Police Deny UPND Permit for Demonstration

The police in Kitwe have denied the UPND the right to hold a demonstration citing an application that falls outside the seven days requisite notice.

According to a letter signed by an officer in charge identified as P. Mutti the police could not grant the request also on account that the political climate on the Copperbelt was volatile.

“I refer to the above cited matter, this formation cannot grant permission due to the following reasons: According to the Public Order Act, notification should be tendered on to the police seven days before the day of the execution but this one was tendered in on 15th November 2018 which is four days before the actual day, 19th November, 2018 contrary to the Public Order Act,” read the statement.

“The information which has been circulated on social media to cause disturbances countrywide when HH is summoned to Ndola is therefore also a security threat.”

“The other reason is that a demonstration against the ZAFFICO share is confirmation which will lead into causing another riot since the case for the rioters who were apprehended is still before the court. This may also send a false alarm thereby leading to rioting.”

The UPND had wanted to protest to counter the demonstration by the Patriotic Front youths earlier this week against alleged xenophobia.


  1. Albert

    It makes plain sense to me.

  2. Eddie

    It’s he can’t be allowed because he still have pending cases in court pleased this is not corruption

  3. Sibweni

    Kikiki…To protest while drunk no youth do this with sober that is problem with zambians. If u check 100 per-cent who do protest after bin paid and buy them beers,can public property b respected no. Police is right and pipo shuld respect it’s advise on security matter.

  4. mulobezi

    Bravo zp 4 nt allowin thoz fool to hold a protest we know their agenda,they jst want 2 loot chinese shops.zambia is nt upnd bt a unitary state.

    • Mugolegole

      Chikala chobe mulobezi, you think Zambia is pf?

      • Mpombo

        I could have joined upnd but why is it that nearly every Tonga supports upnd could it be an ethnic party with an agenda to better the lives of a tribe at the expense of other tribes What happened in Maala Namwala after the elections where other tribes where systematically cleansed still haunt me Mugolegole i need your honest answer


    Kuwayawayafye ba UPND why not other political partys icant blame you. its mr trison inciting you.thanx zp for not allow this danda heads.them they think its part of campain kuwayawayafye boss hh.viva pf…viva its one zambia one e c.lungu

    • leon

      Vote thieves are causing problems in our country but even themselves, the thieves, don’t envy themselves but nothing they can dit because that’s there trade they leant from not knowing.

  6. mutule

    Blame menomeno

  7. Wat kuti

    God is watching everything that happen



    • Nyangulu

      Zambia its a Christian nation we need to committed for wat z happening and b well organised so as to cleanse our mistake and control them for our better national Zambia.

  9. Akumawa

    I will Neva support Tonga party unless dey stop tribalism mayb

  10. leon

    So it is true that UPND has more supporters the entire copperbelt than pf and other small l
    Parties put together and that why pf asked mmd for a merger but mutati pulled out

  11. Treason

    Do You Think That We Are Going To Stop, Copperbelt Have Just Started Supporting A Man Of Vision. Not Kakoswe Mumpoto Kalitumpa Tatulemifwaya Bane.

  12. Muntu mufunelo

    But ba UPND the question u should be asking yourselves is that y you only ?? Does it mean that u are the only one’s who knows how to provide checks and balances ???? Awe twanaka ,if you have failed y don’t u leave it kubantu bambi

  13. Pf

    Continue supporting your fellow blind fools…koswe alasuma nokuputilila. ..vote for party yavipuba then muzakamuziba yesu…

  14. Moses

    Prevention is better than cure. Work well-done ZP. Insele nasho bane teesho.

  15. Ecl

    Ba UPND don’t worry the thing you know is that leardership comes from GOD SO IF GOD Say 2021 you will be in power then it will happen without fail one Zambia one Nation

  16. fisunge

    Atleast now we know that ichikwanka ba chimwena kumampalanya when we say dununa reverse do you know what it means ? It means we have to go back to what was supposed to be done in 47 years of unip and mmd so we just have to suffer for this development to be implemented so tekanyeni we have unip to blame for this

  17. Me

    Ichikwanka ba cimwena mukwimakana mukumonafye kwandi upnd teti bateke icalo insele,ubufi,ukuitemwa nafimbipo bane ala ama politics teyabana zabwino paribe mwabombeni epashili pakuleka

  18. Hakainde

    Pilato why do you comment on things you don’t know? Foolish yes pf not Zambia but pf is governing this country pf is developing this Zambia despite my MPs not working with gvt iam foolish pilato I know I fund you but don’t comment on things you don’t know

  19. Jo

    We are one Zambia one Nation let love one another,let for get about politics and know how we are going to develop our country.stop wasting ur time and help who are in need,e.g poor people e.t.c

  20. ROKA.

    Why does upAndOWN behave as if Zambia does nt have elections as per constitution. This tripartite bantustan party behaves like it is fighting colonialists who resisted to give Zambia freedom. If his moronic party loves all Zambians, it must work hard to convince all the Zambians to vote for it.But from the way it is behaving,no nontribslistic Zambians can vote for it!!Well done ZP Kitwe!

  21. Chisenga


  22. Wesley El Chapo

    Let’s unit as one

  23. Chimfwembe mbula panyo

    Bonse mulifipuba mbolo zanu malepe yatate banu mbolo za mayi banu

  24. Justin Seed

    Pf + Zp are useless.


    Ichi Chi mundala chawalwa don’t believe that in 2021 you are going to win this z de end but don’t temper on the body for HH

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