Three Nyau Dancers Nabbed for Defilement

CHIEF Chanje of the Chewa people has surrendered three traditional Nyau dancers to police for allegedly defiling two girls.

Chief Chanje stated that the suspects were from Chikako village in his chiefdom.

He said he handed over the suspects to police on Wednesday after he received a report of what transpired in the area.

“They are in the hands of the police and I am not aware that Gulewamkulu is being practiced in the area during school days. I have put in place rules which everyone is following. So they were trying to hide in the name of Gulewamkulu and let the law follow them all,” chief Chanje said.

Eastern Province police commissioner Luckson Sakala also confirmed the incident.

Sakala said the suspects are aged 15, 14 and 11 and the girls are aged 14 and 13 years old.

He said the incident occurred on 13 November 2018 at 10:00 hours.

“These girls had gone to collect some mangoes within the same area, when they met dancers they started chasing them. So the girls went and hid themselves into some makeshifts, they (dancers) further followed them and forced themselves on to them,” Sakala said.


  1. kabole longwa

    Is this defilement or rape or both ?

  2. TOP G

    They are all kids. They were just playing…

    • Mpombo

      Gulewasex The 11 year old Nyau was defiled by the girls looking at the age difference


    Cage the idiots

  4. Rk

    I can’t see the comment from the lazy gender minister.

  5. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad

  6. martin minina

    Please balance things

  7. wafwa walemana

    stupidity at its worst
    gule wamkulu z nw a problm to people’s freedom at which u chiefs ar jxt dere to defend fools like these i think dey did a gud job to alert you

  8. mulobezi

    Traditional abuse.gule shud learn 2 control hs sexual feelingz or else he wll land on a landmine one day thnkng its a girl


    they know each other (young Nyau dancers and Girls)

  10. One Mate

    Justice must take it’s course

  11. Kanganja

    They are all kids. You police, where you not fucking your fellow kids when you were young??? Release the kids with immediate effect. We have all pass through those kind of plays. Why are you alwAys depriving kids? Let them play, they have the right to do so! Hope mwanvera

  12. woka

    Comment Plz Plz sure

  13. Kilibobo

    PlZ gule take advantage of doing such things so don’t release them until they will take leason

  14. Jb

    Human _Animal conflicts. Is it that now Male animals have reacted to what Male human beings do female animals? End of the world

  15. Love more

    These Nyaus should be in school too, going by their age.
    We must minimize these traditional rehearsals to give room to our youths to embark on beneficial activities.
    1. They could not have prabably committed this felony if they went to help their parents prepare farming fields.
    2. Parents should try very hard to encourage their Children to go to Church at an early age to avoid this mischievous behavior.

  16. Patrick

    Too bad

  17. mulakwe

    people help me,can a 11 year old boy defile a 14 or a 13 year old girl? I think mwayamba kufunta na defilement manje .

  18. Muntu usiya

    Some of these laws shud be carteld.

  19. mmmmm

    an 11year old, a minor is this one, now who defiled who.

  20. Muntu mufunelo

    Mmmmm Ba chief is that defilement sure?? Awe!!!! Those boys are innocent. Balekenifyeee kwangala


    im also kulewamukulu there is nothing wrong to fuck girls they are sweet in the nyini

  22. CHIEF Chanje

    to say the truth ndine wansanje i fuck those girls everyday kakakakakaka

  23. King cool

    There’s no defilement here. The defiler and the victims are all the same…. just discipline them both girls and boys…

  24. Joseph

    Nyau vs sex, hahahaha

  25. King cool

    Glorious Band where are you??? Abantu Baku chipata ubututu tabwakapwe.

  26. king mule

    umungulu muleke zoona kwati tamwapitako kusukulu zoona

  27. Trevor Pambwe

    Let them out its all drama pipo there z no sex BT playing

  28. Esdras

    kuti wapapa ukufulunga Kwa ba Ku Eastern province, is this what you are calling defilement, consequences of dodging classes, neither the chief,the province police commissioner nor the reporter understand defilement. They are all juveniles,it is juvenile delinquency. GCE is still enrolling candidates

  29. Charli Cool

    This Is Rape Case Not Defilement

  30. Axel

    How can a 11 years boy defile a 14 years girl

  31. kedrick siame

    Is this a difilment people of zambia mwebantu u should balance things u police officer and chiefdom learn how to handle the cases not like this.

