has brought development in north west,it’s just that if you don’t like him, You can’t see the good party of a person. I stay in Solwezi from 2008 up to now. Ask God to open ur eyes in order to see.some of you insult him but with ur money you ve filled 2 change ur life. Before you point at someone remember that 4 fingers are pointing at u.

  30. PF~NDOLA

    Tiyetiye Nabo 2021 LUNGU AGAIN

  31. vitas

    Commentsilly tok. then stop getting tax frm opposition regions. get it frm yo useles povat sticken regions.

  32. Ba solwezi mabanga flavor

    I find it very funny for some upnd losers to be commenting on behalf of us solwezi residents. First and for your own information you can’t compare solwezi the way it was before pf came to power and now. It’s during this govt dat we have seen a dual carriageway in solwezi and for the first time a roundabout made in solwezi plus the solwezi chingola road renovated which the MMD govt failed to maintain and then a bunch of losers start bragging on our behalf. You don’t expect someone to put food on your table or to fill ur empty stomach when you ain’t hustling hard to survive even the Bible says it all seek and you shall find knock and the door shall be opened for you. Come 2021 #viva PF

  33. umuntu

    Umuntu Ni Lungu ‘ HH’ kuwayaya fye 2021 PF

  34. The great.

    In 2021 make sure you vote for president Lungu do you understand you people from southern province.Forget about HH. We are in a hurry to develop this country.

  35. blind supporters

    All who shall vote pfools robbers are fools and ignorant, blinded by small corrupt money they get from boss. Things are hard &busy pfooling with your stinking pussy after being fucked with corrupt Money they are stealing. I Zambia will remain ignorant for years to come coz some blindly support ifyabola instead of being sharp in seeing national matters and deciding well . just bcoz u are a pf cader even you are going muciwina owe NI pf cabe OK we shall see . you shall cry together with your visionless leader. Just wait time is coming. Mind you fyonse filesa no kuya filayΓ . There was mmd but now its pf.

  36. Tinnk

    U are nothing lunguu

  37. mulobezi

    If I ws ecl,I would resort 2 kil all upnd kadaz includin headteacher,I hate th party.


    Advice make some changes let GBM be on top, HH vice may be things can work well coz people have lost interest in mr trison hakainde hechilema. otherwise ni daili malilo madala

  39. In Mwinilunga

    In Mwinilunga Only Chiefs Are Behind Lungu.
    Mwanawasa Was An Honourable Man Nowonder We Gave Him Our Votes. He Repared Our Road From Solwezi To Mwinilunga. What Has Lungu Done For Us. Sontepo Wabomba Kumwinilunga Tabakakupele Vote.

  40. Edger Chagwa Lungu

    Boma niboma people are saying a lot about boma mbuzi imadyela pa mene bamangilila we need before moving out from government we would have become rich so let coperate with chinese so that we become rich and 2021again ni viva PF mbuzi imadyela pamene bamangilira

  41. Stevenjiba

    It’s time for everyone’s not to judge becouse we appreciate wen someone’s dies dat is not good for us in the world or country wild learn to are appreciate other’s as it’s says love one another

  42. ambassader of God

    Every leader is annoited by almighty God in heaven so stop insulting and used as tools of the devil

  43. Osei

    Let us join hands together and develop this great nation Zambia.

  44. Robert


  45. Isaac Banda

    Crisis war can not bring peace and development in our country food shortage is the most problem .let’s us look and find solution Mr HH and other members of the country work together and see yourselves to do better then Mr lungu

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