  32. marul

    I see no defilement cause the girls were 13&14 years of age and the boys were 11,14 &15 years respectively its just a rape case not what u have said ba chief sure and those nyau dancers they are minors and they must be at school in stead of those useless traditional dancing. And as a traditional chief u also urge those boys to concentrate in school rather than dancing the nyau thing. Ba chief bamo awe kuwayawayafye

  33. i.c.k

    mmmm…,epo mwaladakofye ifya maano, they where just praying like pracatice.

  34. Çhêd Dhæ Røman-kñîght

    At defilement
    Our chiefs awe mwandi😀😁😂😂… school never loved them
    I bet they should at least start rewriting their G7 exams😇😇😂

  35. Treason

    These Kids Just Had Sex No Defilement. Atleast If U Said Rape We May Understand.

  36. Louis namakando

    Ba chief bana beka beka they were just playing.

  37. BEN 10

    Uto tumagaizi nikutukwapula chabe naku tuchosa,thats hw they used 2 descpline us.That is one of childhood errors!

  38. Gibson Drex

    These boyz are not yet 16years they can still be controled by elderz plz dont send them to jail just caution them about what they did
    moreover most of us we hv experienced that but without useing force.

  39. brent

    Kulibe Kuti .ni nyau nikumqngidwa che

  40. Kaswango

    First I just want to know at what age should a person allowed to join nyau?coz these guyz are suppose to b at skul

  41. Police officer

    Even me,I will taste them my wife died last year.

  42. BWALYA'$

    Bafikala vinyau you are possessing innocent souls with your demons….let the law take its course

  43. Tefyo

    As usual it’s always easterners castrate all me from easterner

  44. Me

    Tonse techindanako Ku ufuna,realise them fast afikala!!!!!


    dat’s not normal they just 2 give respect 2 the people of dat village n wen you hear dat they are Hiv/Aids or the girls have pregnats wat do u going to do n think abt it

  46. Jerry

    my country people when are you going to be matured seriously you want to be like a snake which feed’s itself by eating it’s tail instead of you say yourself what you do with the single mother’s and widows in your chiefdom but I thank God now you are here interpreting your morals in kids using the Nyau combat to illustrate the people on your habit a 1year or 4 or 5 year old boy Kid defiled a 3year or 4year girl pikinin what is the difference if we take away 10years from each one of them you are just a bunch off….

  47. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Defile!who was defiled in this case?

  48. Muma Brighton

    Too bad gulewasex

  49. Josia Chapuswike

    Thanks ba Chief that the spirit, they want to paint bad picture to your custom

  50. Jms

    As when we go back we should think for a moment and when concluding an issue think twice (as this question has come what age do allow people to perform nyau and for how long do you allow these nyau to walk alone freely (POLICE MUST ARREST THE ORGANISERS IT SEEMS THE DON’T CARE) In my opinion this has also is part of fundraising as well as entantaing people but its opposite RELEASE THOSE KIDS AND ARREST T HE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE We need judges not spectators By the way RESPECT STARTS WHEN WE HAVE GOOD MINDFUL PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO SAVE AND PROTECT THE CITIZENS



  52. Ackim banda

    this kind of sex libido should end. they are very young boys and girls but the fact is that let the chief educate his people danger of this act and emphasis parents and children about school.

  53. Mudenda Harrison

    Police let them be maybe they were playing hide and skier

  54. Jerry

    hahaha a 11year old GulewaSEX thanks son I can see u are killing them u changed the title from Gulewamukulu to Gulewasex😂😂😂

  55. Ak banda jr

    Its purely defilement sir,,, above 16 is rape but in this case there below

  56. Johnc

    They are all below age of 18 meaning both girls and boys were defiled

  57. Johnc

    Just release them in fact if its defilement then girls too should be taken to Court,,,,,


    Police busy harrasing kids u also have case of killing Oscar Sakala

  59. Kang'ombe

    No defilement there but rape.
    And moreover both are kids.

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